as we shift – for the star seeds ~ Sept. 25, 2017

Ok, I’m tired. I had to get up early to be at work early and that always makes me tired the whole day . I wasn’t going to blog tonight, but here I AM posting another blog because this one just felt  SO RIGHT for me, it had to be shared.

Sophia Love is one of my favorite authors. She speaks clearly with her words and her mind and heart are right.on.track. Please read her article below, imagine your celestial lineage, and…


At first, I feel isolated; a lone stronghold of light buffeted around by pushy packets of dark energy. They appear dark, black and red. Violence, blood, horror and fear provide their emotional

I see other packets of light; disconnected beacons, sometimes pools, circling the globe. Challenged to remain focused and steadfast, these small light beams hold on, eventually shooting out long
arms of light; joining hands as it were. The light becomes one force now, surrounding these
isolated black blobs of fear.

Then a sort of web begins to form along the edges of every darkness. It grows, eventually meeting in the middle of each globule. A light-netting now rests over the dark; with the black still visible,
but muted. The darkness sees our net. It is touched by it. It is not eradicated, but changed. The
earth appears encased in light. The vision ends.

Such was my visual from yesterday’s global meditation, which was organized by,
click here.  The force of so many of us was felt and had an effect. Yet our work is not done.

An interesting comment was made yesterday that I’d like to share. The conversation concerned a
specific person, and why he had been acting a specific way.  “Well, he’s an earthling.”

Wait, what?  This floored me. It opens up something I’ve only just skirted around the edges of.

We’re all human, right?  Right. Yet some of us have only ever been human. They are the reason the
lightworkers are here.

Most of my work, (and likely most of yours as well), is regularly consumed by a specific audience.
These are your “peeps”, “homies”, “followers”, or whichever term applies. This group gets it already. They know there can be another way, because they remember places where it was different. Those of us who have only ever been human don’t know this.

Now, this conversation continued sort of like this: “Oh… Really? Wait. Who else in my family/of my
friends fits this demographic? What about him?  What about her?” This went on for a bit. It was
enlightening to say the least. It explains a great deal.

This list of “only ever been human” folks was much smaller than the “also a star seed” bunch, at
least in my circle of people. For the most part, I picked them out easily. Some are quite highly
evolved, (more than some star seeds), yet they still only know earth and their vision for
possibilities is defined by what they know.

The difference is that you expect, believe and work for what you know is possible. Those of us who
fit the “not a star seed” group, may not be able to entertain any sort of sovereign or cosmic
consciousness until they see it for themselves. The star seeds are here to show it to them.

I was told also that there are “sleeper” star seeds who haven’t yet woken up. At first, they appear
to be “not a star seed”. Yet with enough evidence put forth by the first wave, they will awaken

None of this may be a revelation for you, yet it was for me. Our differences of belief systems are
not because anyone is wrong. We believe what we know.

The meditation visual experienced yesterday was saturated with emotion. There was so much
terror emanating from the black and red blobs. I was taken aback at the sheer volume of what is
still going on here on the planet. Once the light net encased the fear though, there was a palpable alteration. It was as if they noticed that we were here. There was a sense of relief accompanying
their noticing.

As a dear light warrior friend said “The good thing is, this way everyone’s included.” He
experienced a similar vision, and described it with these words: “It was hard at first! I didn’t know
if we’d pull it off! But we did. There is still more to do.”

We’ve done so much to effect change. The light quotient on the planet has increased to where
the dark can’t escape it. What happens next is, and always has been, in our collective hands.

Meditation is a powerful tool. It need not be deep or lengthy. It needs to be often and pointed.

Everyone is right. Those of you who are tired can feel the effects of this uphill battle. You are able
to see what’s just over the crest. It is beautiful, peaceful, abundant, vibrant, satisfying, joyful and
new. We are here to share that vision with others who don’t yet realize what is possible.

What I wanted most to share today, was this comment – “he’s an earthling”.  Unity erupted with
those 3 words.
This puts things into a different perspective.

We are here for them. We are here for us. We are anchors for the light. We are the ones we’ve
been waiting for. Let’s do this.

With so much love,

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4 Responses to as we shift – for the star seeds ~ Sept. 25, 2017

  1. micketalbot says:

    I’ve always said, “Peace is out there waiting”,
    We must, as one being, provoke the goodness,
    We know is here in everyone, on planet earth.
    We must continue, we must shout it out,
    GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, we know.
    that’s how most earthlings feel… what they want.
    Together let’s work it out, help light restrict
    the darkness, let goodness show it’s clout.
    Mick E Talbot 2017 SHARE IT!!


  2. micketalbot says:

    Reblogged this on Mick E Talbot Poems and commented:
    Liked it, I think I am part of it, I’m not an earthling,
    reblogged for the world to read.


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