Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Equinox Portal, Prepare Now for The Event ~ Sept. 18, 2017

By cosmicgypsy, 09/18/2014

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time on the wings of the great equinox gateway. Dear ones as we have stated repetitively, each of these comic portal gateways will continue to increase in intensity exponentially the more Gaia’s vibration settles into the 5D frequency band, and yet again we are fast approaching another huge galactic portal which will bare witness to an almighty influx of gamma rays as Gaia positions herself evermore succinctly with the heart of galactic Central.

Dearest ones It is imperative on these dates that you come together and gather in your Ascension groups in order to harness the potent influx of energy that is pouring in on these days. Most of you will be well aware that the last vestiges of darkness are doing their utmost to create the illusion of instability and fear on the earthly plane, but from the Higher perspective nothing could be further from the truth.

This old archaic energy seeks very much to control humanities perceptions, particularly on these potent portal days, and as such have their own skewed agenda they wish to impart upon humanity, and this is one of the main reasons why it is so imperative for the twin flame Starseed lightworkers to come together on these dates, as the energy of light and love is profoundly superior to the lower vibrating energy of darkness and fear, and therefore not only will we neutralise these off key intentions, we will actually supersede them as our groups pure intentions are infinitely more transformative.

Dear ones we are still very much in the transition phase of moving from 3rd to 5th density and as such we are trailblazing the new earth paradigm, and within the new earth Paradigm bands of lightworkers, angelic ascended beings come forward on days such as the equinox to harness and direct the intense energies into extremely positive intentions and timelines.

Our beloved channel has also received information regarding a specific cosmic “event” that is aligning in 3D reality. We are not at liberty to discuss the details of this “event” as this would ruin the surprise element which is crucial to activate the changes that this “event” is destined to create within the mass consciousness of humanity, but we can reveal that it is absolutely imperative that the lightworker Starseeds are prepared for this, with regards to fully anchoring personally into their  timelines of predestined and impeccable leadership.

You will be needed very very soon by the souls in your family and community who will experience this exceptional trigger, so powerful as to blast many third eyes wide open. This is one of the primary issues we will be addressing in the equinox transmission whereby we will be facilitating an activation of the leadership codes that are stored in the higher heart region of the energy body. For many of you reading these words you specifically incarnated with these codes present yet dormant, and the equinox transmission will witness the full activation of these codes of leadership.

Everything that we share is meticulously timed with Gaia’s ever evolving destiny dear ones, and please know that what we speak of here is incredibly essential information for you frontline starseeds wayshowers.

Things are truly not as they seem, The density shift is well underway, and the perfect analogy to explain this is to imagine a pregnant mother who is coming into the final stages of labour the baby’s head is engaged in the birth canal and with one or two more pushes the baby, which represents the new Earth will be born. but Gaia the mother has reached the point of no return and the birth is imminent. We hope this analogy illustrates where the collective consciousness of Gaia currently is.

We are on the verge of witnessing huge and Almighty shifts in the collective consciousness dear ones as this beautiful baby is very imminently about to make its appearance onto this dimensional plane.

Another important aspect of the equinox transmission is to bring together a group of extremely high vibrating souls who will be able to sing this new babies soul song to it, as it is been birthed… it is essential beloveds that we work in this highly conscious way at this powerful time of collective transformation.

We have no words that can express how crucial it is that as many of you as possible come forward for the equinox transmission and please know that there is a bursary fund in place for those who are called to this service/work but are still struggling with manifesting abundance.

We will also be activating the mastery of manifestation codes into your field, and sending a huge intention that those who are labeled as schizophrenic in western societies receive an adjustment to enable them to harness their gifts more proficiently, and we will initiate a ceremony which seems them being acknowledged as the shamans, and medicine men and women that they truly are… If you Have a loved one or you yourself have been labelled with mental illness at some point, Then It is crucial you come forward and be part of this ceremony.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this important message that has come forth from the collective heart and soul of humanity.

You are seen and heard dear ones as the immense angelic light being that you truly are.

All is well heed this message and come forth to assist our beautiful mother Gaia who is now in the very final stages of labour and is about to birth the new golden age of spiritual self realisation and mastery.

Om tat sat

All is well

You are so loved

MataHariji and the white wolf tribe



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