Editor’s Picks for Saturday, August 26, 2017 [videos] ~ August 27, 2017

It’s just freakin’ amazing at HOW much news there is out there, my friends! Molly, over at Starship Earth” The Big Picture is spiritually aware and awake and has put together a well informed blog post that you need to read.

Why? Because I feel it is important to understand the process we are all going through at this particular moment in time. There is way too much information for any one single person to post, so…I AM bringing this to you for you edification.

Please read this post, understand how your place in the Universe is “under construction”, and…


The Truth Media members are doing a fantastic job of researching, exposing and staying on top of the multitude of threads affecting our daily lives in the battle for sovereignty and spiritual identity, and since you don’t need lengthy commentary from me on these topics, I’m going to include several in one post and readers can explore at will over the weekend and as always, decide what your truth is.

Here they are, in no particular order:

This is the last weekend to view all 7 episodes of the documentary, “VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe” free at this link: Click HERE to register and view. You can always unsubscribe later.

This is an urgent message to President Donald Trump from Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska, and an encouraging one at that. It’s an indication, I believe, of the true status of the lawful side of the return of control to The People, and the shutting down of the Cabal, as explained by Thomas Williams on his Truth, Honor and Integrity Show the past few weeks. Those with the knowledge and expertise to do so are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to ensure the controllers are cut off from funds and have no more power to manipulate and cause chaos. It’s all being done behind the scenes as it wouldn’t make sense to most of the general public anyway and those executing the process need protection. There have been some very close calls already.

Judicial Watch in Washington has been working very hard on investigating the coverups in the previous administration and are also going head to head with the Trump administration to bring the facts to light via FOIA requests, provide strict oversight and sue those who are not working in the People’s best interests. Tom does a great job of explaining their latest legal initiatives on behalf of The People.

This next story won’t come as a surprise to many Starship readers, but it features an excellent commentary by Sibel Edmonds, creator of “Newsbud”. The Young Turkeys were on the dole from the Clintons to the tune of $20 million, and if you paid the slightest attention these past couple of years, you no doubt picked up on the morphing agenda.

Remember—no matter how bad it LOOKS, things are not what they seem. The prosecution and incarceration of the guilty parties will come at the perfect time. All parties are holding their hands close to their chests at the moment, so don’t expect disclosure tomorrow.

This next video says Congress just passed a new law permitting warrantless searches. I was under the impression Congress is on vacation until Labour Day per this calendar, but regardless, laws that are passed now may well serve The People, rather than the thugs in Washington. Law enforcement is hungry to arrest the psychopaths but it must be done according to current laws, so… don’t get your knickers in a knot. Things are not what they seem.

The Washington gangsters pulled a fast one on Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, BREAKING current laws, kicking in the door to his home in the pre-dawn hours as well as his bedroom door where he and his wife slept, supposedly to execute a search for documents that had not been previously requested, so this law could make it easier for the White Hats to respond in kind to apprehend the criminals, and according to the letter of the law.

Published on 26 Aug 2017

A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump—and it happened with no media coverage and very little fanfare.

On the surface, House Joint Resolution 76 looks harmless. The title of the bill claims that its purpose is “Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission.”

Learn More:

Ed at The Outer Light channel did an update on the US and Canadian diplomatic staff in Cuba who suffered illness from what they called a “sonic weapon”, if you’re interested in a few more details and EDucated guesses on what may have caused the attacks and why. These same diplomats suffered vandalism of their vehicles, and other inconveniences so they have been targeted for some reason.

I’m finishing off with an interesting theory from ‘Tuber Richie from Boston. He believes the “eclipse” was a test run at turning off the sun and shows us the patents from the 1990s for the technology to do so. Maybe they used the eclipse to slip something in front of the sun to facilitate the current agenda, which might explain all the chemtrails that obscured the view in many areas of the path of totality.

All I know is, when I shared information and videos about Truthers’ comments and videos concerning the eclipse anomalies, the trolls came out of the woodwork in the comments section of the blog, so the queries got noticed and a big campaign to squelch the observations was unleashed on the Internet.

Again, before I got all hyped up something being done “to us”, I would remember that the sun will go to “nova” before long, according to some. That’s a natural progression for stars. The sun is a star whose intensities are amping up much higher than they once were and there is evidence of that on the Internet if you wish to learn more.

Many folks have remarked that the sun is no longer yellow, it’s white. I’m out in the sun in Arizona every day and I’m suffering no ill effects. In fact, the sun rejuvenates and energizes me. I haven’t even had a sunburn this year and it’s been much cooler than normal, I must say, so I don’t believe it’s dangerous at this point in time, but chemtrails may factor in there somewhere.

YouTube has several videos showing the sun flashing, brightening, dimming, and otherwise acting very strangely, so something is afoot, almost like some tweaking, adjusting, fine-tuning or “testing” as Richie says, is happening.

In addition, if it’s true what we’re told about galactic civilizations living on slightly “darker” planets than we do, and that they find it abnormally bright here, dimming the light could be part of a process that will benefit us, rather than harm us.

Is someone installing a “dimmer” on our sun? Regardless of the underlying intent, I believe we are guided, guarded and protected and that we will always have what we need for our planet, the flora, fauna, and Humanity to survive and thrive. I would expect that when the sun makes its transition, we will not be harmed.

Oh—and that fabled “three days of darkness”… we’ve been told repeatedly by more than one source that it will NOT happen.  ~ BP

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