Convergence Gateways are Open – Now for Stargate Synchronization for our Much Higher Timeline Convergence to Occur ~ August 18, 2017

Aloha beautiful light holders,

More than ever now, we all have the ability to ANCHOR the absolute highest timelines in our physical and it takes us all…. ready…

This is a pivotal “moment” for us all as we up-shift and shift completely out of the old programs that held the old Matrix in place. Many have been holding on out of fear and a disconnected state and we’ve been working with alleviating this in every capacity possible here.

It is time to let go of those beliefs and mentalities and start to focus every bit of energy on OUR NEW, to come together like never before and to open up fully now.

I’m keeping this short today, just to share my most recent video to assist with shifting and expanding more. Today I’ve written a NEW LIGHT ENCODED ACTIVATION for you to utilize for anchoring y/our highest timelines in our physical here.

It is a part of a much bigger project that I am to complete and share, so I’ve put it on it’s own page of my website, as it will be included as just one small part of a much larger Divine Grand Evolution Plan/Project/Design, that we’ve received the encodements for over the years, which have culminated for embodiment this entire year. This is a huge galactivation/activation of geometrically light encoded schematics outlining implementation of our Galactic Soul Civilizations here. It takes the complicated and simplifies all back into Unity-Love-Consciousness for us all…

I’ve also posted the most current cosmic energy report thus far today. It is on my FB and Website, with the link below for all who desire this. ♥ 

Our NEW Earth Decree & Declaration as a Cosmic BEing


WE are the anchors of Love and Unity Consciousness on this planet
WE are the stability that restores peace, kindness and consideration for all
Our Quantum Fields of Expanded Super Consciousness connect us
Respect, Integrity, Honor and sharing govern too
WE are here to UNITE through all that we ARE and DO
We do not fight the old, as we see it for what it is
An obsolete program meant to imprison, create separation and suppress through maintaining unconscious states of amnesia still
Our Governing Body is US
As Christed Light BEings here
There is no war, hate, conflict or fight when we ALL exist through the PURITY of our Soul and Love here
There is Love, unity-peace within and taking full responsibility for our contribution to HUmanity and Gaia here
Here, POWER is through all of our own higher knowledge and Light Intelligence
and PURE HEART CONNECTIONS on a Soul Level with all as ONE again
Here, it is through seeing disconnected states and intentionally reconnecting them again
Here, it’s through constant recognition and awareness of the ENERGY of what all represents
Here, all runs on a Crystalline Matrix System created by each one of us
and held in place through/by our every-moment-actions as Pure Divine Love BEings here
Here, POWER resides within each one of us
Together as LOVE – WE UNITE
To ALWAYS hold NEW Earth in place
To stabilize continually, no longer wavering due to unconscious programming that holds no value or validity here
The new systems for all on Earth
Where Freedom and autonomy are a given
Where Universal & physical support are provided/earned/received through UNITING all as ONE again
WE are ALL here to re-UNITE as LOVE
​To anchor higher consciousness knowledge and highest vibrational timelines for all of us here
These Higher/Highest Dimensional Galactic-Soul Encodements flooding our SOULar Systems
WE integrate continually into our Physical Body Templates and Forms
and Hold them in our own Universal/Galactic Fields of Super Quantum Consciousness that surrounds our Body and creates our individual StarGate Systems that link our physical bodies up to provide each one of us access to infinite galaxies & realities here
AS we walk, more conscious realities unfold
Materializing all around us
WE Love YOU because you are US
We SHOW you what kindness is
So that you can also open up
To believe and activate this within your own field of Consciousness and Star Particle Light Body here
We SHOW you what Unity-Love is
So that you can CHOOSE to finally let duality go
So that you can fully and finally release your own pre-conceived fears and judgments of the old that you’ve been carrying in your cellular body all along
We diminish the veils between dimensions
By BEING the Cosmic Portal to Highest Dimensions again
And HOW our entire NETWORK/Crystalline Grid/Unified Fields connect us all back up fully again
You will SEE how all is already connected to create this beautiful blanket of Unity-Love that covers/spreads across our entire Earth
Throughout the Cosmos and to all of our HUMANITY NOW
We no longer separate off inside out of fear or the old distorted illusions that we once took on as truth
Our own veils have been dissolved
So that we can finally SEE how we all gave our POWER away to you
Which we no longer do
For our POWER is WITHIN US all
and together OUR NEW EARTH and Crystalline Grid POWERS REALITIES NOW
Cosmic and Universal Laws govern all
WE acknowledge and now support an entirely NEW SYSTEM/BODY
that is nothing like the old
That Regime has fallen and holds no power anymore
First, it had to fall/collapse/dissipate/dissolve inside of me
As the CONSTRUCTS were always held inside, yet for the longest time I didn’t understand this, now I do
My own EMBODIMENT of these NEW GALACTICE SOUL CODES have changed all of that
AS Embodiers of the/Our NEW
WE are all the new governing (Light) Bodies that create and hold together our NEW EARTH SYSTEMS that govern all as love again
Together AS LOVE, unconsciousness finally falls
Originally, WE fell from consciousness, the Stars, the Heavens and even from inner Earth
to Incarnate/Walk-In here into Dense 3rd/4th Dimensional Earth, where the veils were so thick that we could not REMEMBER before
As a Galactic/Soul, we agreed to enter a “State of Amnesia”
Where we forgot all
Living beneath the heavy veils
We agreed to give our power away and believe those unconscious realities lacking love and unity to be true
Yet, with this decree (and these ultra-high frequencies)
No longer, as we each re-birth our own NEW
You were our CREATION, held within our old cellular dense carbon-based human bodies that were asleep too
Which means that we can NOW CREATE a WHOLE NEW BODY – SYSTEM- REALITY that exists and replaces “you”
Living and existing FULLY CONSCIOUS from BEYOND the Veils NOW/AGAIN
All it takes is our awareness, REALization, willingness and commitment to continually anchor in “more new”
To observe who and what we give our POWER to
And that if we STAND as love and through UNITY/CHRISTED/Crystalline Consciousness
We don’t “need you” to have power anymore, because we’ve found/REMEMBERED our POWER inside again as LOVE
This means that we do not agree to give our power away any longer, as we’ve transcended our own fear separation programs inside
Now our actions, cellular body and conscious energy transmit a UNIFIED EXISTENCE instead
As we continually anchor and HOLD the absolute Highest Consciousness Timelines FROM WITHIN US ALL here
Constantly creating (activating) alternate realities to appear
of the Highest Outcomes to materialize for all of us as we do
NOW the/our Earth will be FLOODED with ULTIMATE highest frequencies that will wash through all
To open fully the hearts & minds of SOULS to see the old for what it truly was… 
Our chosen human experience/experiment that now continually concludes as each one embraces their highest existence here
​We NOW Real-eyes that COLLECTIVELY WE hold the POWER AS NEW EARTH Light BEings
That our numbers out-rank what once was
That what once represented REALity is no longer true
For REALity is as we create, allow it and support it to be
As WE BELIEVE it to be
and the ONLY WAY that anything IS
Is through our own energy and what we put into all
and that as WE remove our energy, our support, our belief, our actions that created and RE-FOCUS all of these
WE now consciously CHOOSE to feed/put/invest ALL of our OWN energy, resources, skills, knowledge, DOing & BEing ONLY into our NEW 
RE-forming REALity from all duality/separation/unconsciousness into Unity Love Peace again
WE re-Shape HUmanity
WE Transform and Create
WE CHOOSE Unity over division, separation, competition, struggle, fight, hurt, pain, selfishness, “against energy”, greed and hate
We let the JUDGMENT and assumptions go
We do not care how all came to be
For that’s an old dimensional timeline that perpetuates duality still
It does not matter here
This VIBRATION right here
HOW WE treat each other
How much we actually truly care
How we extend ourselves to each other, how we reach, teach and affect as love
and that WE all take RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves and our own actions in every moment NOW
That WE REMEMBER that THIS NOW dictates
OUR Energy of Unity
OUR kindness for ourselves and each other
OUR consideration for each one of us
OUR Integrity and honor
OUR ability to OPEN UP FULLY, to take the blinders off and see all exactly for what it is… 
Separation or Unity reflecting back what we hold inside
and BE the Lights that we all are
As when our hearts & minds are fully open again
Every decision we make is AS a HUMANITARIAN
Where love prevails
and WE SUPPORT EACH and EVERY SOUL inside a physical body form here
That WE see and connect with THEIR SOUL from our own Soul inside of us
and let the/our own separation go
in ways like never before
To provide the opportunities, sharing INFORMATION (tech-knowledge)
​and re-educating through our own absolute Highest Consciousness that’s always available to us all
WE are to BE the ANSWERS
That the Higher Realms not only ARE REAL, they EXIST IN EACH ONE OF US HERE
WE are here to BE the ones who already get it, understand and SET THE STANDARD for what is acceptable now
Our NEW Civilizations look nothing like our old amnesiac sleeping human ones did
They are not supposed to
for Unconscious programming created/built/constructed/them and unconsciousness was the glue that held all together once
Now love, unity and peace do
Love and Unity from my/our Core will be my FIRST “GO TO”
Instead of an old program of fixed mentality realities, separation and fear that used to GOVERN my own illusory reality here
is that MY OWN HEART/MIND must be FULLY OPEN (not partially anymore)
for my Soul to Emerge in order to SEE and Connect fully with yours
that PEACE is within me, and HOME is too
When I AM my Higher/Highest/Universal aspect of myself
That this is ALWAYS about the BIGGER PICTURE of why we are alive and on this magnificent exquisite Earth-Ship here
dictates/determines the/our/my physical reality (dimensional timeline) here
Into ALL of OUR Highest Vibrational Realities NOW
IT IS TIME to UNIFY in order to collapse, dissolve, dismantle and completely RENOUNCE the old from within me
and to HOLD the NEW in place – ALL of the Time – Now
Heaven on Earth occurs (materializes/arrives) for each one of us as we each intentionally release the energy programs of Hell
Where we transcend duality and purgatory realities of suffering inside of ourselves
by Intentionally and Continually Constantly Choosing ALL of our Highest Existences NOW
It’s where EACH ONE OF US HOLD Love and Purity at our CORE and recognize any old programs no-longer-aligned that present
and Intentionally SHIFT/Expand our Consciousness to a much higher vibrational timeline and Intentionally ANCHOR all of these in
Holding ALL in our physical form
For our entire External Physical REALity to re-code, re-calibrate and re-structure accordingly
in order to create, materialize and respond with our absolute highest vibrational match
NEW Earth is within
NEW Earth is an actual physical reality that appears, emerges, arrives
Materializing for each one of us as WE ARE our own NEW EARTH ASPECTS in every moment and exchange here
OUR PUREST SOUL must be FULLY PRESENT WITHIN for each one of us to UNITE and EXIST fully together here as ONE AGAIN. ♥​

Lisa Transcendence Brown ♥–declaration-as-a-cosmic-being.html
Feel free to copy/paste/share this Cosmic Decree & Unity Activation for others with the link back to this page/site.

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