8.8.8 Lion’s Gate Activating Now & Opening More ~ August 8, 2017

♦  Synchronization & High Cosmic Solar Winds have begun ♦

Aloha beautiful love family,
Today’s update is simple. It’s just to send love and gratitude to you. To share a few things that may assist and to thank you for all that you continually do too!

This month is a POWER-UP month and as always, beyond powerful it shall be. We’ve started off with a bang with everything. 🙂 And we are always just getting started…

Collectively ranging from deep cellular cleansings for the physical/Earthly Body to further ascend into higher frequency bandwidth existence to Visible Heaven all around, emotions/mentalities/experiences always reflecting our current expanded consciousness and unconscious linear matrix programming still left. Our “job”, if you will, is to see the distortion and choose to move through it, choose to process with as much ease as possible, choose to release/resolve/transform/transcend it, choose to shift all to a higher timeline by opening up fully and intentionally integrating every ounce of our own Highest Galactic Soul Source Creator Light Consciousness that activates simultaneously within our being. while permeating our immense energy field.

Everything is a reSOURCE, everything is a Gift, everything is an opportUNITY to see/understand what we could not before, because we still had illusory veils in place within our physical form, while functioning from a previous state of consciousness that didn’t have access to “that information/awareness/understanding” before. Veils lifting can be shocking, jolting and enlightening, brilliant, magnificent and powerful beyond. Forgo the vibrations we are in…. POWERFUL…

Our bodies are activating our own higher conspicuousness DNA at an exponential rate continually now. One moment feeling/experiencing one way, while the next moment (or simultaneously) something else. Ever shifting between states, our bodies dictate what we can accomplish/do. Energy Bodies are very different than our human bodies were. Energy & current Cosmic Frequencies activating DICTATE how we are able to function. This will become more pronounced collectively and for each, as we go. Adapting to a whole new existence … everyone…now. 

With love, I’m gifting this Quantum Light Activation Free Gift MP3 Recording that felt important to share with those who feel this will assist. Sleep or meditate with it (some put these on repeat to keep them activating on a multi-dimensional deep cellular level, so you choose however feels appropriate for you.  It’s to further activate your ability to clear immense old timelines in your sleep, so that new/higher timelines can be activated, as you intentionally move through any Old Earth realities/ones as they present for you with higher awareness of what all is. ♥ Click on each link below to download via DropBox:

Yesterday’s Live Interview with Cari Murphy and callers was powerful and we filled 2 1/2 hours with an immense amount of activating information and tools to bring “time” to a halt, how to shift many perspectives, shifting to an abundant reality out of lack programs and more. Thank you to ALL who joined us to energetically participate, contribute and receive. If you’d like to register with Cari Murphy’s, Straight Talk for the Soul, Season 4 MasterClass Series to listen while still available on replay, you can do so HERE

p.s. Right now StarGates are just now activating and starting to synchronize, bring more NEW EARTH SYSTEMS online at a much higher vibrational frequency than before. It seems the frequencies may continue to “lift us” and synchronize for awhile, as we are not “full blown/wide-open” just yet. All is soft and powerful all at the same time. When we go wide open, every StarGate & System Galactically, in our beloved Gaia Earth (Inner Earth & Surface) and within our bodies/our individual StarGate Systems will all move into full alignment for as long as the process takes. It can be a matter of a few hours/all day. This is what I normally share as we go through it on Facebook in real-time. I’ll do this as long as I’m around/available to do so, while accomplishing a multitude of things too! (And before I could complete this newsletter, Stimulating Gamma enters into the frequency mix!)

Have a most magical day and gateway “further” opening, where we activate and synchronize through this powerful August 21st Culmination point, for us all to up-shift to even more new awesome timelines that we each continually intentionally anchor within our own physical body form/physical reality to experience vibrationally, magnificently and magically here too!

Feel free to share this newsletter for others you feel would like to take advantage of/utilize these free gifts, opportunities and information too. It’s a part of anchoring more of our own Unity Consciousness here. ♥ 

Keep embracing all new from within you and expect amazing to BE your new reality, while continuing to release all that no longer aligns and supports your own/all of our highest existence as PURE LOVE here. ♥


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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