Trillions of Dollars Missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD ~ July 20, 2017

Get ready folks…the s*** is about to hit the fan in a global kind of way. Here is the US, every one reading alternative media (do you REALLY trust the MSM?) is witnessing a FLOOD of information about disclosure for everything! (Many thanks to Justin at Stillness In The Storm for this one!)

My favorite site to check out breaking news in the website of Jordan Sather, “Destroying the Illusion”. Moving on, the article I AM presenting below talks about how my money, your money and everyone’s money has been, and is now being used, to fund rally expensive projects that NO ONE knows about until…now.

So…please read this article, check out the facts, just don’t believe blindly, and…


by Staff Writer, July 17, 2017

Catherine says that the same forces the have looted our nation are also interested in destroying the US Constitution. Fitts explains:

“The people who run this country want to implement slavery. They believe in slavery. They practice slavery. They will chip you. They will take your kids and use them for pedophilia, they will try to make pedophilia legal.”

Catherine Austin Fitts continues:

“So we’re talking about a group of people whose values are what we would define as completely Luciferian. If we let them tear up the Constitution, any decent life that you’ve ever known, you can just kiss it goodbye.”

And be sure to stay tuned until the 33:20 mark for a shocking 60 Minutes Australia expose that exposes the elite pedophile ring within the highest echelons of the Australian and UK governments, including MI-6.

Check out to subscribe to Catherine’s amazing, pro-humanity and very insightful Solari Report.

Catherine Austin Fitts: How to Save Our Nation & Our Lives Before It’s Too Late

This article (Trillions of dollars missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD) was originally published on SGT Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

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