Important Knowledge & Wisdom for Our Current Energies 6~28~17, With Love From LoveHasWon ~ June 28, 2017

By Mother of All Creation

The mind and the Brain are not the same thing FAR FROM IT, The Brain which is Creation ~ DIVINE INTELLIGENCE, the mind is simply a program that runs in circles over and over and over and over again…JUST LIKE A DOG CHASING ITS TAIL!

What the program did to Humanity, is it disconnected the fuses from the right brain and left brain, causing distortion, imbalance, and illusion. This was done so that the controllers could control Humanity. Through the disconnection that occurred, Humanity forgot who they were, so it then was then easy for the illuminati to fill them with all the illusory belief systems and rules, to be manipulated, and then they trained humanity to serve the darkness, to become their servants in the darkness.

~Now, Humanity has to be ReHearted, that They are here to Serve the Light and Each Other~


The ridiculous scheme to make Humanity slaves occurred with the help of the annanaki (old controllers), and a few others. They convinced the primitives that were on this planet during those moments that they (the annanki) knew better then the primitives did.  The primitives, in their primitive state were looking only at the shadows on the wall, once this separation occurred it took over, ignorance took over and the shadows to them became real. For Millenia Humanity has been stuck in belief systems and ignorance.

This was the beginning of isolation and separation, all illusions, and fantasies there in.The mind is a construct of all the lies about “self”, that Humanity has been told. To Awaken Truly all of these have to be released.

  Most scholars from the past referred to the Brain as the mind through lack of vocabulary, however the mind only exists in illusion, the mind was created when the right and left brain became out of sync. When the right and left brain are out of sync, the being is unconscious.

How the programmed ego mind operates is that it gathers or collects all the experiences of the past, to continue the experience of the lower dimensions or lower thoughts of unconsciousness. This is where humanity has fallen into. We have sent many in to readjust Humanity into the Higher Thoughts. Such as Jesus, Buddha, and even they got misinterpreted. This is why we had to come in with All the Angels and Multi-Dimensionals, We call it a Reality Check.

The mind acts on the Being just like an anchor holds down a boat. Its function is to keep you held down, or “dumbed down”, so that it can continue its survival. We say “Let Go of your anchor”.

The mind cannot control Love, and We are Love Everywhere Present also called Creation. If something does not serve self, for the Greater of not only Self, but for ALL, including everyone, it is not Real and is illusion. The mind is the illusion, that something outside of yourself exists, that there is something other then “The Present Moment of Now that exists.

~In True Reality there is NO PAST NO FUTURE! Only “The Present Moment of Now”. When you are in the Present Moment of Now, you are CONNECTED INTO THE ONE. Which is All There Really is. Love is ONE with EVERYTHING.~

Now Lets get into more in-depth about the Brain. The Right Side of the Brain is the “Wholistic” part, because its the Higher Connection, to the Higher Thoughts, Higher Thoughts are UnLimited and All Possibilities. The left side of the Brain is the intellectual aspect.

The left side of the Brain when out of sync with the right connects into the primitive mind or to the illusion of outside attachments[ all outside attachments are an illusion].

Through the silent evolution, the Big Shift, and Through The Activation of The Divine Plan that is Unfolding,  The Right Brain and The Left Brain is returning to its Original Form, and is being “Fused Together” to Create The Complete Awakening into Full Consciousness.

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~This fusion that is taking place is an Unstoppable event, FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH. Our advice is to Allow, Embrace, and Let Go of all belief systems, all illusions, and Everything Humanity has ever been taught or told. Currently those that are resisting, are only hiding their Light behind fear. ~ 
When the Right and left Brain are in sync [this is achieved through the letting go of ALL OUTSIDE ATTACHMENTS.]  Then You Set Yourself Free,  and You Let Go of Control.

~Opening of The Pineal Gland~

Currently everything in illusion is dissolving, the dominoes are falling. We Highly recommend Letting Go. Once the Right and Left Brain are in Sync, then you connect into your Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening.

The Pineal Gland is also the Higher Grid, Which is the Higher Thought. The Brain which is not the mind is currently being brought into the Higher Grid, also a part of the Crystalline Body Awakening.

If beings resist [what you resist persists, what you look at disappears],  if the being resists they will be lost in their own resistance. The energy needed to get out of the resisting is going to be used to try to get out, not a very good use of energy.

The lower grid, programmed ego/mind and all lower vibrational thoughts are returning back into Creation. They go through a recycle bin or black hole so to speak. Only, the Higher Grid , the Higher Thought will remain.

When the Unibrain is connected, through connecting into the Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening, this is the Higher Grid, “Divine Intelligence”, Also called “The Kingdom of Heaven”. This brings wholeness of being, also called Full Consciousness. This is when the “Multi-Dimensionals” “Welcome you Home”.  
~The Unibrain[ That we have already connected into] is also the same as Super Consciousness, Same as Galactic Humans. We are Your Family of Light, darkness cannot exist in Light, Love everywhere Present.~

So Now Humanity has 2 choices, because”We” are Here. They may Allow, Embrace, Accept, Surrender[ surrender means you set yourself Free, Free from Yourself, you surrender to the Love you are, with a Sign that says Welcome Home Earthlings].

The other choice is a fight or flight “reaction”, which is fear based such as ignoring, running away [which they are only running from themselves], hiding,and judging. This choice in this Energy will cause much pain and suffering. LET GO~ LET GO~

~WE intend Humanity is choosing the Higher Choice~ We are Here~

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Welcome Home into The New Earth=Heart , We Love you Unconditionally!!


 Breaking into pieces, you stand with whatever is left, the very core of who you are,the diamond, the “filling” AHAH THE TRUE BEING OF LIGHT AND LOVE….although you may feel alone as the process unfolds breaking the mind down, it begins falling away because love is present, it recognizes the illusion, and starts taking with it everything you “thought” you were and leads you to the heart of the being, feelings rush in as the true being emerges out of the seemingly destruction of a mind in a box, leaving you with the reconstruction to forge ahead in all its grandness, into divine intelligence.The “mind”which projects outside and has low vibrational thoughts, dissolves so that the divine being can raise up into the true divinity from within, and begin once again “feeling” instead of “thinking” taking the true being into a collective consciousness, a God Consciousness, only the mind thinks[projects outside] and the heart feels from the inside, where God is their within only.” 

We Ask You, Are YOU In? Love Chooses You! We are Here as Your Support System as You walk Home Into the Light! The Moment has ARRIVED and We are So In Love With Humanity Mother & Father of All Creation and the First Contact Ground Crew Team.

~End Truth Transmissions into Love Everywhere Present~


With The Highest Love, Honor, and Respect

Love Mother of All Creation and The First Contact Ground Crew Team



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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  2. Jack says:

    Hello, I find it very difficult to read the articles on this blog because of all the bolded text. Is it possible to just keep the bolded text for headings and leave the main contain unbolded? I think that would help a lot. Thank you.


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