Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens (VIDEO) ~ June 25, 2017

Ok folks…here we go! I found this article on Galactic where Anonymous (really a CIA production?) has released a video pointing to a “soft” disclosure of off-world alien life existing and “invading” Earth. . Could this be the portent to a “false flag” fake alien invasion of Earth?

Jordan Sather mentioned this in my previous blog ( While the release of this video may be a “set-up” for the false flag alien invasion, please remember that real
aliens have had the ability to destroy our civilization for thousands of years, yet…have NOT done so.

Remember, the dark forces running Earth already HAVE a space fleet that you and I have paid for with the “missing trillions” of $$ absent from our pocketbooks due to various taxes, fees, etc. so providing the  “evidence” would be no problem. This means the “evidence” is readily available and like to be used NOT for our benefit.

In my own mind, I think a “false flag” invasion will merely bring about the liberation of Earth that much more quickly as the dissolution of this “false flag” event will trigger all of the domino’s of control over our society; i.e. false flag alien invasion “disclosure” will trigger MASSIVE unrest aimed toward existing governments riddled with MASSIVE misuse of power of Earth’s citizenry. Everything as we know it will change and end. Yes!

For me, I KNOW that off-world BEings exist, and expect our world to be contacted by positive aliens AFTER an enormous wave of Love washed over our planet ans opens doors for real and positive changes for our world. Stay tuned!

So…please watch this video, consider your own response to contact by off-world BEings, and…


RT News

Hacking collective Anonymous claims US space agency NASA is about to announce the discovery of intelligent alien life.

NASA says aliens are coming!” the group wrote on their website.

Anonymous’ claim is based on a number of recent NASA discoveries coupled with comments made by one of the agency’s spokesmen during a congressional hearing titled ‘Advances in the Search for Life,’ in April.

Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, told the hearing that NASA’s recent advances, such as the discovery of hydrogen in Saturn’s moon Enceladus and the Hubble team’s promising results from the oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, are promising signs that we’re closer than ever to discovering evidence of alien life.

READ MORE: Europe’s Space Agency approves alien-hunt project

Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history,” said Zurbuchen during the hearing of the committee on American Science, Space and Technology.

In their video on the issue, Anonymous go on to cite several other alien-friendly comments made by astronauts and space exploration enthusiasts in the past, as well as various alien and UFO ‘sightings’ as evidence that “something is going on in the skies above”.



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