Your Body as the Energy of Divine Consciousness ~ June 11, 2017

This is pretty neat! I was conversing with a spiritual friend (who also happens to be a scientist) about vibrations, and how they affect everything we are, and that which we do.  Well, he started thinking and reading, and has come up with an idea I really like that ties in the beauty and value of meditation with self-healing.

Now…how does that happen? Please read this article below, try this out for yourself, be amazed by results when your consciousness is tapped, and…


Our Vibrating Bodies

Your body is not the real you. It is merely a projection of what you
believe yourself to be through the energy of Divine Consciousness.

I had a few thoughts the other day after reading a small article regarding our consciousness and how it affects our bodies.  This article generated additional thoughts, that were consistent and relevant to those expressed in the Video, “It Happens Within” by Sophia and myself… was quite exciting and I would like to pass these thoughts on to both of you as they have an  immense application to the Ascension process, and particularly to Self Healing. 

Before I do, it will be necessary for me  to use some technical and scientific examples to make the understanding easier, also, some of what I will say can not be scientifically proven as there is no test equipment available and all theory turns to dust. In fact, our  current scientific understanding of what I’m about to say is severely limited or non-existent.   Bare with me a few moments.  Think for a moment of some thing that resonates (moves back and forth) at a very high frequency.  How about an electrical circuit!

You both have heard of Transistors.  They are used in just about every electrical gadget on the planet.  I will not get into the theory of operation as this info is available on line.  Please know, of the many application that transistors have,……one of the uses is that of an ordinary “on – off” switch.  I use them routinely in my work with  electrical circuits built for free energy lighting. 

Here is the important part, I can make the transistor turn “on and off” very quickly.  How quickly?   How about a trillion times a second?  Transistors, particularly bipolar transistors can be very fast — they can be switched in picoseconds inside integrated circuits. That is one trillionth of a second or in math terms  1×10-12 .  A picosecond is to one second as one second is to 31,710 years.  A billionth of a second is 1×10-9 , or one nanosecond.  One nanosecond is to one second as one second is to 31.71 years.

As you can see, we are talking about very fast switching.  Why am I telling you this?  Your body is not solid, everyone’s body, is an  energetic mass.  It is vibrating at low frequencies.  Frequency is how often an event repeats itself over a set amount of time. Visually, we can represent what it looks like from a simple graph.  (Figure 1)  Here frequency is plotted against time.  Three sinusoidal curves (energetic waves)  f1, f2 and f3, with frequencies of 1, 2, and 3 respectively.  These frequency can be mathematically expressed as 101, 102, and 103.  Easy to see huh.

 Lets make this visual a little better.

If I have a light (led) in a simple light circuit with no transistor, I throw a switch to on, and the light comes on.  It stays on until I flip the switch to off.  This is a very poor design.

Lets put a transistor in the circuit.  I flip the switch, the led comes on but the transistor in the circuit is designed to go “On and Off” a billion times a second, it oscillates.  What does this mean, it means that over a period of one hour the light is in the “Off” position for 30 minutes, but YOU NEVER SEE IT BECAUSE IT HAPPENS TOO FAST.  Pretty cool hey!  You can see the value of this type of circuit.

The transistor is oscillating “on and off” a billion times a second, the frequency of this transistor is defined by how many times it switches in one second, so, this transistor has a frequency of (expressed mathematically as time)  f=1/10-9, and frequency (expressed as the reciprocal of time)  or f=109 .  Our bodies, like the transistor are vibrating also, but at much lower frequency.

We have things today that turn “on and off” billion of times per second and faster, please think about these numbers because when we get to a Quantum Mechanical concept it will be more comfortable for you

Now for the good stuff.

There was a quantum physics light experiment In the early 1900’s called the double slit experiment that prove that  that our “thoughts” determined our reality.  The awareness of the observer was the determining factor in the behavior of energy or energy patterns  at the quantum level,  light acted as both a wave (formless energy) and as a  particle (form energy), and it all depended on what the observer believed.  Let me repeat this, as it is probably  the most important thing in the Ascension process.  Your BELIEFS are the determining factor in the behavior of energy or energy patterns.  That’s one heck of a lot of responsibility.

What the observer believed would happen, the quantum field did.  The big take away from all this is that you and the quantum field are very much connected.  In fact,  our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which make up our  human energy field, constantly inform the quantum field and influence it.
Against this background consider this:

Your body  is vibrating, each of your organs are vibrating at different frequencies (these have been measured), you are a light being.  So, like the transistor we described above, and because of your energy content,  you are vibrating at a particular frequency.  Everyone is different.  Further, because you vibrate, it is necessary for you to be in two places, just like the transistor example.  The transistor doesn’t start out (when the switch is turned on) at 1 billion times a second.  It ramps up quickly and than flattens out at its design frequency, in this case, 1 billion times a second.  Lets call its start up as point A and its operating position as point B.  I propose this to you:

(1) The human body of everyone is vibrating between FORM (point A – our own reality) and FORMLESSNESS ( point B – the pure energy field of divine consciousness). (2) Further, our higher awareness doesn’t flash in and out of existence,  it is constant and informs the field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level. This point, (2) is very important in Healing which we will get to in a moment. What frequency do we vibrate at?   This will blow your mind, or should I say, this blew my mind. 

Lets decide we are going to take our warm, fuzzy, touchy, world and shrink it.  Lets shrink distance and time.  Lets take a second of time and shrink that.  I cut it in half, than in half again and keep going,……how far can I go,…..well out to infinity but than that creates a problem.  Lets get reasonable.  Max Planck, a German Physicists already did this. 

The Planck time is the time it would take a photon traveling at the speed of light to move across a distance equal to the Planck length. and is equal to 10-44 seconds.   Planck length is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. This is the smallest measurement of length with any meaning and is equal to 1.6 x 10-35m or about 10-20 times the size of a proton.

Now, try to visualize the “Plank frequency” that’s 1044.  Whoa!  That ten to the forty forth power.  That 1 plus 44 zeros after it. What does that look like? I’m glad you asked.  Your head is going to hurt. I know mine does every time I think of this.

f=100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cycles per second.  Yiikeeesss!

No smaller division of time has any meaning. Within the framework of the laws of physics as we understand them today, we can say only that the Universe came into existence when it already had an age of 10-44 seconds.  This is the point at which physicists consider the quantum field to begin.

Divine Healing and Meditation
Meditation, from my little understanding, is suppose to quite the mind.  I have always had difficulty with that as my mind is constantly in high gear.  I find over the years, that meditation was always difficult and I always had to work at it.  Often times I would just quit.
With this new insight however, I have taken it up again and so far I have good things to say.

This is an amazing way to heal yourself.  With my current insight, there is no reason for healing machines, ships with healing chambers, etc.  Let me clarify.

 Each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely in what we believe, and on how we are feeling.  When I move into divine consciousness during the formlessness phase of the cycle, I am holding an image of myself as a young, vibrant, health, etc., individual.  Or I can hold the image of a “light being” and as I start to move into form the light being image is starting to reshuffle my body.  Imagine if I meditate for one hour, 30 minutes of it are spent reshuffling the ” old image” into the new one. 

Remember our transistor “on – off” switch,………this (form – formlessness) is the same thing.  Your body is switching from form to formlessness right here and now.  You spend half your life in formlessness and don’t know it. 

This is the frequency I propose, your body will vibrate at, as it goes into the state of “formlessness”, goes to peak frequency (which is much higher than 1044, than starts a decline into form, reaches peak frequency in form, than starts a return to formlessness and repeats the cycle all over again,…1044 cycles per second. 
How grand is that, and the funny thing about this is both the Shoemaker and the King are designed the same way.    All of you are Divine Consciousness, it impossible to be in any other state.  Magnificent!!


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