The Summer of Metamorphosis is About to Begin ~ May 30, 2017

By SisterStarAstrology

Hello Beautiful, 

This is Gemini season like you’ve never experienced. (That’s something I probably don’t have to tell you.)  Astrologically, it’s like you’ve been patched directly into a six-way cosmic conference call — between most of our our solar system’s major planets and the almost incomprehensibly immense transformational vortex that’s at the heart of our galaxy. Your field is one of the spaces where energy so high-frequency that it bends reality is being transmitted — and received.

The Galactic Center is the bright, glowing light that shines through the Milky Way, 27,000 light years away. The number of miles that’s equal to is so huge that it translates into equations, not zeroes. And guess what the most important thing is about that light that’s so bright you can see it from a number that your everyday mind can’t even begin to wrap itself around? It’s this:  our Sun — and nearly every atom in your being — was born there. That’s your Source.

This entire, mind-blowing year of 2017 is off the charts because Saturn, our Manifestor, is spending every minute of it within six degrees of an exact connection with this Enormous Mystery. For almost three months now, the Manifestor hasn’t been more than a degree and a half away from an exact conjunction with the GC. Now, Venus, Mars Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, and the Moon’s North Node are all within five degrees of an exact connection, magnifying the vibrations sixfold. 

Planetary activations of the degrees surrounding the Galactic Center accelerate the intensity of our lives in a way that Philip Sedgwick has compared to a “defragging” of our energetic hard drives. Melanie Reinhart sees the GC as a cosmic centrifuge, spinning off unaligned patterns and reconfiguring our fields — and our lives.

If the intensity is at times overwhelming, it’s because: 

  • Chiron is just two months into a six-month square with the Galaxy’s Heart. He wants to be sure you don’t miss the news that the time is now to square your gift — and your wounds — with the Great Mystery. 
  • Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon’s North Node — our planetary GPS — are holding you in the powerful and auspicious embrace of a grand trine, inviting you to let them help you make your life an evolutionary breakthrough.  Your part? To align your actions and intentions with its flow — centering ourselves in the truth of our hearts as we move towards breakthrough.
  • Mars is already within two degrees of  an opposition to the GC and Venus is on her way to a quincunx — and the awareness that what you want is not yet in synch with the high-frequency vibes that are changing your life, and our world. 

So, that’s huge. You’re never going to experience anything like it again. Yet while the Galactic Center effect is without a doubt the single biggest astrological factor making this the Summer of Metamorphosis, it’s not the only one.  It’s time to create and focus the seed intentions that put the creative force of the Universe into play.  What that means for each one of us is as unique as our birth charts. 

One way or another, five reality-shaping energies are intensifying the Galactic Center effect, within and around you:

1. A cascade of blessing — akin to the outpouring from Mobile Bay known as Jubilee, when life literally leaps from the sea — is about to begin. Starting at the end of this week and lasting through Gemini season, a shower of trines, sextiles, and the rare and brilliant quintiles and biquintiles is streaming through your life. From where I sit, it’s looking like the energetic version of the ugly duckling, or the colicky baby who turns out to be a prodigy. Within the next two weeks alone, get ready for: 

  • Five trines — three of them involving the Galactic Center
  • Eight sextiles — six of them involving the GC
  • Ten quintiles and biquintiles — seven of them involving the GC

And we’re only talking major planetary energies here. The edge-dwellers aren’t included in this. 

2. Mars is out of bounds, playing by his own rules far from the reservation — and after Saturday, when he enters Cancer, he’s ruled by the emotional intelligence of the Moon. This is your chance to tap courage and daring you didn’t know you had as you blaze new trails that didn’t exist until your steps created them. 

3. As exuberant as this Gemini season is about to get, what’s (already) happening is far more transformative than an exuberant romp in the park. Three oppositions to Saturn — from Mars, the Sun, and Mercury — will take place in the coming weeks.

The first happened early this morning, when Mars opposed Saturn — signaling we’ve reached the midpoint in a 20-month cycle in the relationship between the Old Masculine and the Young Warrior. Everything about this particular cycle says it’s important, from its beginning last August,  infused with the power of an exact conjunction to the great warrior star Antares — to its halfway point today. Saturn faced off with the Out of Bounds Warrior  in a degree whose Chandra symbol is “climbing the steps of the pyramid of the Sun.”  This degree, writes Ellias Londale, is actually “an expanded space for dreaming, remembering, conceiving, visualizing, and creating . . .  knowing that galactic forces are integral to every breath.”

This was no textbook exercise in frustration. This was a potentially life-changing confrontation between the truth of your deep heart and the way you take action. Where are your actions really leading? What’s really driving them? If it’s not the ability to live your deep truth more fully than ever,  it’s not going to be sufficient to take you where you came here to go.

4. As you move through this transformational portal, the power of your vows can shift realities in ways you can’t imagine. The planet Orcus, who carries the life-changing medicine of your fully aligned vows, is guiding you through this evolutionary passage between eclipses — and now he’s opposing Nessus, the centaur whose medicine allows you to see the imprint of patterns of abuse on your life, and to say, “I am the place, and now is the time, that this stops.” 

This is the part that only you can do. The whole universe is behind you.

Because of the vital importance of this step, the gifted clairvoyant and healer Natalie Cutsforth and I are teaming up to offer a four-session eclipse preparation course to active the power of hearts by aligning our vows. The first thing I ever heard Natalie say was about the life-changing power of our soul vows and agreements. Now, as the astrology signals that the entire Universe is behind us as we do this sacred work, Natalie and I have been exploring ways to combine our expertise to empower you in using this once-in-a-lifetime window transform your life. We’re both excited about what we’ve put together. We’ll be starting in just a few weeks — on June 27 — so watch your email for updates on this soon. 

5. We’ve just passed the halfway point between eclipses, those great realignments with our life’s purpose. This one is critical, for we’re now at the heart of our global assignment for the six-month period between February 26 and August 21: to bring in the good future, it’s time to realign the transformational power of our vows with the deepest truths of our hearts and souls.

Integrating the Galactic Frequencies

Allowing these frequencies — the highest in our galaxy — to integrate and reconfigure at multiple levels of your being. Nothing is more important than giving yourself the time, space, and experiences to support the integration that’s underway within and around you. Remember!

  • You tap your heart’s limitless reserve of joy through expeirences of joy.
  • You stay grounded by connecting with the Earth. Making contact with your bare feet, thirty minutes a day, is your energetic protein this month. 
  • You flow more easily when you drink lots of water.
  • You can see the bigger picture much more clearly when we breathe deep, and deeper.

The days you took birth for are here. May they bless you a thousand times, a thousand ways.

With blessings and love,

Marcia (aka Star Sister)

The Star Sister Circle  

Supporting the truth within you — and the change around you

If you’d like ongoing, on-demand information and encouragement to support you in riding the waves of change, with a community of kindred spirits when you want confidential space for sharing and support on your unique evolutionary journey,  check out the Star Sister Circle. Your place is waiting!

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