The Twin-Flame Guides ~ Recent Signs of False Twins ~ May 24, 2017

By Tamara Maat

Dear beauties, dear tenders, dear sweets. We come to you today to confirm to you what you have been sensing and denying this past phase. We come to you to pick you up from the dust and the mud that your un-grown selves have put you through. The path is not for some of you, as for the others, not yet, but soon.

We come to speak to you today of signs and messages you have been receiving, mainly in your bodies but also through your dreams. Fears of separation surfacing, weakness instead of empowerment that is true. You have been receiving that what just ended was, yes, only the relationship with a false flame.

How do you know and how can you tell? And why did we make it happen with you? Are we unfair, is the universe unjust? You know the answer is No. No, the universe is not as such.

The universe does not give pain. The universe teaches and helps grow. First light came to you from your own mind away from our fault. It is not our mind, it is your mind. We let you learn. Desperate to find true love you thought it was your flame, when you’re still not ripe within and inside. Out of the woods of the darkness of the self you wanted to be, so you held on tight to a false flame.

Signs up now are indescribable [emotional] weakness from your side. The one supposed to be a flame gone. [This person is] Not for you and no empowering for you. Rashes and pains in the ankles, healing from setting your roots in a wrong home. Coughing for having failed to express yourself, for having denied your own knowing and truth. Heart palpitations especially sensed in the back, clearing how you didn’t truly defend yourself.

No worries all is clearing and all is healing. For some love is yet to come. For others love already there.

Final word, dear children, don’t fear being alone; in your aloneness is your biggest truth and it is where you access your truth of Heart. Be alone and recover, be alone and meet Us instead. Be alone and learn that the whole Universe is You. The whole Universe is at hand.

Only when you embrace your grave will your savior come. 

Tamara Maat is an Egyptian shamanic healer who was initiated into Sekhem and Arcturian Healing systems during her meditations in the temples of Luxor, Egypt. To connect with her and learn about her story and services, contact her on her Facebook page @tamaramaat2015 or check her website



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