BEING THERE ~ April 30, 2017

Are you “into” the RV scene? I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but…I have my Dong in hand just in case! Seriously though, at some point in The Event, currencies will become equalized and everyone will have access to unlimited wealth. From these, it is a short step to the concept of money no longer being needed.Love, RV


By FXStrategist

Written and Addressed to Kre8change Members

April 30, 2017

One Who Knows’s essay ( embodies the spirit and method I’ve been “preaching” (Tank’s not the only preacher in the room, LOL) for a year, and so well-written and thought-out that I recommend you bookmark or print it out and hand it to your new manager — Family Office, Trust, or even interim bank manager — and have them work out with legal people and yourself some version of it that fits you and your influence circle, be it local, issue-based, international, corporate, institutional or whatever.

Meanwhile, I’m inspired to put to paper the sum of my most recent thinking about where we are and where we are going, and soon. In the interest of expedience and completeness, I’m throwing it all down in writing. Some version or likeness of this may be distilled and mad more practically useful to you and your people in the days and weeks after we get funded.


You are the Chief Inspiration Officer and the Executive Producer of the people and activities your resources foster. You direct the hiring, with our help at Kre8change if you so desire, and set the philosophy (also with our help in expressing it, which you can then adapt to suit you), and the priorities of your funds. Or you pick people who are your surrogates, who know you and your predilections cold and let them handle it, keeping you informed.

Sit in your sumptuous living room with these advisers and a “secretary” or a videographer, and spill your heart. They will figure out how it can be done. You only need insist on what you want done being done. Use the Steve Jobs “find a way” edict. Don’t take no for an answe, and then take their counsel. That’ll be your main job. That and, once you’ve rested and enjoyed the fruits of this long journey, being in and of the world in whatever way you enjoy and exposes you to more needs and ideas and inspiration. (You can even do that from your inner space if you end of wanting to Howard Hughes it!)

This will be easier and more fun than you’ve ever imagined. If you don’t have people, we’ll help you get them. That is my first agenda item post-RV. I’ll be NYC the day after with four highly effective professionals who have known for months that the first things they do for me will be the things you need done for you. (Obviously, also to set me up, they way you will be set up.)

Take your time, though. We will need time to organize to help organize you. The “wealth managers” at the exchange bank will have people on hand to help you instantaneously. You’ll buy your properties in innocuously named LLCs (LLC 4937554). Same with your cars and your planes and your EarthRoamers. All in LLCs. No one will know you own them.


I plan to explain my immediate wealth as having been born of a highly leveraged speculative investment having to do with the new world financial system (gold-backed currencies, SWIFT-CIPS, banking system) that not only paid handsomely but had an international and philanthropic scope that included the option to accept an additional amount of funds to be distributed by groomed individuals and put to use for the benefit of humankind and the planet. I’ve already tested out that story with numerous friends and family, and they all just buy it. Say you’ve been affiliated with a group called Kre8change while waiting for the investment to pay out and to train you to manage the funds in the way in which it was intended. And that includes helping people into lifelong financial security.

Some have expressed worries that your friends or family might be “angry” that you didn’t give them a heads up to also participate. I have yet to run into that, but I do know other who have. Again, I plan to say that the speculativeness of the investment was unsuitably risky for virtually anyone I knew, and I knew that. But, if they want the same opportunities I have in terms of wealth of philanthropy, my association with the Master Trust is such that I can set them up for it now, including the proper education and training to become part of my team. Step up, enjoy, and contribute!

Similarly, if, as OWK posits below, people get the idea that you’re the money person, so what? Have a bunch of business cards on you and have them call for an assessment and intake appointment. Done. Give them 5 additional cards to share with people they know who can also use the help. Have in your organization and way to enlist every single person you fund to bring more and more people in. Fund everyone.

Think of yourself as the sun. The sun doesn’t decide to shine on flowers and not weeds. Neither should you. Do it with joy and remember, eventually everyone around you (in your community) will also have financial freedom and also be a point of light to fund their friends and family. It won’t only be on you. Everyone is rich!

As you liberate people financially, the point person in your organization will also educate them and sign them up for the Master Trust portal that we’re building which will have suggestions for people about paying it forward and engaging themselves and their friends in spreading the opportunity and the philosophy.


I see people working only10 hours a week mandatory (more if they like) for a generous working salary (their overheads x3) and free loans for anything they need or want — homes, cars, clothes, vacations, education, self-improvement, spiritual growth.

If their income and access to the funds “faucet” are tied to their jobs — or a job — the services our society needs to continue are provided for. But they only have to do them 10 hours – 20 hours a week, depending on circumstances and personal preference. Jobs are created (2-3 people now do the jobs formerly performed by only one person, often for too many hours a week to ever be rested and reflective and recreational). In time, as the economy changes: free energy upends the energy industry; perfect health via what may become thousands of healing chambers in every community upends the medical-pharmaceutical nexus; NESARA and the Republic upend accounting and legal professions; the government shrinks drastically, a huge employer nationwide; Wall Street eventually becomes obsolete as the need to “invest” for return disappears since companies become self-funded, obviating the supposed raison d’être of markets for raising capital via equity and bonds; and so on.


The only metric that needs to be met in order to give a person or a business or a corporation or a municipality or a community funding is whether it help people and the planet. It not only does not need to make money or profits, or even break even, but we will subsidize those entities, all of them: paying overhead, paying extra for procurement and lowering prices to the customer, funding additional employees and their salary increases. They just continue to provide the service. Our funds are inexhaustible. And even if your funds are exhausted or outrunning your annual returns from your structured payouts, you can go into and procure funds from the 80% portion of your structured payout arrangement. You can ask for funds from your colleagues in your circle or affiliate groups. You can send your people to the people at Kre8change. We will make it so. There will be no such thing as a shortage of funds for anyone, any project, of anything.

Businesses and agendas and efforts of all kinds do not even need to succeed at that stated goal of helping people or the planet. We will help them measure the success of that goal, and if it is not successful, or as successful as it could be, we will help them redirect or refine the project, or abandon it all together in favor of an approach that someone else has used and seen success with. We get to try again without the failure draining all the money. And again and again until we get it right: people are better off, people are relieved, people finally feel secure (in a way that isn’t temporary and that no one can take away), people are beginning to see who they really are when they’re not enslaved by a culture and society and laws that restrict and strangle them in service of a power structure that is intended to sicken and weaken them so the powerful can attain world domination. No one dominates when we all have money.


What this means going into your appointments is this: ask for the moon. The top rate for the Zim is $125,00 — or higher. Promise the abstract goals above and slap the Kre8change presentation on the table. (Or slyly slide it over like a cupcake.) Do it with conviction and passion and authenticity. That’s all you’ll need. They will not assess your presentations and projects at the appointment. They don’t have time and, trust me, they don’t have the training — nor the objective. They just want to see if you’re a person who is fully stepping up and will equip themselves with the means to achieve their goals. Those goals must expand and change after the world changes, so who can really say now what they’re going to be doing? I’d say no one. But the projects we do show on our one-pagers indicate we are and have prepared our minds and hearts, and have identified the very specific and targeted issues we each are passionate about. The Kre8change presentation shows we are going to staff ourselves, educate ourselves, and share our learnings and methods with one another. My reach in the world is your reach in the world. Your contacts and ideas are my contacts and ideas. We can join one another, we can mimic one another, we can create legal and measurement tools that we can share with one another and adapt for our own use. We will be efficient and effective in what we do. If I were your banker, I would fund that all day long.

What if the $125,000 and higher is a myth or simply untrue? We can do everything at $.03. Can’t we? There are no wrong decisions and no bad executions at your appointments. Go in, be guided by your higher power, and know that you’ve prepared as much as you can for something you can’t really be prepared for. Why? Because it’s completely unprecedented. It’s daunting. It’s unique in human history. Don’t claim you are ready for that. Rest in the comfort that what you think is “ready” prepares you to be response-able.

As for what you end up with, below the threshold of a certain amount of money, everyone is equally rich individually and equally able to pursue projects and funding. In other words, $100 Trillion dollars can do as much as $100 Quintillion dollars. Same with personal wealth. If I have a new house and a new car, so can you, Mr. or Ms. Onlooker whom I introduce to my organization for personal liberation and security. I am the same beneficiary of “the fund” as you are except that I am employed by the fund in an executive capacity — and so can you be, in a specialty or managerial role. My role is to roam my worlds and connect those who need with those who provide. Simple.

So, if the same $100 million makes you and me equally wealthy or secure, any exchange amount above that is moot. So, why go for the higher amounts? Because it is equally moot, and it is there. If we don’t get it, the banks or someone else higher up the banking chain gets it. If a use for that size of asset becomes apparent after the world changes, we’ll have it. If it never materializes, we’ll have it and so what? No one has even mentioned a mandate to spend it all. We are only meant to demonstrate our passion for participating in the hydration of the planet via lakes and rivers. The oceans, attended to by the Galactics to the governments, perhaps in private-public partnerships, will be taken care of for most of the planet and her people. But our individual efforts and needed and poignant and critical. Who we help and what we bring into being will be very specific and precious to each of us and that’s what counts. That is why you were connected with and recognized not only the investment opportunity of buying and holding currency, but rode out this whole journey of transformation into big thinkers with even bigger hearts.


As for our goals for individuals, I’d like to suggest you have none beyond providing them with the same sense and reality of financial freedom that you will have upon redeeming. That freedom can be achieved at much lower amounts than we will get, and structured in such a way that doesn’t burden or frighten them. We will help you with suggestion as to how to structure it, such as an appropriate up-front gift that gives them mental security, “invested” by you in an “irrevocable trust” in such a way that they don’t need to worry about principal safety or return. You can establish a stream of income designed at their intake appointment to meet their needs in any circumstance of life now and in the future, that covers their overhead and plenty more, say two to three times that overhead. It all comes out of their account via debit cards and the like, so it’s really like a faucet they can turn on, get what they need, and turn it back off. As much and as often as they like. There will be no psychological burden of too much money to manage, nor insecurity of not having enough, or more than enough. They are rich and unburdened. Their sub-trust will have no dollar amount attached to it. Rather, it will draw from the mother trust and they can apply for and receive monies for houses or any other big expenditures they like. Forever.

I talked about jobs and their trusts being tied to those jobs. But what about those for whom that doesn’t really fit? And what if, in getting the money, they stop working, especially young people? I say let them. We are not life engineers. We are not saviors. We are not masters of other people’s lives. We are freeing them. If freedom means they fly too close to the sun and the wax holding on their wings on melts, SO BE IT. If they use drugs, we can direct them to the light chambers and that goes away along with the drug supplies on the black market and in the “health industry.” If they are lost, we offer them, but don’t insist they partake in, courses and online videos and weekend seminars and months-long retreats. Many people have PTSD and simply need to recover, maybe for years. Everyone deserves the opportunity to make mistakes as newly sovereign beings — just like we will. You have money, not manipulative license over the people’s lives whom you fund.

Here’s how it could work though. As people discover the pure joy of being in the present moment of any day or experience or emotion or relationship, their fulfillment can only lead to giving from the heart. This may take time for many, and never happen for others. Their fates are their own fates, though. We place the tools on the table, but only they can decide to pick them up. Imagine though that these same people we’re worried about look around and see what their other “free” friends and family are doing. We are social creatures and we eventually absorb into the dominant culture around us. What if the dominant culture is about self-actualization (the sovereignty that Tank has been writing and talking about) that then leaves them free, and, in fact, compelled, to join together (the unity Tank has been writing and talking about) in co-creating new lives, helping others, improving the world, and even just being and enjoying and creating? That includes helping their communities and businesses get necessary “jobs” done, together. Jobs are no longer “work.” They are sources of community, comradeship, and pleasure. Remember how fun it was to help paint a wall or build a deck together with family and friends? Clean the garage with your Dad? Do the dishes as a family? Even moving is fun if it’s not your “work.”

This is the tip of the iceberg, because I and we can only imagine so much from where we sit at the end of thirteen millennia of social engineering,, bred like sheep and workhorses given nutritionally poor feed and inadequate care. (See “Black Beauty.”) The first and continuing thing we attend to will be ourselves, so that we may be more our real selves and less our previously engineered selves. We become models of change and joy. That is infectious and way more powerful than admonitions, insistence, conditions, and threats.


When a country run by a despot overthrows the dictatorship, you cannot replace it immediately with Democracy, rule by the people, for the people, and of the people. There are no institutions, no education, nor systems to support and sustain it. The best you can do is replace the dictator who collected taxes and foreign support and spent it all on the castle and gold toilets with a “benevolent” dictator who distributes money and goods and service back to the people. But even a benevolent dictator is a dictator. That “benevolent” dictator can provide the people with food security, better housing, community infrastructures, education, and nutrition. Once the population has risen through the beneficence of a “dictator” who even just does less harm, they become strong enough to rule themselves through elections and local control. That is where, in my opinion, we are headed. Sovereignty needs to be learned and experienced. Just the constantly running script in our heads about how much things cost is a form of oppression. It’ll take some time for us to de-educate and re-educate ourselves. From what and to where else? We will have to feel our way into the new order and respond. We will want to take our time. See what we’ve been before we can open our hearts to what we will become.

Will the banker become a painter, making no money from her activities? Will a healer break away from the restrictions of making money from his passion and explore more, spend more time with “clients,” travel and learn, or realize that some other phase of life is now upon him? Will a factory worker rediscover the pleasure in gardening, equally hard work but without the pay, and do it for her town’s public places? Will a young person pause, learn about themselves and their passions and gifts, and come up with new kinds of mentors and experiences and ways to contribute than the job factory? Can we gently and patiently let people, like water, find their own levels, let go of fiercely gripped precepts and concepts, and become self-full for a time before demanding they become giving? We can’t give what we don’t have, and I’m not talking about money now.


No less than The Mystery of Life await us, unrestricted and with spaceships at our beck and call. The money is a necessary stepping stone. We have really grown up, haven’t we? Beyond the first flush of relief and excitement at having what we have not had, though, the real excitement won’t be the money or our new bodies or our new free lives of enjoying and giving and philanthroping (yes, I made that verb up). That will become our new reality in due time. Then the real excitement begins: the exploration of inner space, more vast and more unknown than outer space by far. We can become “intra-nauts” with our bodies as our ships and our higher selves as our captains and the territory to be explored unknowable yet demanding to be sought. That territory, that inner space, is no less than God or the All That Is. The real “self” is exposed, not understood or found. You, meet “you.”

As a community, we will need each other and seek each other’s company and counsel as our ground has been more prepared than the unaware citizens around us. We will lead by modeling, and we will model for each other. No one will quite ever understand what we went through and what we know more than one another.


RV-land has been crazy and distorted, like the bar scene in the first “Star Wars.” (I bet you’re already guessing which public RV figure is which character in the bar.) The land we’re flying our ship to can be whatever we imagine it to be. I imagine there are self-appointment ones among us who will keep a close eye on the usual suspects in world governance and new or remaining power structures to ascertain any signs of abuse or any rise of the weakened (maybe even defeated) cabal.

We can do our parts by seeing that the spirit of “the cabal” is the division inside each of us. Superiority and inferiority, admiration and condemnation, fear and craving, insecurity and domination, them and us, me and you, richer and poorer, powerful and weak, jealousy, lack — inner conflict will always reflect in the outer world. Tend your own gardens, because “the cabal” is in our very own mental-emotional and physical brain structures. Sure, there is a group of people who have power, position, and names that we call “The Cabal” or the Illuminati or the Powers That Be. Yes, they have been torn limb from limb. And yes, some of us worry they may rise again. The most powerful thing we can each do ourselves to obviate a resurgence of “the cabal” is to see that any part of us that is dominated or wishes to dominate is that.


The next step is, once you’ve seen it, to continue to see it. The last step is to see it. Yes, the beginning, middle, and end of the means to dissolve an obsolete part of ourselves if merely to see it. Expose it to the light of seeing. It will shrivel and die under that spotlight. Oneness isn’t just the yummy idea of all together or one with nature and God. It is in fact also Oneness with the political figure or party you hate and revile the most. It is Oneness with the people who hurt you the most. It is Oneness with the people who are the strangest or most threatening to you. It is the parts of yourself you repress and pretend don’t exist, avoid, run from, eschew, criticize, and sequester yourself from. Alienated parts of yourself are expressed by the people your most revile because you’re not owning them. Not everyone is up to the task of seeing and it will be refreshing to many to lean that there is really no need. Those that can will, and the others will entrain to the light and freedom (or the division and fear) that you embody. Nothing is more liberating than self acceptance that transforms to self love. Only then can you truly love your God. And if you are called to do this seeing and transforming, you will help everyone your touch to be and do the same, only without all the heavy lifting you signed up to do. Thus we are called.

You all know that I talk on the phone all day. What I have written here is what I am doing with each person I talk to. Thank you for being my partners in exploring, preparing the soil, and waiting for the season to change and the weather to cooperate — in other words, the release, the starting gun, the opening of the jail doors. We can’t control the weather and we can’t control the release. But we are prepared. We are responsible, able to respond to the unknown, the mystery, and the bewildering challenges of freedom.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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