NOW is The Time ~ We Move into The Age of Aquarius ~ April 23, 2017

LOVE this article and the nuggets of truth Helen gives us. Please read, find your nuggets, and…


By Helen Lidster, 04/23/2017

Each soul is on a journey ‘home’, no matter how many lifetimes it takes and how many experiences you have to go through, each is an opportunity for you to learn and grow until one day you find yourself waking up to the reality of how all of this works.Helen Lidstaer

We are all connected and come from the same source. We chose our experiences before we came to Earth in order for us to unify from the inside out. Each of us are truly perfect in the eyes of Creation, and we are all making the same journey. Free Will is a gift to help our souls learn. For us to be able to embody our soul into our human form, each has to pass tests along the way, and this is done through the choices you make. With each choice you make/action you take, your heart speaks. The energy of this is felt by God/the Universe/your Higher Self, and this dictates when your Soul is finally ready to wake up, and the length of ‘time’ it takes on integrational journey there after.

We have been in preparation of this since we started our human experiences. Each soul going back into the “playground” of humanity in an attempt to clear all karmic debt and remember their Divinity whilst still in human form, and then embody their Soul to walk on Earth as Sovereign Beings. Many forget why they are here and get lost in ‘life’, thinking that the human experience is real – and this is the point. Free Will is our birthright and given with the purest of love. Some souls get so lost, so so far away from the plan they put in place before they entered this plane that they cannot bare the human experience any further and take their own lives. Nothing, not one experience here is “bad”, each is a gift to awaken you, or clear discordant energy that you hold within.

When your Higher Self is activated you become a “seeker” – your whole reality changes. You know what you felt, you know what you saw, you know that there’s more to this than meets the eye. This is when the fun really starts, for you become so much more aware of your surroundings and your REAL test of Faith begins. The high vibrations and pretty colours subside in order for you to take the journey to Embody your Soul here. Your choices dictate where you come from, and what you have to let go of in order to return home inside, and this is where ‘presence’ comes in and why it is so important to be living in the NOW, as each can listen/feel their own hearts reaction to the current experience it is living, and can recognize the purpose of said experience, for all moments show you where you are in your energetic evolution, and you can choose consciously to let go/unify/accept and be grateful for what you learn/see in this moment. Each ‘persons’ life here is completely individual and designed to help that Soul uniquely integrate their Divine Essence here.

We all have a purpose. All those that are awakening now, and that complete their Soul Integration will successfully fulfill all their visions, dreams and aspirations. NOW is the ‘time’ that abundance is returned 10-fold. We have moved into the Age of Aquarius and all (money/energy) is being re-distributed to those who live alignment. Our Creator wants us to live a life of love, of peace, of purity of the Soul. We are supported fully by the Universe on our journey, and you can ask for help any time you like. You have to get past the fear of lack, you have to get past your judgment, you have to go beyond all the limits of your mind until you come back to wholeness. There’s also no getting out of FEELING all that needs to be released/unified/forgiven inside. Let the darkness be seen or felt, accept it, thank it for what it shows you and then shine your light of acceptance onto it – for it was always supposed to be that way – God/You designed that experience for you to learn and grow, and now is the time to rid the guilt/fear you hold within. You are an Essence of Love, you had to experience things in order to grow – and look at how you’ve grown!

This is not an easy task. One day All Souls will have done the work and the world will look like a very different place to how it looks now. For those that have done the work, they are the light bearers – they lead the way and your Universe will guide you to the ones that are right for you, for there are many. Heaven on Earth is Here, NOW. All you have to do is go inwards and find your way back home. Unify your higher heart and body and start living from a place of love. Know that you are fully supported. You will be guided in every moment until you finally understand. Your destiny is fully supported by the Universe in every way – why wouldn’t it be? All are here to teach you/guide you, until you’ve unified all from the inside out – and then you are your own Creator – free to live in full abundance because you’ve come to a place inside where only love exists – and all you know is Love. You’ve done the work, you’ve passed the tests. All is returned to you – because this is the time.



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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