Gaia Has Now Started Her Transformation and Rejoices ~ April 17, 2017

Easyterlips and a spark in your eyes. Do you think you would be stressed then? No, I do not think so either. There would be a very fine energy everywhere and everybody would chip in for each other. The most important would be that everybody felt good. The corporations might not earn mega money, but you could still get everything you need to feel well and then some. It is only your perceptions about how everything must work that needs to be transformed a bit. Conceptions that you have dragged with you decade after decade, yes, maybe even century after century. It is no wonder that you are treading water. A certain conversion of thought is needed before you can see the answers to how it really can be that everybody can share in the big cake that Mother Earth so generously has given to you all to share. Everybody should have benefited from her gifts. It was not given to only a few. No, Mother Earth’s gifts are grand and are enough for all if they are shared fairly around Earth. Sometimes it can even be easier to give than to receive, but it should be as natural to receive as to give. It should be as much joy to give as to receive. Do you understand this, dear children on Earth?

Now the time for giving and taking is starting. We give with one hand receive with the other. Is that not fair.., we live with, in , even around each other. We are we and we live together in an ever changing dance. The intensity of the dance is now increasing and we swirl around together on the dance floor. We are both sweaty and happy. The joy is tremendous as we do this with much delight. We do it for us, us as a whole unit, a great love for this unit that is us. Do you follow what I mean… you have found what it is that makes you happy, it is the understanding that all that is done needs to be done with joy and love. Love that is you, that is me, that is us. Now is when you have the most important work ahead of you, which is to take with you your love and go out and change life for each and everyone on our Earth. The change might require a change of thought, but this you already have in your heart. This you are now on your way to do, dear children on Earth. You change your thoughts following your higher heart’s language. What you manifest becomes something completely different compared to the old. With this higher energy completely different understandings are created than what you are used to. This is true for whatever lives on and belongs to our Earth. The Earth is large and many resources are needed for everybody to do well. So, you are needed dear people on Earth, each one of you needs to wake up and become a part of this transformation on our Earth today. All helping hands are gratefully being received, everything, small and little is equally valuable. We are all one and we do this together. Everything that is being done is done for our sake, for the sake of people, animals, oceans, lakes and nature, as we are all one with all that exists on this Earth.

It is great deed that you are doing, now when you let your heart direct your actions and manifestations on this our Earth, which is the dearest that we have. Our Earth Gaia loves you so much and sends cheers and love. She is deeply grateful for your great courage and all the work that now has started on Earth. She can see fruits of her efforts and beautiful music emanates from her heart of joy and gratefulness. She has now started her transformation and rejoices with you who come along with her and she is grateful more and more wake up and start their journey together with her. The embrace of Gaia is great. She can include all that choose to wake up now. Everybody has the opportunity to come along for the ride. Is a life in permanent joy and love something for you? In this case you have better look for your Earth and your heart. Love to your self is the largest gift there is. Call on us and we will help you find it. Be true to yourself and your intention and all will be well.

We love you so much. We wait and long for you.

With much love,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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