Questions: Ascension / Safety / Foreign Exchange / 800# ~ April 15, 217

Are you ready? Ready for a HUGE and very positive change in your life and the the world? LOTS of things happening out there right now, my friends, with various messages to ALL of humanity!

It doesn’t matter whether you are aboriginal and live in a jungle, or if you live in a high-rise apartment in the city you choose, or are just a child…or are very old, the signs and signals are all over the place indicating a real change is about to occur for every entity on earth!

What are the signs and signals? Well, various astrological events (see, geo-political events (Syria false-flag, North Korea), UFO events (Secure, Third Phase of the, and RV announcements (Dinar Chronicles) mean that the message is being sent out to all, far and wide, about real change in in the air!

Those who ARE spiritually aware know exactly what’s goin’ on. We don’t have exact details, or their sequence, but it’s very reasonable to determine that we are in the “end days” referred to by Biblical prophecy. Although I have left my own Southern Baptist roots far behind me, he times we are in now have been foretold by many prophecies across the world.

So…please read this article from Dinar Chronicles, written by “One Who Knows” which outlines very neatly what humanity is seeing and experiencing in our world today, do your own research and connect the dots, and…


Questions: Ascension/Safety/Foreign Exchange/800#” – One Who Knows – 4.15.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 10:51 AM EDT on April 15, 2017

Hey Richard,

I have a (maybe) strange question for you. I have been on the spiritual path my entire life. I have heard of the Ascension and everything of it happening and some would not ascend.

The question I have is….what if you know someone who is NOT ascending? I understand the realities will split, but what will their experience be of you? If they are not ascending and you are, how will each experience the relationship? This has never been explained to me.

Thanks for all you do!




First, most everybody will be Ascending in one way or another. I realize that it can “Look Like” the sleeping public doesn’t have a clue, have hate-fear issues, and are hopelessly ignorant of what is really going on in the World, and you would be right…. BUT, not for long.

We are the advanced “Light Worker Team.” We had to pull ourselves up to this high vibration, all by ourselves, since we had little help. You might call us “Self-Starter” Light Workers. That takes a special “Being” that can be experiencing huge difficulties, pain, loss, and suffering, and still hold the light of hope, faith, and endure anyway. Many have been taken down, but we are still here.

So, it is not fair for us to compare where others are in their Ascension, enlightenment, and their Love-Quotient, for we are special in that regard. We were meant to be special, as we had to lift ourselves up, when we had no one else to help us, but that will not be the case for everyone else.

They will have money in their pockets, food in their bellies, and a roof over their heads very soon, and we did not. They will have announcements of change, enlightenment, disclosure, new benevolent governments, and eventually mentors. We never had those things. But, that is why we were special, we didn’t need those “Niceties” to stand fast in our knowing, and hold our lights in high vibration anyway.

So when you look around at all those who seem so lost, they will soon be lifted up by us, and the new World. It will be enough to bring them up to where we already are. That was always the plan, we would lead the way, help Rescue the Earth, and then we would help the rest of Humanity rise up as well. While we were Self-Starters by design, they were meant to have help, the help they are about to receive, from us and the World.

All that being said, there will be many who die in the coming time, which is just ascension without the body. It will be important to “Remember/Know” that NO ONE can or does die, that it is not in their “Soul-Plan” to do so. So, don’t feel bad, as they are just jumping out of this reality, and will jump back in at a later point in our evolution. No big deal.

And.. Yes, there will be some who stay 3d and will wake up one day on another World and have no idea that anything changed. I don’t think that it will be as many as you might guess. The way Zorra describes it is amazing. It seems that we, the ones who stayed here on Earth and Evolved to our higher selves (Ascended) will be “Represented” by Solid Holograms on their 3d World. It is all about the experience and the illusion. I am not too surprised about that since we already know “Physical” life is an illusion we are having in the first place. We are actually non-physical beings having a Physical Experience because it is fun, interesting, and very enlightening.

The bottom line is that whatever happens, and who ever goes one way or the other, it will all make sense to us and them. When you think about it, you have lost family members and friends in every single life experience you have ever had, just to meet up with them in the next incarnation experience. So, why would this time be any different? Trust the Universe as you have already been doing for eons, and will for eternity. Remember, that nothing is going wrong…. How could it? It is only experience, enlightenment, and in the end… wisdom, every life, every time!

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Entry Submitted by Dante at 3:28 PM EDT on April 14, 2017

Dearest Patrick thank you really for sharing this incredibly enlightening forum where so much is revealed in so little time.

To OWK what is to say that

1.) We do not get detained at border crossings.

2.) Or have everything confiscated at a redemption site.

3.) Or possibly get assassinated like President Kennedy.

Reading this site IDC comforts me in many ways because I see many great intentions on rebuilding infrastructures to help the downtrodden, I for one am implicated with Cameroon, Congo as well as RD Congo and have worked for many years to protect many from prying eyes so much so that I have kept a very low profile and many that are involved with me never publicly mention my name except in very reserved groups even away from my family who know very little about me.

I really do not want to endanger anyone.

4.) I also wish to know, since I have someone in another country that will be involved and represent me should I have him come with me to my NDA appointment or just bring him here after it is all done. Since if something happens to me he will be responsible for following all of my plans and intentions in respect to what I wish to accomplish towards my Humanitarian Projects.

My Apostolic Blessing to you Patrick and OWK, as well as All who have Great Intentions towards One Another and all of your loved ones, as well as their loved ones, to the Level of Infinity, Amen.

“Unconditional love binds us forever”

«The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.»

“Lord into your hands I Commend my Spirit”

Respectfully Yours

+++ Dante



Dante, the World is a “Different” place now. Since the Reality that you “Experience” is a projection of the Reality that you expect, it is time to change from expecting the worst to expecting the best, for that is how it actually is now. I wrote a post on this:

“Following Einstein’s Lead, Choose One” – One Who Knows – 4.5.17

You are not going to be killed, or be unsafe in any way at your exchange appointment. You have to realize that the Extreme security at the exchange centers were both needed and at the same time a message to the Cabal, that they could not interfere with the process. However by the time we do exchange, the Cabal will no longer be an issue, and frankly the security will hardly be needed. It will still be there, but will be Over-Kill, but that is O.K., as it makes people like you feel better. Clearly, you have been in bad situations and are still wary as a result, and for those who have had your experiences, the super safe security should make you feel better & safer.

As far as the NDA is concerned, it is not necessary for your “People” to travel to sign the NDA. The NDA is basically, don’t talk about where the exchange location is, how much money you got, your exchange rates, or about the high interest rates you were given. I am glad to answer this question since there are many who have this question.

When you have people working for you or with you it is not necessary for them to know the rate you got, or any of that other information. While there may be reason for them to know exactly how much you have in the bank or interest payment details, you can just have an NDA of your own, for your helpers, workers, accountants, lawyers, and others to sign to keep your information private. Another technique, is that you can have money put into an account that the others work off of, without them knowing what is in the master, mother-load account or what money you are getting in interest. They only know about one account, whatever amount that might be. That way each group, only knows about the account that they work with and noting else. That should cover your issues.

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Entry Submitted by R601a at 3:43 PM EDT on April 14, 2017

Thank you for your calm, balanced, and sensible information and help – it IS sincerely appreciated.
May I ask some questions that I hope you may be able to answer?

(1) Can you give guidance to those located OUTSIDE America as to the likely protocol for exchange – specifically in both New Zealand and Australia?
(2) Will 1-800 numbers be used, and will ZIM redemption require HSBC or off-site locations?
(3) If we can redeem ZIM at a bank will this be limited to a currency rate only, or will a negotiable bond rate be available?
(4) Would you have any idea of either or both the ZIM currency rate and the highest non-NDA bond rate that may be available?
Thanking you in advance.



First, let me say that no matter what country you are in there will be basically two groups of exchangers. #1) The ones who know about the high privately negotiated rates and call in time to get them, and #2) Everyone else who happens to have those currencies and one day goes to the bank to exchange them.

Next, Some countries will have offsite locations and others may only have selected/designated bank locations. But no matter what they will have a plan on how it will be done in that country/county/area of the World.

Then, when the GCR comes out and goes live, there will be special instructions made available for those who will be getting the higher rates and be doing the special exchanges. I don’t know exactly how that will be given out in each country but, no matter what, it will be made available for you to find. Importantly, it will be easy to find… In other words, they are not going to hide it from you, in fact quite the opposite. They will post it on websites like this one, and probably on Bank websites under the currency exchange tab. In short, you will find what you are looking for, when this goes live.

Rates: As far as rates go, they will be a bit different in each country, just because the currency in each country is at a different level to start with. But, that really doesn’t matter since you will be asking for the amount you want anyway. The Elders and the NPTB, are in a hurry to fix and help the World. You will most likely get what you want… But what rate should you ask for? I wrote a post on this as well:

“Understanding Zim Money & The Future” – One Who Knows – 3.9.17

As A Last Resort: As a last resort move, when you know the GCR has gone live, and you can’t find information for your country anywhere (I doubt that will ever happen), then look up the biggest bank in your country on the net, or call their phone number. Ask for the currency exchange department, and explain that you have dong, dinar or zim, and they will know what to do. DO NOT TELL THEM THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE. They don’t need to know that, to give you exchange instructions.

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Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:55 PM EDT on April 14, 2017

It was said on the Landa Global call yesterday that there can not be a shot gun approach as it would disrupt the whole global financial markets; and no one knows yet how the GCR will roll out.

Can you please comment on this extremely and very important facet of what we are waiting on.




I agree that there will NOT BE a shot-gun approach, at least not like we think. First, it will start in the East, and work its way around the World, in one day, or over a few days. No big deal. Then in each country, they will most likely release the 800#s to a few selected Gurus to send out to their personal contacts, and then in an hour or two, release it to the net, and then later make some sort of public announcement about it for the rest who have currency.

If you think about it, they say there are 30 million currency holders, not including the ones who were gifted currency and are not accounted for. There is no way that many people could call the 800# at once. So it will “leak” out to Gurus, then the net, and then to the public, all within a few hours. Although the public announcement will most likely be a few days later. The bottom line is that I completely agree it will not be a shot-gun approach, at least not at EXACTLY the same time. By the time you find out about the 800#s and call in to make your appointment, there will have been some who called before you, and still a lot more who will call after you. It works perfectly that way.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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