Twin Flame Monade ~ Upgrades, Interference and Symptoms with Twin Flame Soul Codes ~ April 6, 2017

“Upgrade from the Twin flame Monade

By Talaya Sri En Ra and Emmie Nikolina
Members of the Melchizedek Order – High Council of Twelve

Greetings from the Twin flame Monade,

This shift has changed everything.

The Twin flames, who balanced their Masculine and Feminine through their deep devotion to each other and to Mother/Father God/Self have ascended and shifted their consciousness as ONE into 5D consciousness and higher, and got out of the lower templates. We bow to you in infinite appreciation and gratitude. This departure caused a void in the 4d template and corrupts the original Twin flame soul codes at this point in time. This void is now massively interfered by 4D.

It has happened that through the Twin flame portals, you, dear beloved hearts, have done your work, while your counterparts merely took the Twin flame Union as a game, or as temporary upliftment. As a result you felt hurt, disrespected and cynically laughed at as intuitively perceived by you and reported by many of you. And you got “stuck” in a corrupted template.

The symptoms of 4D interference speak for themselves as they are:

1. Feeling of “something is missing”
2.  Unexplainable crying felt in the heart center
3.  Feeling of being let down and being denied
4.  An overwhelming feeling of negativity through your counterparts
5.  Feeling drained
6.  Quicker aging (because you take on your twins negativity)
7.  Inability to meditate
8.  Unexplainable anxiety/energies
9.   Loss of inspiration
10. Neediness coming through your counterparts neediness
11. A feeling of unhealthy stickiness while communicating with them
12. A feeling of being “done”
13. Facing you are not supported through your love anymore.
14. A culmination of unwanted harsh thoughts
15. Feeling no love for your counterparts as they “disappeared” out of your reach because you moved on
16. Cut off from compassion towards your Twin.

The truth is you ARE indeed done, residing in the false, corrupted Twin flame template, rather than having “a false Twin” which does not exist from our perspective.

We ask you to be aware that any games played by you or your counterparts are rippling through the entire Twin flame Monade. We also ask you to remain conscious towards your purpose to birth the highest aspect of Mother/Father GodSelf divine Sacred Union to new earth and to be of Service to Others on your very own, by sharing your love and insights, knowing nothing is ever lost in GodSelf.

You may have cut cords a number of times, only to find them growing back, ending up into a loop of repeating your counterpart’s patterns. This is not necessary.

What to do?

You must remove your ROOTS of attachment of the false template. The link to the video how to do is added below. In this video Emmie will guide you through this very special Meditation.

Taking back your power and putting yourselves first, you still are a Twin flame, yet putting God/Self
f i r s t. You are to return to your original soul blueprint.
Be still, beloved Souls, we know your pain. Yet from out 5D perspective, there IS a twin for you if you desire.

If you find yourselves drained enough and done, here is how to remove the roots:

Emmie is from the Melchizedek Order and offers Healing through her Original Soul Blueprint.
We were guided to find each other through Archangel Michael and our Original Soul Blueprints, guided by the Melchizedek Order, exactly in this point in time, with the exact same downloads, as all Soul groups are uniting now. Truly an amazing gifted Soul Sister.

We wish to share the Kathara Healing here with you, which rearrange your soul Codes to set you free.

You can find more explanation about the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing here:

~ Namasté ~

I AM of deepest Core
I AM that, I AM

Blessings and Purity, dearest beloved ones,

With gratitude and I AM presence,

Talaya Sri En Ra with
Emmie Nikolina


 This article written April 6th 2017 is sent to Love Has Won with gratitude, and with our permission to be published.

Talaya C. Dalimonthee

Emmie Nikolina”



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