Sophia – a Welcoming Committee ~ March 16, 2017

March 16, 2015
Dear Cynthia,

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Here is another wonderful Alan Watts video… enjoy.

This article, by one of my favorite teachers, Hiro Boga, speaks of empowerment.

Here is another article by Winston Shrout that has a great deal of information.

This video complements it well…

It is our time everyone, we have come to create a new world.  We have loads of help; we have each other.
Just love.  Imagine paradise.  Intend for the universe to handle the details.  We hold the key to everything we’ve ever wanted.  Let’s use our imagination; it is our greatest and most powerful tool.  Emotions are key.
See it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, be it!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
In gratitude for all that you are,

Now, please enjoy a sort of “welcoming committee” I met last month!

February 18, 2017

(Note, I do not remember the images that were sent with this contact, yet I wrote a note on the transcript that said “Visual was Star Wars bar scene”, so pictures from that scene are included!)

“I am ready to connect. Is the Being who woke me up earlier, available?”

He is no longer ready for you and able to speak. It was a quick moment and taken available of, yet not the right one for you. He will try again, you can be sure of that.

Okay, I feel some strong energy now. Who is this? 


What you feel is the force of many. Well, not many meaning hundreds but more than one and right with you now.

This has subsided a little.

Yes. We are working at this and desire communication. It is not our aim to put you to sleep.

That’s great. Who am I speaking to?

We are a conglomerate. A group of Beings, gathered for a single purpose. That purpose is to facilitate a sort of welcoming for the regular human.
It is not known when we will meet in the physical, 3D world/reality. It is known that this meeting is inescapable.

The human has all but freed itself, and works now to extricate itself, from the clenches of those who controlled him for so long. This will happen when it does. There is a reality of life that is right now unfamiliar to the race.

Our group, this group, is sort of a welcoming committee. We do this for the un-awakened races that have been under control and are no longer. It is a gradual way of introducing a race to the rest of life – life they have been shielded from.

We are many types, body types. It was felt that the representation of a group of varying life forms would be best done as a small, single unit. Perhaps it helps to alleviate the shock. For it will be a shock.

You, as a race protected and shielded, do not suspect the reality of alternate life. Although your science fiction tales envision it, you relegate that to fantasy and not true.

The visions given in many stories are sometimes precise and all times close. These visions and then creations by your artists tell the stories and paint the pictures of life as it actually exists. Inspiration comes from memory and dreams and experiences forgotten – some of it is given as a direct download and then for the intention of leaking into the consciousness of man all possibilities.

In this way, the meeting of alternate life is less of a shock. This hastens communication.

Will you describe yourselves now for us?  


Yes. There are six of us here now. One of us is quite tall, you’d label a giantess, as she is female. One of us with characteristics of the fish on your planet; there are scales and large eyes and a flattened sort of torso and head. One of us quite hairy; neither extremely tall nor short but similar to human average height. One of us white, all white. One of us dark skinned and hair with a square type of frame. The last one of us hard to describe. He is on the large side, his mouth is larger, proportionally, than that of a human. There is an image you hold, it is not exact, but sort of bears resemblance to this being – brown skin, no hair, large head.

We are all humanoid, but different. It will be a shock for the human to meet us and then consider us equal in every way as co-creators in this reality we occupy. Our purpose, as a group of beings together, is to help ease in to the consciousness, all of us. There are many more types than we represent. But Man has no real picture of us available and so we enter the picture for him. We are each specialist’s in communication, gathered to facilitate the process for the human.

It is enough now, for you (to know) we exist.

We are, even now, perhaps years before we are needed, preparing for the contact and introductions and explanations.

We watch. We wait to see who will be the most likely candidates for these initial gatherings and introductions. We prepare ourselves and discuss the best methods.

Our goal is to facilitate a comfortable and productive engagement between species and races and planets.


This is what we wanted to say.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you for making this possible. Goodbye for now.

Goodbye then.  


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Thank you!
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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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