The Birth of the Hearth ~ March 8, 2017

(No pics as I AM posting from a hotel w/limited web strength!)

By sacredrootsblog, 03/07/2017

Blessed sisters, I see your struggle during these moments in time. We are held so lovingly by these new energies which are Birthing within us. The flame in our hearts has awakened the wisdom in our wombs to anchoring our legs to walk upon this Earth once more. To trust in our own innate Goddess goodness, the ONE we have served since the beginning of time. We have travelled this earth and applied healing balms to her wounds, singing her soul songs to her, the healing incantations she taught us long ago. We were giving back to her what she gave to us. The goddess reflecting our inner goddess, always ONE. Now allow yourself to receive these songs into yourself. Where the Goddess, truly resides. The Mother of the Earth has risen and she whispers to us ‘ come home into yourself, our story has healed, we are not living there anymore, as I am not living underneath you anymore. I am here with you, our hearts, our minds and our wombs beating as ONE. 

Free yourself from the fear of the fire which once destroyed us. The fire was one with us too, we created warmth with it, we cooked meals for all with its heat and we lit the Hearth of the Earth by the roaring flames of Love, offering its light and warmth to everyone who came. But it was used against us and we were destroyed by that which we used to create with. We returned time and time again, lifetime upon lifetime, knowing our love for each other would guide us.
The world forgot that you can’t keep a good witch down, so we rose and we died, knowing our Goddess will return and join hands in harmony once more. Now is the time women. To heal the memory  inside of you.

Let the fire that once destroyed you, now nourish you and burn to ash the memories in your bones, as you rise back to life. The war is over. Goddess knows we are all now needed to relight the Hearth of Earth, to be at home here.

As Venus guides our eyes in, to real-eyes the fire crackling inside, the Goddess invites us to sit beside her in the Hearth of our bodies, allowing the surrender of what we’ve been, to pass into the fire as trust is reborn within us & among us. 

Dear brothers, our men  who lit them fires, we know now that you didn’t know fully what you were doing. You were held so strongly under the influence of an outer authority which feared the power of love within all women. It divided our most natural love for each other. Sisters I call to you, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Our men are sitting around this same fire within themselves, remembering the memory of their actions and the war that ensued that took them so far from home. These memories are releasing their pain and our pain, as the new light of love on Earth, rises through us all. 

For never has it been one sided, we have been all to all. We were the women burnt at the stake and we were the men who lit the fire. Maybe you see this in your fathers and brothers, the sons and husbands in your life. Maybe you see this in your mothers and sisters, the daughters and wives in your life. 

May the rise of the Feminine & Masculine be integrated deeply inside each of our hearts and bodies, with such a renewed trust and respect, that it has no choice but to reflect everywhere in our reality. Emanating & radiating truth, harmony and the Love we are.

Welcome yourselves to the Hearth of the Earth as we celebrate the igniting of the fires of Love within. As we are real-eyes-in that the hearth in our hearts sings the voice of the only authority we will ever need.

Thank you for the light of love that is warming and growing within.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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