Hathor & Bastet ~ We Speak of Love & Play ~ March 6, 2017

By Tamara Maat, 03/06/2017

Hello, dear Children, We come to your beautiful aid today. It is I, the Goddess of Love and Care, merged in the energies of my beloved, playful sister, the Playful Cat. We come to your aid and to pat your backs. We see such love taking place! It is us who are with you at your intimate moments. These times you merge two into one. This time when the song of life, each time has begun.

We come to your rescue, as it is in the softness that we have won. The truth of the light has just begun.

Sweetness and tenderness are key, love those women the way they be. Truth and justice are here to see, what might and strength all these men can be.

In the shadows of your bodies touching and free, we can see, Earth can be. In the Truth of patience, within the smiles and correspondences, justice we see. A new day you give Earth, and you set her free.

Among your giggles and laughs, moments of closeness, moments of care, you help the painful, you set souls free. In your love even to the tenderness of a bird, the wildness of a cat, or a friendship of a dog, whether you eat of my, Hathor’s, flesh or not… How is your Heart? Is your heart free?

Do you sing me a song each night as you sleep? Do you sing my sister a song as you play? Come, see, a world of Joy and Play we Give. A hard day does not pay, we are the Cherry on top.

Keep making love, to your beloved bodies, to your beloved selves, to your beloved Earth. Soon there will be enough love and play to spill over the Earth. Whenever you are with the Sacred Weed call for Us, we be here, we give you laughs. It is us who give Joy, and we congratulate you, it’s almost an overflow. ❤


Tamara Maat is an Egyptian shamanic healer who channeled both the Sekhem and the Brilliance Arcturian systems while meditating in the temples of Luxor. She believes that the only sure way for spiritual growth is following one’s Heart, which makes them open to miracles. Connect with her on her FB page @tamaramaat2015



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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