I’M DEAD….still ~ March 5, 2017

“Someone’s gonna fry for this.”

I found this on Mother Earth Love Vibe on Facebook…very nice, short and complete reasoning for WHY we are all here on Mother Earth…really!

Please read, imagine (!), and


Posted By: Nemesis [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 4-Mar-2017 00:53:50

Below these first five paragraphs is a very brief conversation)

I died. It wasn’t my first time. I’m no neophyte at dying. I do it a lot. It’s one of the things I’m good at. Short, medium or long adventures, doesn’t matter, I always end up killing my avatar. And when I don’t kill it, someone else does. And when no one does, it hits the manufacturer’s expiration date without warning and falls dead. I tried to take one of my misisavatars with me into limbo-life. It refused. Told me, “I’d rather be dead than go with you” (yes, it was a strained relationship).

The first thing I learn after dying is, life is never over (I always forget that while alive). No matter how many lives I’ve lived, every time I return to the dead world, it’s, “SURPRISE! You ain’t dead.” My reply to myself is usually, “DAMMIT!” Life–the never-ending cycle of limbo-life and preparing for my next adventure.

Logic says that since I’m alive right now, that means I shouldn’t know if there’s life after I die, so I shouldn’t say so, however, the last time I was in limbo-land The Forget Pill must not have been very strong because when I my avatar hit its 50th birthday I began to remember and started having experiences that are out of this world.

What is not forgotten (what is retained, what goes with you) is who you have become and the talents you have acquired (unless in a new “physical” experience you enter a body-avatar that cannot handle your abilities and talents–in which case you will be learning something else of value.

It cannot be stated often enough, that life, your life, every human life, no matter where that life lives, desires new experiences, PERIOD! The quest for new experiences is the heart-beat of consciousness. The desire for new experiences is the very essence of consciousness. Experiencing more and more and learning more and more increases a life’s capacity to experience greater and greater wonders. Ultimately, EXPERIENCING THE NEW IS THE PURPOSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND LIFE. Every self-aware consciousness seeks the “feelings” of joy, happiness, pleasure, and peace. It is the seeking that is the spice of life, that makes life worth living. It is the unknown made known that brings fulfilment. Consciousness seeks expansion, and life provides it, whether here, there or anywhere.


Is there anything after death?


Like everything you ever imagined.
You imagine it and you are in it.
We can’t do that here.
No. Here is not there.
Why is here the way it is?
Adventure, learning, progression.
For what purpose?
The more you learn the more you can imagine. What you learn is a resource for imagination.
Will you explain?
A child can only create from what he knows. The more he knows the more he can create. Imagination is creating.
What is it that gives life to the human body.
When the human body is broken and can’t use the electricity it dies. Is there anything else in there that continues to live?
What am I?
What am I?
What am I?
You are singular and plural. You are singularly you and plurally the one.
How come there is only one?
One is source.
The beginning?
No beginning. Continual. Always existed. Source of everything.
How did we begin.
That’s what source does.
You ask it.
I am asking?
You can ascribe to source any reason you want and they’ll all be accurate. You are part of source, connected to source, are source. Ask yourself.
I am.
What’s your answer?
Adventure, learning, the unknown, challenge, excitement, joy, peace, happiness, pleasure, to experience every reality imaginable.
What happens to me after I die?
You live without your human body.
Details please?
In your case, you leave your body, visit your connections, past, present and future, and go to your cabin and stay there until you get bored and then you get reborn into another adventure. You already know that.
I know.
Then why ask me?
What about others?
Ask them, they know. Just ask them what they want to have happen after they die and they will tell you. And what they tell you, if they really desire it, that’s what happens.
What if they haven’t given it any thought?
They don’t have to give it thought. They already know. It’s where they came from, and they go back there. Whether they think it or not, desire it or not, it only changes if they are able to think about it. No thought: they go back. Give it thought: they go where their thoughts take them.
Is it really that simple?
The cabin that is your home that is secluded, that has a path in and a path leading to a forest from which come people to visit with you and sit in your two swings so you can talk is where you always go back to. You never stay long. It is your resting place and learning place, and then you go off on another adventure of your choosing. And you only choose (everyone only chooses) what they imagine.
People actually choose to be raped, tortured, starved, blown apart and killed as a child?
So why?
You choose the adventure and the rest is unknown by you and everyone else, and the circumstances are not controlled by you and things happen and people do things, and you accept the unknown good and bad when entering an adventure. That’s why leaving home is called an adventure. If you want nice, stay home.





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