Pleiadian League of Light ~ Activation & Re-activation of Your Merkaba, Your Soul Star ~ Feb. 25, 2017


By Henda

Energy Update February 25, 2017
Activation & Re- activation of your Merkaba : your soul star

We are being moved by many things in our personal journey and it is all part of our spiritual awareness

We are warned to work on elementals and to heal them
To look inside of us and to eliminate grudges jealousy hatred revanche and all the black elements in our lives to free our soul from the darkness that wants to enter again and take part in the spiritual awakening

Many are facing their own karma and many are not able to understand what is going on
What has been going on in them
In their lives
There is no need to struggle
Struggle is a red flag
Which means an urgency call
To let go and to open oneself to the hidden messages the higher self has for us
when things go with the flow that is a sign of a good time as all comes naturally without any fear
Without any preconditions
Without having to think if the right or wrong things have been done

So we are Reconnecting to our soul Star system
The inner Soul star Inside of us and that is a huge work
It is the most intense experience we have to do now to let go of the3D reality needs
And let abundance and love and light flow as they have to
Healing our worlds and breaking free from the old that no more works for us

Those who will try again that 3D connection will for sure find themselves in very big despair and pains
Sometimes pain is a red flag in it self given from the soul star the Merkaba to awake to the inner you and let go of all physical and 3 D realities
There are many 3 D realities
They are multiplied and the darkness is doing a great job in trying to keep us stuck to these one dimensional worlds
We are multidimensional souls in Crystalline shaped bodies and those who feel that Crystalline energy flow know about what I am talking now

We are surrounded by many courageous light beings who are now very near by us
I have been sensing their energy and presence around
They are clearing our shapes and hearts and all our being to help us benevolently so that Earth would be the greatest and best place to live on

We need to be patient with our own needs
All that we experience is part of our journey
Signs are given to us to see what is going on and understand the meaning of it all
Take time to rest and focus on your soul as it is the only place you can be freed from all that is not going on
on your 3D realities
As they are yet in – closed in your chakras
Your Nadi
Your Astral and etheric bodies
Your lower double soles and the spheres over your crown
These are the places / the spaces where your soul has carried inside of it
All the karma from past lives

Re-connecting for those who are already in the path of Love
Connecting for those who are willing to do so
Many are out of theses two worlds
But now the energies are working on activating the soul star
Know that it is being done for all of us
Of you
We are bringing magical photonics crystals in you
Stay connected
And breathe the Love peace compassion you are
We all are

Channeling the Pleiadian League of the Light today



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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