Transition” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Review ~ Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017

Received via email at 1:09 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Just to review…

There is no more relevant GCR/RV Intel.

Everything structurally that needed to be completed has been achieved.

General Joseph Dunford is in control of the RV release here in the US.

Ancient Chinese Royal Elders are in control of the new financial computers and satellites globally, as its their private gold holdings backing the new global monetary system.

HSBC is their global paymaster for all bank-to-bank and bank-client payouts.

HSBC is a Chinese Elder owned and controlled bank.

There are no more perceived delays. Rather, just a pre-set performance day and time.

All 209 governments have complied with GESARA mandates, which was a negotiated treaty between galactic representatives and humanity, designed to benevolently govern all future aspects of human affairs.

Security for this financial transition is inconceivably high and largely invisible to the untrained eye–land, air and sea.

The sheer financial abundance of this transitionary event is meant to transfer wealth back to the masses and eliminate the advantages of the once ruling elite class permanently.

30 million plus currency holders are anticipated to participate from every continent, with the most by far living in the US.

Over 12,500 in-take locations are ready to receive currency redeemers and process the exchange.

This global transition process first began in the fall of 1996, and was first globally attempted on September 11, 2001.

Every world leader is very well aware of the financial transition but sworn to secrecy. As are board level decision makers at every major bank and large corporation worldwide.

The entire central banking mechanism has be reformed as a result of the transition.

Many existing government leaders unwilling to accept these dramatic changes have been publicly removed, and are being quietly replaced with GESARA compliant governments and leadership–including the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Israel, etc…

All financial transaction now have 100% digital transparency and tangible asset backing. This is to eliminate theft, drug and human trafficking and war.

All deep underground bases and nuclear weapon stockpiles have been dismantled by benevolent galactic forces with human assistance.

New patented technology breakthroughs will now be released to humanity, creating environmental stability and clean energy independence at the individual level.

Chemtrails, GMOs and pharmaceutical toxins will be removed from the human experience as well.

Conflicts between nations will be settled through diplomatic channels now versus military conflicts.

Media conglomerates reporting fake news will be reprimanded and shuttered if the problem persists.

Politicians representing private citizen interests over the mass of their population will be first censored and then ultimately replaced.

The clandestine nature of the transition was enforced to keep the global population calm while these radical GESARA changes were enforced.

God is with us.



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