Energies of This Week ~ The Lunar Eclipse ~ Feb. 5, 2017


By Molly McCord, 02/02/2017

February has picked up the pace! Did you feel it this week?

We are now moving ahead at a faster speed with Mars in Aries steam rolling in his favorite sign, and Venus about to enter Aries on Friday morning. New beginnings, new independence, courage, a fresh start, a pioneering adventure – it’s all ‘on deck’ now so be open to those fresh inspirations as they arrive.

You’re getting some type of LOVE NUDGE from the cosmos – feeling it? It is God/the Universe/Spirit saying NOW IS THE TIME whether or not YOU thought it was the time. 

**You won’t regret saying YES to whatever arises now.**

Mercury will be finishing up in Capricorn until February 7, so keep your eyes on the details and the business of life. Being responsible and a bit conservative is the way to go until next week. Take your time to think things over, even though you may also feel the urge to push ahead with Mars in Aries. When Mercury moves into Aquarius, our minds and projects will take shape in new ways, so trust that you do not have to rush anything just yet. 

We have lots of action in February as the first pair of eclipses arrive and launch us into the themes of 2017. Fire or Air signs at 21 to 25 degrees will really be energized with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on Feb 9. This energy is ALREADY underway as it officially began with the last New Moon in Aquarius on January 28.

Chances are, you already have a sense of what is building up for you in eclipse season. Need a clue?

Look to your HEART, creativity, courage, kids, play, personal expression, where you are ready for greater confidence, and whatever is calling you to take a risk —> that’s your eclipse energy!

Wherever 23 degrees of Leo shows up in your chart is where a higher download of energy is barreling through to support your confidence, sense of Self, and personal creations. Big GO FOR IT messages are building!

I have started up my weekly podcast again after a 2-month hiatus, and I’ll be talking about astrology every week. Excited to be back and sharing in this capacity! This brand new episode touches on some changes I’m making and the upcoming astrological energies of this weekend. Plus, a first look at the Feb 9 Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Hope you enjoy it!

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