A New Gaia Portal (January 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda


Henda shares an energy update she received which explains what’s going on for people this month. You may find validation with some of this info based on how you are feeling and how life is treating you.

January has been a very intense month to begin the new year. We had at least 4 waves of energy that came on earth from higher dimensions, upgrading us on a multidimensional level from the physical (DNA upgrading transmission frequencies) to the energetic body, increasing our crystalline bodies with new light codes and information from very high knowledge as the Sacred Geometry which have been very accurate in different areas of our creation (artistic amongst all).

So here is the message I received during the second wave which came on February 17, 2017. Which is an increase of the energy which came the last year at the same date. This year we will be receiving these waves in connection and relation with what have been during the last year and many will see that synchronicity taking really shape on a cosmic level. The worlds are now superposed like different circles one beside the other in an infinite way. Pay attention to this chain.

« A new portal has opened now for the benefit of all.

The Earth has been receiving new light codes coming from so far and from higher densities and dimensions.
We are preparing the 6th Dimensional Earth, grounding in the 5th.
The last days have been challenging for many of you, many have been experiencing fatigue, local pains in the physical body as the Earth is also adjusting its frequency while new waves, little waves of this latest one have been working on the New Earth, the New You.

You probably have been feeling being cut of the ancient life you have been dealing with for so long
You have been probably feeling the energetic levels of this wave in your hands and all your bodies.
Some may also have been feeling that energy in their bodies circling as lava circles in a volcano

That has been and still is what many light workers are feeling now.

On the 17.1.17 ( which is also 111/ 77) is the date where all the last synchronicities took part of the new stream and many energy explosions were felt in your bodies: heat amongst all, that feeling of a big wave of lava spreading in you, and you have to adjust and Be with it.

A New Gaia Portal (February 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda

You are 5th Dimensional beings of Light Now

You are now holding in you the New 5th dimensional frequency of light and information. The Light Codes of the New Earth, bringing it to everyone who will be asking and lead for healing.

You are channelers of this wonderful energy of Love Compassion, so Be It. And For sure you are now bringing in you the 6th dimensional earth, coming ahead and the work has already began.
Even if it sounds so far the most powerful energy you have never uploaded until this day, hold on and let it flow peacefully as it is bringing the Earth’s future change and in a very high level of awareness.

These 17/1/17 waves of a higher consciousness are completing now and you will be more and more aware of your connection to Earth and to the other planes. Many information are being uploaded and channelled now and sent for your highest and greatest good. Their impact on your soul awareness is already there ! watch the signs given to everyone of you. You will also probably learn more and more from each others’ experiences as it is now being of a mutual exchange worldwide. These are very powerful moments of awakening preparing to be a high level of energy that everyone will create making you co-creators of the 6th Dimension on place now.

So dear light-workers, as you are channelling the New Earth Light Codes now, use them for your healing work as you are healing yourselves. The Earth is preparing the next waves of Light Codes to come through you and fill your hearts with love, pure love of Terra Nova. You are actually receiving the finest crystalline light you have never felt before and it is powerful and amazing.

For those who were uploading these waves during this 17/17 day, it already began one day before, as we had to send with little tiny waves, even if you felt it was really intense , that was only the preceding preparation of what you received during your sleep time.
Sleep time is the place you are really in a state to receive softly and upload the energy coming and the tiny light codes within.

As it is the finest crystalline waves that you have never experienced before, they will burn you completely and you will feel dizziness, heaviness and unable to move as you did before. Let it be.

Help yourself with water
Water is the element that will help you adjust and harmonize the flow of energy you are uploading; so take fresh showers and drink much. This will help the new crystalline light codes to be part of you.

Water comes from the crystalline core of Gaia and it channels the light codes she is receiving too now. It also helps adjusting and harmonizing the flow of this new energy we are sending now on a larger scale everywhere and at once.
Take time to rest, and walk near the trees to breathe and fill your heart and lungs with light.

Energy Numbers As Light Codes

You are in a 17/17 day which is a double 8 day which is 7.
1 + 7 = 8
1+ 7 = 8
8 + 8 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7

When you add the month’s number you have a new information within the codes that is also for your benefit:
1+7+1+1+7 = 17 = 8

7 is the spiritual path the guide to Ascension and the Ring of Golden Crystalline Light. Which is light coming on Earth now.

All is vibrating on a 7th level of density and dimension, and you are all being washed in its flow. Be It.
7 is your frequency of creation and deep-higher level of spirituality, lucidity opening your crown chakra and 3rd eye, bringing the 8th, your natural gift for abundance and prosperity and bringing infinity through your multidimensional soul.
So Be It.

What Is It All About ?

You are now diving into upper dimensions of light and everyone will receive the information that is allowed to be known for their highest and greatest good. Open your heart and crown chakras and remember your 3rd eye is functioning now in a higher energy you have been uploading all the way now during the last months. The biggest waves began to arrive in December 2016 preparing the complete ascension of the Earth to her 5th dimension.

All these waves are now coming in a very subtle way but sometimes in a more intense and powerful manners too triggering the soul light to remember who you are and what you are here for. And as always sweet ones with respect to your potentials and abilities to receive as much as your bodies can handle »


First information

During the two last weeks of January 2017, we have been hit by more and more of that energy and it was changing every time. I feel that is the way we have to evolve and feel our ascension as it has to be working in common with the Earth. Our ascension is important because it is being done through our connection to the Earth Grids and Ley lines which are naturally part of the cosmic grids and Ley Lines too. We are part of a much bigger picture and much bigger and wider field.

Second Information 

As we heal using this energy given by the Light beings to us we begin feeling our oneness and the myths become reality, all that sounded pure imagination takes shape in our minds and it is allowed to enter our hearts because that is the part which connect us to the Heart of the Universe.

The benefits Of Energy Healing Now

As we heal using energy, we become able to update our bodies through this connection and we begin seeing the magic that surrounds us: the astral planes and more over we can have access to higher dimensions and beings, to help us on our path.

Remember we are multidimensional.

No need to close our eyes to meditate, we are urged to let them open so that we can see and watch the beauty of the life that we choose to incarnate in, the beauty of what has been behind the veil for so long, and the beauty of the light that shines inside.


Henda is a moderator and member of transient’s community Forum, The Roundtable. You can find additional post by her on there.

Who Am I ? That is indeed a wonderful question to ask. I have always find it hard to speak about myself. That is part of my path… Learning to love myself first. I am a PhD in Interdisciplinary French Linguistics. And have been teaching French for several years now. That ended on 2011 few months before I see changing coming my way. I had personal issues few years ago from 2006 till 2012 when I saw my old world crumbling down. This led me straight to Reconnective Healing, those Frequencies of Light and Informations which helped me be who I am today and see myself beyond the veil. It was on 2013. I am still discovering my self and my potential as a volunteering star seed working to help around me and help my self too with it. I am a Star seed from The Pleiades and Sirius with a past life in Orion, and I have been there during some astral travelling with my guides. I feel the need to learn with all of you here and follow my path. Transient is a trans dimensional gate for real, that’s what I see. And it is the beginning of a wonderful and magical journey here. Love You so Much ❤

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