Patience and Change by Jamye Price ~ Feb. 2, 2017


She is one of the amazing teachers in the 5D communities, and to my knowledge does not follow RV intel, but is in seamless communication with her own guides. I have been seeing messages from many teachers who have the ability to “read the energies” saying that patience is key right now. Don’t give up in the 11th hour! Here is a post she wrote today:


Ugh! No – not patience! Yes, it is a vital energy that often gets overlooked. We may not realize times of subtle resistance to it. Sometimes we feel it is just a punishment of having to wait. That resistance can shut down creative flow, so true patience is a helpful energy. Areon’s channeling will cover some beautiful aspects of patience.

This is a time of change, and there is a lot of turmoil on the world stage. Evolution is inevitable, but it isn’t always quick and easy. Patience is a powerful ally in these times that are calling us to hold a higher vision and vibration amidst a lot of collective emotions zooming around.

Whenever I notice twinges of anxiousness or anti-patience, I use one of my “go-to’s” for calming and connecting (or releasing, if that’s the case). Get out in nature, soak in a bath, meditate, etc. I may take some deep breaths and state, “I surrender my will to Divine Will,” or “All is Well and changing.” Cultivating patience yields open creative flow and peace.

Patience and Change

Last week I mentioned I would share some collective clues I have seen. I wasn’t able to find the actual quote I wanted, but I’ll explain it to you. Years ago I mentioned that the millennials would not just try to change the governing system from the outside, they would realize they had to get into the system to change it from within.

I thought it would happen earlier than it did (paaatience), but now I’ve seen the first clues of what I felt on a collective level was a really good indicator of change. It would signal that the “system buster” Indigos were online and rebooting the system. They began to really activate with the Arab Spring and Occupy Wallstreet movements. Things seemed to get silenced, but they were actually regrouping in ways that weren’t obvious.

Young people have always been involved in politics here and there, but they have now started some groups that are very directly intending to promote and primary new progressive candidates in 2018. This actually started based on the Bernie Sanders campaign which really energized the millennials.

But it get better. Here’s the amazing clue…

When I was reading about what these young adults are doing, the young man didn’t just talk about how one party is correct and they are going take over. He mentioned how he and his friends are focusing on the Democratic party because that is more his leaning, and they are also working with friends that are doing the same thing with the Republican party. They are truly working together to improve things from both sides rather than battling for domination of “one way is better.”

This was a beautiful clue to see as we move from separation into balance through the path of Ascension. Rather than approaching leadership from domination, they are embracing diversity and integrating duality into respect and connection of opposites. Duality is a function of the physical realm. As you integrate opposites, you create a wholeness that ultimately connects the whole of Life one person at a time – diversity included.

I have been guided for many years to look for the collective clues of change in all aspects of life. I feel deeply that improvement is in-built into the system of Life. Love is the binding force of Life.

What will these young adults create? I don’t know. I do know that as we each look within and create change, we then connect with others and Life with new energy. As one on an Ascension path, you have been focused on creating new energy within yourself. That creates a new human experience. More balance, more connection, more Love. Thank you for all you are. You are effecting Life in profound, though often invisible, ways. Your Love is powerful.

Have a great week!

Much Love,


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