“The Trinity of the Illumination: A Message of Transformation” ~ Jan. 22, 2017


Message from Judith:

Dear 131313 Ascension Group

The voices of a critical mass of humanity demonstrated all over the world in a call for freedom, integrity and opposition to the take over of the United States by a regime that is as dangerous to the world as was the power behind world leaders in the 40’s. Then, just as now, there were powerful manipulative forces behind these governments and an agenda to create fear, and war for profit. This is the darkest time, as the force of the Anti-Christ has no regard for human life or for the life of our dear Mother Earth. What was will not be and history will not repeat itself. We are moving through a mirror of light that shifts reality and empowers positive change in the world.

The heart of humanity opens as the people gather together and send forth the power of Illumination which transmutes this negativity as it rises. We have activated an ascension generator, which is a golden grail, in Washington DC. WE have opened the Keys of Light of the most ancient mystical force and alchemy that was prepared for this time of all times, for the power of Isis to restore the fragmented Osiris through the Magdala Mysteries and the power of the Holy Grail.

I have seen a Metatron Cube over the pond between the Washington and Lincoln Memorials. Within it is a golden pyramid of light . Inside the pyramid, which is the pyramid of Thoth, is the merkaba that was activated in Egypt. It is spinning and generating the power of illumination. Within the merkaba is the Emerald Tablet radiating Golden Light.

On January 8th, beloved Mary Magdalene initiated the Tones of Illumination and the invocations of the Keys of Light to tone the power of the ascension used in the tomb of Jesus into the collective.. She directed us to tone the tones for 7 Sundays. Tomorrow is the trinity day of toning the tones and doing the activation. Today the power of the divine feminine is manifest through the Women’s marches all over the country. The women step forward and say, “no more disrespect , no more greed and lies.” They call out for justice and for human rights. Each voice enters the Metatron cube and is transformed to the harmonics of light and sound frequencies of the miraculous ascension. The women are the voices of Mary Magdalene. And the light of creation empowers the change that will come as this powerful alchemy is manifest. Tomorrow the waves of energy from the Illumination will reach an epiphany through the Holy Trinity of Light. All the energy that is generated today will truly be the fuel for the planetary ascension.

Christy and her brother George did the work in Washington DC when we activated the forces of Illumination on January 8, 2017. When we spoke on January 15, 2017 she channeled this message from the Masters:

I’m feeling more into the torch on the top of lady liberty and I’m feeling there is a transfer of power from NY and the greed, and power hungry and wall street money-based systems and as Trump moves to DC so too does that power force he represents. But as he moves into DC he is unable to bring that same energy of power with him as it will not be effective any longer. He will continue to go back and forth between the two cities, however the old energy will continue to degrade as he does and as he is introduced to the energetics of the DC grid.

The grid in DC is being infused with Metatron cube level energies and Thoth has spoken, re-energizing the pristine energies of the founding fathers and the hierarchy of light as the many beings, tribes, generations, and civilizations stand together for the first time to infuse the grids. This new energy will be firmly in place and hold its own during the inauguration ceremonies and events to begin this new cycle upon the earth. People will begin to feel the shifts and changes in their beliefs and the masses will be forever changed from this moment on. The original intent of these grids will now be enabled to continue to rise to their highest potential.

The spirit of the founding fathers gather as they do at each inauguration to bear witness to the new energies and infuse their light upon the incoming President and staff. This is a new opportunity to reach the people directly, which has not been available for many eons. No longer is the power held to a few select figures but enabled within each of the hearts of the people upon this planet. For within each of us now is the burning flame of Lady Liberty. And it is now our responsibility to tend to it, to keep it burning bright and to bring it’s light upon the earth with our own thoughts, beliefs and actions. At times it will feel dim and at other times very bright. We will each learn to tend to the flame and find the consistency within our own hearts which will then be reflected into the world in which we choose to create. The time is upon each of us now to go forth and create anew. So be it and so it is.


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