Energy Update ~ New Incoming Light Waves & Codes ~ Jan. 11, 2017


By Steven Nobel, 01/09/2017

We Going Through a Collective Shift…..

We are shifting into a powerful period as the light waves impacting the planet intensify. Human existence in this dimension of earth is in the early stages of a complete transformation. The 3D timeline is collapsing which makes it hard for certain practices and systems to continue. Some systems, political and financial, are wobbling badly. There is a need for these to be reimagined and reinvented. There is an exposing of dark antics, behind the scenes activities that will shock many. (The dark is not evil, rather a conscious or unconscious blocking of spiritual evolution and expression. Many spiritual teachings turned dark as they were absorbed into religious organisations that were increasingly concerned about control, influence, status and power). We are leaving a time of spiritual ignorance that has lasted for more than 10,000 years. (That is not to say that the wisdom of spiritual masters has not had a positive impact. Rather these were like candle flames lit within in a dark cavern. They illuminated the way for many. Now the cavern is being opened to the light of the morning sun). This has been a tough time for many. The planet is dropping 3D energetic density at an accelerated rate. Old illusory programs of fear and separation are on their way out. The intensity of light bombarding the planet is brings up various ascension symptoms. For many this is a confusing, unpleasant and chaotic process. (I know this from personal experience. I went through a 5-6-year transition that was very difficult). We are in a time of swirling light and dark.

Light in January 2017…

As we just enter 2017 there has been a particularly strong download of light. This can cause some people to feel sick and disorientated. (I have had a bout of ascension flu post-Christmas and the first week of January). Light is being absorbed by the light grids within and around the earth and they are also impacting us personally. Light waves are stimulating our nervous system and activating various energy lines and layers of the light body. This awakening process is opening us up at a deeper level and is reminding us experientially of our multidimensional nature. Once this settles we enter a new period of soul connection and movement on the earth plane.

This Awakening is Effecting us in Ways Hard to Imagine. …

This awakening is also effecting our physical and other energy bodies in ways hard to imagine. New chakra centres are coming online. We are opening and accessing 12 major centres. (In the 3D timeline, we had access to 7 centres but mostly we were running on the first three with some connection to the other 4). We are becoming more ‘crystalline’ in nature. This is a gradual process of moving from a carbon based physical structure to a silicon/crystalline structure. This shift will take a long time to stabilize and will stabilize beyond the shift). This process is helping us process information multi-dimensionally from different sources including from our Higher Self (our mid-6thDensity Self). In this ascension period this structural change will affect the way we process information. We may seem more forgetful or dreamlike. In fact, our reality may seem more dreamlike. Our experience of time begins to shift. The more light we are able to anchor the less our brains work for a time since we are going through an upgrade. We may need more sleep and solitude to integrate this. As with any ascension symptom it can help drink plenty of good quality water, eat wholesome food, go for a walk, hug a tree, do some gentle exercise, walk barefoot on the grass, and if appropriate spend time with supportive friends.

Not Everyone will Awaken…

Not everyone is destined to awaken just yet. Those souls who have been locked into this 3D dimension of earth for some time will take longer to wake up. (Although everyone on the planet has stellar connections the vast majority have been so long stuck in this dimension that they are completely asleep. These souls I call Earthseeds. There are those that have been so long in the fish bowl that they do not believe there is anything beyond the bowl. These souls have been numbed by various traumatic experiences. These will eventually wake up. There are others who are still exploring 3D reality and are not ready to make the shift. They will do this in another time/place). The most likely way those who will wake up further down the line is through revelations about what the controlling elite have been up to on the planet. Things are already falling apart for them. The shock and anger of these ongoing revelations will eventually sweep away or reinvent the old structures of power. I see this as being overall a slow process of gradual change which progresses through a number of peaks and valleys. Organisations like WikiLeaks and a number of whistle-blowers have helped begin this process. In the years to come transparency will be an underlying principle in our political and financial systems.

The Emerging 5D Timeline…

As the 3D time-line collapses, another is emerging/converging that will carry a new energetic blueprint of this dimension forward. This new time-line is stabilizing and as it does so it is enabling a global shift in consciousness. This time-line is connected to new light grids in and around the earth. This is a confusing time since many feel they have a connection to both. a foot in both worlds so to speak. Practically this manifests as some areas of life being more aligned with the heart and others less so. In the next 18 months, it will become harder keep doing this. The energies are shifting and various choice points to move away from the old time-line will be presented. Choosing to ignore the highest path of light will have increasingly challenging consequences for those feeling the call to make a shift.

On Starseeds and Lightworkers….

There are many Starseeds/Lightworkers who are awakening from the deep slumber of amnesia that happens when we birth into 3D. (Actually, the term Lightworker and Starseed could be used interchangeably. The only difference is that a Starseed has recognised their true spiritual and stellar nature whereas a Lightworker has only recognised their spiritual nature). Some Starseeds are feeling the strong urge to pull away from aspects of life they have outgrown. This can cause major changes in relationships, work and home. Many are stepping into a greater understanding of listening to their intuition. Many are feeling a greater sense that it is safer now to shine their light brightly. (Of course, it has not been safe to do this for some thousands of years). Past/parallel lifetimes are coming up to be cleared. This is all part of sweeping the path clean to the ascending light within. It is becoming harder for Starseeds to remain asleep. Now is the time of mass awakening. Starseeds are here with a job to do. This job involves the complete transformation of this dimension of earth. This awakening is a return to love and empowerment from the inside out.

You have Already Decided to Wake Up…

At a soul level if you have already decided on this awakening process and there is little you can do about it. You cannot stop it even if you wanted to. You do decide what to do with your life when this happens. Please remember the present moment is your point of power. The past has no power over you unless you wish to grant it that power. No matter the limits you have experienced in your life previously, now all glass ceilings are being removed. There really is no limit to light, no limit to love, no limit to the magic and miracles you can create.



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    Please remember the present moment is your point of power. The past has no power over you unless you wish to grant it that power. No matter the limits you have experienced in your life previously, now all glass ceilings are being removed. There really is no limit to light, no limit to love, no limit to the magic and miracles you can create.


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