Massive Burst Of 7th Dimensional Transformational Gamma Rays Are Expected To Arrive By December 26th ~ Dec. 16, 2016


Wow! This is an eye opener for many, many reasons! Many folks that have knowledge about space weather are convinced that this burst of gamma rays from space will cause a burst of negativity activity on our planet with changes to: weather, earthquakes, tsunami’s, massive loss of life, DNA changes (?) and who knows what else!

Am I trembling in fear? No…I AM not! While I don’t know what to expect as this gamma burst envelops the Earth(as I live in the Cascadia Zone in Northwest USA – prime earthquake area), I do know exactly what I want! I want to be lifted into another vibratory dimension of life where my life force becomes an extension of One/Source/All-That-Is/God. Is this the moment of “The Event”?

So..please read this article, do your homework about this approaching gamma wave, feel about this, and…


  December 13, 2016 Spiritual Awakening

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

A massive burst of transformational gamma rays are expected to arrive by December 26th, 2016.

According to James Gilliland, gamma rays are 7th dimensional energy waves that help with the transformation of human consciousness.

The video announcing these gamma rays was produced by BPEarthwatch, who took a fear-mongering view of the event. It should be noted that both BPEarthwatch and one of his sources listed on the video, Paul Begley, are religious zealots who are seeking “End Times” prophecy fulfillment.

These incoming galactic gamma ray bursts from a magnatar, which is a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field.

If what Gilliland says is correct, these 7th dimensional waves will be transformational. According to Gilliland:

If you don’t believe in a higher intelligence just think of Gamma Rays as 7the dimensional energies, the plane of bliss slamming the Earth over and over along with solar flares and ask yourselves what might be the effect? What happens when a higher frequency in introduced to a lower frequency? It is real basic physics 101. We are giving birth to a whole new world, a whole new us, and we need to heal and release the past if we are going to survive that birth.

Exciting days ahead!


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