Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings ~ Nov. 30, 2016

Growth is behind our pursuits in wanting to better ourselves and help others in need. For us to be able to make the right decisions and choices, being a more pure spirit and conduit is key towards a better and healthier world, one where we can positively bring great and real change.

Back in early 2014 I put together a list of suggestions that I personally found from experience, relate directly to spiritual growth. The list is included below, but with a few updates. I do have long term plans to publish a book based on this topic, so what sits below would be like a rough draft of the essence of what the book would be about.

Note that depending on the subject, and situation, what I share does have a stream of consciousness influence, or in other words some information is channeled, automatically, from a higher aspect of me.

We are each individuals and sometimes we may find that the time is just not right, so one item may not resonate, however at another moment in time it might. We might also find that because we are unique, again, some things just won’t fit into who we are, this is why it’s so important to do the work ourselves and go through what works and what doesn’t work.

If this was straight forward, it would be far too easy and that would really defeat the entire purpose of coming to Earth in the first place.

Meditation, Thought Forms & Ego

One of the first steps, I believe, is to look at our thoughts.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Desires, emotions and decisions can become created within a non-physical space which can then attract and influence our current physical space and in turn will affect our physical reality. This is also sometimes referred to as thought forms.

Our moods and decisions can furthermore be impacted by not only our previous desires, emotions and focuses, but of the energy we move through while we live our day to day life.

Bodhidharma - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
Bodhidharma practicing zazen meditation – Wikipedia

As humans we have to deal with all our human ego elements (emotional based desires) and for the average person out there, a lot of our thoughts and proceeding decisions and actions, are based upon our egoistic nature. We react to specific events that occur in our lives either by natural instinct, as in the flight or fight response, but also by either consciousness (our true self) or ego.

Through meditation, which can cover a variety of forms and techniques, we can work towards a great number of improvements and benefits within our life and the lives of those around us who move through our energy each day.

One goal of clearing our thoughts is to become more familiar with our ego. The more we can become aware of the individual elements that cause us to do what we do, the more we can start to respond and react out of consciousness.

One of our most effective teachers in relation to learning about our is our family — those we grew up with and have been in our lives a long time, so we are very used to them just being there.

In connection to meditation, the ultimate goal to aim for is to be in the now.

What I mean here is that with every moment of our lives we should not be thinking, we should be in the moment never with a thought about what we have to do, who wronged us, what we have to buy at the shops tomorrow — generally thinking over something that occurred, or is about to. By using our five senses we can always be in the now state.

There will be times when we need to make a decision, but if we have a much clearer mind, we therefore have a clearer connection to the other side so our decisions will be so much easier to make, and better for us.

This can also actually help us a great deal psychological; as you can imagine, if we are not thinking about our problems, problems will cease to exist, even those really bad ones.

This is one of the most important changes we can make in our life, as by making this change, we naturally begin to positively impact those around us with our energy.

I have an old article on multiple meditation techniques here.


Changing our diet is very important, not only to help with the energetic running of our system, in relation to the energy centers and auric layers, but also our health.

Because each of us are unique individuals, our diet can be very personal. While there is an obvious health and spiritual benefit for most, based on valid research, studies on ancient cultures, and also from my own direct long term personal experiences with diet change, I feel moving to a vegetarian or vegan diet that includes organic foods is not always appropriate for every single person, as the physical body sometimes requires meat.

I sense that what our physical body needs in terms of nourishment comes down to the frequency and state of energy it exits as, but there is also a heavy influence from our beliefs and state of mind in terms of what we allow ourselves to accept, including what we think of what, and who, we are.

In other words there are many reasons behind why we are the way we are.

Our body can be influenced by the DNA of our ancestors, past and simultaneous experiences/lives, karma, family beliefs and the culture we are raised in, but so much more. If we move through developing each of our primary charkas in terms of healing and spiritual growth, we can move beyond all of these elements and as a result our diet will change if we are closely listening to what our body requires.

Food - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
Credit : Wikipedia

What we consume can lower our energy and make us much more susceptible to getting sick.

There are other influences such as chemicals we place on our body and have around us in our place of residence or even at work.

Another area to look at is electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices and transmissions. In recent times there have been a large amount of studies done on Wi-Fi transmissions and their negative impact on people’s health, including the growth of plants.

For further information on this, I have an article here about the documentary Forks Over Knives, which has a lot of research showing that up to 80% of the worlds health problems are caused from meat and dairy.

Other documentaries I recommenced are Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and Food Matters.

You may also want to look into detoxing for a week or two using a juice cleanse or master/lemonade cleanse if you believe you have a lot of toxins within your body right now.

You should always check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or concerns around a diet change or a detox.

In 2015 I wrote a long and well researched article on why we get sick, which can be found here.

Exercise & Body Movement

Movement such as through exercise, martial arts, t’ai chi, a form of dance, yoga, etc, can stimulate our energy systems.

Rapid movement is a great way to train our energy, so when we are performing these activities we are also exercising our energetic system, and therefore keeping our consciousness and energy in ‘shape’.

Yang Chengfu - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
Yang Chengfu posture in t’ai chi, aka Single Whip – Wikipedia

Our physical health is important for not only a long life, and to improve our immune system, but the more healthy we are, the less our body has to work to maintain it; this means the less energy is required by the energetic systems that run our body, multi-frequency speaking. This leaves more energy for other functions, such as latent or existing psychic abilities, the astral projection ability, our connection to the other side, and so on.

Think of a car or some type of machine. When it is not in good working condition, it has to be maintained, and the older it gets the more maintenance it requires. So the healthier we are, the less maintenance we require and the less energy is used to run the energetic side of our systems.

Another benefit that I find with exercise, such as with an activity that requires repetition or when running, is that it’s the perfect time to practice being in the now and using the five senses to just be in that moment. It’s common now that when I am in such a state while exercising, I get ideas and messages from spirit which just pop into my conscious awareness.

Energy Healing

Look into receiving regular energy healing sessions. Once a week is what I would recommend, especially if you are constantly around a lot of people, but monthly if that is not possible. These things can cost unless you can do a swap and exchange of some kind.

As we go about our days in life we have to deal with not only our mental and emotional situations with our thoughts of the past, future, and our interactions with those in our life — from work colleagues to family and friends —we come into contact with other energies such as other peoples thought forms as previously discussed.

Mikao Usui - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
Mikao Usui, Japan Buddhist, founder of Reiki – Wikipedia

Our energetic system ranges from our energy centers, minor and major, to our auric layers (etheric / mental / emotional / spiritual), and our central energy lines; these are constantly active in some way, and a major aspect of who we are, so what happens in our day to day life, practically speaking, impacts our energy.

We all have energetic blocks within our energy, of some form, based on a whole list of different reasons, all which can benefit from a form of healing.

Illness always manifests first in the energetic system and makes it way into the physical body, so depending on what the cause of the illness/condition is, we can sometimes eliminate it before it even manifests into a physical system from energy healing.

We may already be at a stage where we feel confident that we don’t need regular healing sessions. We may be using energy related techniques to heal ourselves and could be using visualizations and intentions to protect ourselves on a daily basis. So if that is you, you will know where you are at and that you may not require regular healing. We can self heal with using our own energy work techniques, but this is not possible for everyone, as sometimes we do require help.

I have an article here explaining how you can clear your own energy and protect yourself energetically, Clearing your Energy and Energetic Shield Visualisations (excuse the formatting as it is an automatically migrated article from the old transients site).

Your always welcome to join our weekly remote healing sessions:


Look into daily affirmations which can be used to create and manifest your future, but also help you in the now. This is similar to ‘the secret’ concept that was a book which came out back in 2006. We are powerful beings and if we want to, if we believe it, we can create what we want and bring that into our lives, but it takes effort and dedication.

These really do work, but you need to stick to them and believe in them.

When you’re in the space and state where you say them on a day to day basis, say them at least three times in a row. The repetition of three is like a universal law, as it has a power to it with regards to empowering a thought, intention and sometimes even an action.

You will find the mention of affirmations come up in many places and with many teachings. Sometimes they are called mantras as well depending on the teaching.

It really is a simple concept and it comes down to the power of belief, but also how reasonable your affirmation is.

Instead of saying “I will win lotto”, you could say, “Money will come to be so that I can…”, or “I will have money come to me {by a certain date} so that I can {reason here}.”

Here is one that I created and have used on a day to day basis in the past. It’s one I need to start using again!

“I do not think about the future or the past as I am consciously here in this moment, right now, with full awareness.”

Good feng shui within your home can also assist with the manifestation of your future, but also with having a peaceful, energized and harmonious space for your mediations, your sleep, and so on.

Connect With Nature

Be in nature as much as you can and allow yourself to get some sun on your skin each day.

Wear clothing protection of course, where appropriate, but the suns energy is not just rays of bright burning light and heat, it’s also directly related to consciousness and our energetic system.

Nature - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
A picture I took myself in New Zealand.

It sends down a form of energy which is very good for us and which is part of the changes going on right now, such as with our DNA and the shift in consciousness in relation to this astrological age cycle we are moving into.

I never wear sunglasses as the eyes are a more direct way for the energies of the sun to get in to our energetic system. (Of course, sunglasses are crucial for various situations such as driving) If you look into sun gazing, you may get further understandings of how the sun can be very important for us.

Grounding, also known as ‘Earthing’, is very good for you and I am not referring to protecting yourself from an electric shock, but connecting with nature. Walking bare feet on the grass has actually been proven scientifically to increase your immune system.

What I am really getting at here is that we are very much connected to the Earth because. Our energy is combined with the Earth as the earth also has a form of consciousness. Earth also ley lines and energy centers. In correlation to our energy body, the meridian lines would correspond to the ley lines.

There are many different techniques that healers use in a healing session to help ground their client. For example, one of my teachers, who was known as one of the best healers in Australia at the time, taught it as an important aspect of performing an energy healing session on a client.

Some people will find their level of groundedness is healthy enough to not need any additional grounding. I personally find that I am a very grounded person, so much so that I don’t even get jet lag with long distant flights, as an example.

Don’t be afraid to wrap your arms around a tree for a few moments and connect into nature. You can wait until no one is looking if you’re a bit concerned about other people’s opinions of you.

Energy Work

You can look into doing energy work visualization exercises that also assist with making our energetic system much stronger, but which can also bring along many other positive side effects. This is also a more direct way of developing various psychic abilities.

The best material I have found for this is from Australian energy healer, intuitive and astral projection teacher Robert Bruce.

His book Energy Work teaches how to do this and he released a program in December 2013, on how to raise the Kundalini safely, which is the first in the world of its kind. I did purchase it back then, but I am yet to use it. It involves various energy work techniques, similar to what he teachers in his Energy Work book.

I have used his energy work methods for years now and I have also had experience with raising my own Kundalini (spontaneously) in Peru while using huachuma plant medicine. Here is an article about Roberts’s program on raising the Kundalini, A program for raising your Kundalini – Robert Bruce.

If you also want to explore energy work in even more detail, I suggest you look into mantras as they are a faster way to get your energy centers stimulated, active and stronger. Each mantra can focus on a specific chakra based upon the sounds. I have learnt a number of them in relation to assisting with recalling dreams and astral projection. While they come off as having a fast but temporary lasting effect, they can also permanently increase the health and energetic output of your chakras from the regular use of them.

But again, this is not for everyone as we are not all in a situation where we can get into a meditative position and start making a constant noise for 20-40 minutes or longer.

Your Life’s Purpose

Find out about your life’s purpose. If you have a feeling or knowing that you are meant to do something else in life but cannot figure out what it is, then you should see someone that can help you.

I would suggest a Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner or a Michael Newton LBL practitioner. These are the most accurate ways I have found so far, because of the methods being used to access our higher self, master guides or another source relating to your true self — these sources are the ones we can trust with such methods, in relation to finding answers and healing any issues we may have.

Being guided into a hypnotic state and having the right beings / entities called in is key to having accurate information come through and for real healing to take place.

Through a hypnotic guided regression (aka past life regression), you can reach a higher vibrational state which, in my opinion, can guarantees the source of where you are getting the information from, whether that is a master guide, a council elder, your higher self, a voice of a collective consciousness you may belong to, or the akashic records directly.

As a QHHT practitioner I have also had experience dealing with these situations through clients, so what I am explaining to you is not based simply on theory.

In the end, use your own judgment and intuition. For whatever method you choose, it may take more than one session with a person to get a feeling on the accuracy or truth behind the results obtained. Don’t judge too quickly and have an open mind.

There is nothing like finding out information on who you are. It can be a life changing experience.


Start taking serious notice of your dreams. Your dreams are the key to your soul and consciousness.

They tell you what is wrong in your life, what situations you need to change and resolve in relation to your problems and your health. They can also assist you with premonitions about your future.

Jacob's dream - Suggestions For Spiritual Growth As Energy Beings
Jacob’s dream of a ladder of angels, c. 1690, by Michael Willmann – Wikipedia

But it takes a lot of dedication and effort to not only record your dreams every night, but also to get to the stage of being able to interpret them into something meaningful. You will need to always write them down so that you do not miss any critical information and so that you can find the patterns around what the symbolism that keeps reoccurring, actually means. Through recording them, your memory recall can also improve dramatically.

I have an article here with a number of techniques on how to remember your dreams.

Ignoring Fear

There is so much fear in the world today. There are so many sources of disinformation which produce fear. Main stream media has been known to use fear as a control mechanism for whatever motivations that the powers that be, or were, decide upon.

My advice to you is to be very, very careful on what information you decide upon to take in and follow on a regular basis. I sense fear as a drain on our spiritual energy and cause of great blocks at a level which in turn inhibits our growth, not only on an individual basis, but on a global worldwide collective consciousness level.

Also think about how much of your time is invested in researching a topic which, in the greater scheme of things, may not be all that important and may actually be disinformation. Look at the purpose of why you want to know something: Is it simply entertainment? Is it curiosity? Is it the search for truth?

Our time is important; it can be spent in some very meaningful and higher vibrational ways. We should treat our time that we have left here with respect. We should honor it while keeping up a healthy balance with our life’s current situation.

It may be true that other entities and/or human’s in power, whether in a shadow government, a secret society, or whatever label you want to put on them, have tried to slow down the process of spiritual change in the world.

There are some valid sources of information explaining that through geoengineering, including chemtrails and other forms of technological control, show that there may be some manipulation being conducted which is slowing down the process around the shift in consciousness and new earth process.

This is not something to fear though; this is just something to be aware of. By becoming confident in our individual self and mind, increasing our spiritual vibration, clearing our thought forms and manifesting our future, we will begin to learn how powerful each and every one of us actually are and what we can do when we combine together as a group.

Remove fear from your life.


By changing ourselves we unconsciously impact those around us in a very positive way. We will have a butterfly effect on others. As a result we also prepare our energetic self, and our spirit, for the changes going on naturally, elsewhere, such as with the boundary becoming thinner, or the ‘veil’, which separates our dimension / space / world from the out of body dimension above. As a result of this shift, we are going to continue to experience more esoteric abilities and start seeing things that may frighten us, including an increase in UFO’s. We will want to be ready for this and have no fear, as there is really nothing to be afraid of.

With the theories from many sources around the new earth or new place that we are told we can shift to if we want to go there, it has been said that we need a higher and lighter vibration.

By changing ourselves in these ways, we are building a stronger connection that is more clear and free of other influences, a connection to spirit, to our guides who are there to help us and a connection to our higher self, in whatever form that is for each of us, which has much knowledge and wisdom.

If we haven’t found out what our purpose is here while on our journey, it may come to us more easily over our time ahead because of our strengthened connection from raising our spiritual vibration.

Once we are in this state, or during the journey of reaching that state, we will come to understand what we can do to assist with the changes going on around us.

You have the choice to go and search for your purpose, if you want to.

Some of us have had very challenging lives up until this moment now, so that we are strong enough and wise enough help others get through the times ahead. We are all at the place we are meant to be now, but we have the conscious choice to be MORE than what we are and to bend the rules a bit.

Those in the earthly reincarnation cycle have a long process to take, for some it’s quicker, for others it takes longer with additional lives to grow spiritually. But we can take action right now if we choose to do so, we don’t have to wait. The times we are in are very unique and I believe the former rules and laws around how the earth school works have changed somewhat, because of what is going on now.

Our time here is actually very transient — very short. When we are on the other side we will realize how our perception of time was based solely upon our experience while being back here, and that it was really a blink of an eye.

When taking this into account we should never feel trapped or stuck here, as this is really a momentary experience. By building on our connection and finding out why we are here, we can become that little bit closer to where we originated from, as we play the game down here in the Earth School.



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