November 10, 2016, News . . . Buckle up!!! ~ Nov. 10, 2016

whats-the-real-truthI found this on the website of Jean Haynes, “What’s the Real Truth?”. This is another opinion, so please read, consider ALL the angles, keep LOVE in your heart, and…


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I set up much of this post last evening, but this morning – ‘last evening’ seems like it happened in another world and on a very different planet. The news today, as I see it, is very, very serious! As a result, I’ve eliminated many of my original posts. It seems to me that they are no longer relevant!

First, a Comment from a reader that shows an awareness of what many of those who up until now have refused to look at the real truth, are going to have to go through. I pray they will find the courage to do so:

Hello Jean,

The last photos are a nice reality check as I hope we collectively don’t lose our humanity during this transition and I don’t mean political transition. This is the type of love and respect we should feel and exercise on a daily basis.

As those of us who have awakened to the reality that governs our lives, we are witnessing the awakening of people who don’t yet know how to except and process the truth because it is way too painful for many. I believe the planet is entering the metaphorical 3 dark nights of the soul that many of us have gone through already. As you know, the blue pill brings with it the truth, knowledge and wisdom that molds our evolution, but not without a price. This is a very difficult process that will test your sanity and reality.

The illusions that a political candidate, religion, governmental system (communism, socialism, totalitarianism, etc.) or material attainment can guide and free our minds are myths that perpetuate the false corporate realities that keep us in this endless archonic loop. These deceptions keep the banking, military, and oil cartels in power.

I believe our humanity as a race and culture should be measured by how the most vulnerable of our species is treated. We have a long way to go. We are in for some very trying times in the foreseeable future but let’s not forget that Peace and Love for ourselves and others are our guiding principles that will lead us past this tumultuous time. Nice to see you back, I appreciate your work.

Yesterday, I posted two important videos from David Icke and Lada Ray at the bottom of my post, both of which should have given us serious cause for deep concern and thought. It seems to me today that we have, for sure,  been played for fools, and that a coup is even now taking place! Please take a look at these posts — and the political articles, which appear first, should probably be the least cause for our concern.

I ask that you share this widely.
Love and hugs,


The NWO must state their plans, and they have.

It looks to me like we are in Part II, which involves the use of bioweapons against us (see link after the political info below). I realize that by saying this, my blog will probably be shut down – and only God knows what else might happen, but it is surely not the time to step back and hide!



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