The “Next Phase” of The Hologram to Come Forth and Anchor In ~ October 27, 2016


By Lisa Brown, 10/27/2016

A Re-post from 2 years ago for those who resonate. Huge jump in our Holographic Realities lately………  ♥

NEW Earth programming has begun. The “next phase” of the hologram to come forth and anchor in. More NEW HUES to become visible. More new realities of exquisiteness, paradise and abundance…. more more more….

Now, where there are OLD Earth programs, these will be activated to hear & see too. Pay attention to what presents IN YOUR HEAD, in YOUR OUTSIDE WORLD and CHOOSE to let go of anything representing the old. IF YOU ENTERTAIN IT, if you PARTICIPATE IN IT, IT IS YOUR YOUR YOUR REALITY.

One can expand BEYOND the previous dimension of limits, lack and dis-ease. One can embody NEW FREQUENCIES by holding the NEW long enough, from within. One will get slapped with the OLD Earth realities/programming/same thing, until one SEES it and DOES SOMETHING to make a change, says “no, not anymore in my reality” and allows it to dissipate and fall away. Sometimes this does mean “leaving much behind”, yet you are not leaving anything behind, you are shifting to a dimension where something more awesome exists! MAKE SPACE LOVES…. and open up to receive, believe and achieve that which you have always desired and dreamed.

YOU determine your reality… no one else does. You must understand your own programming, if you wish to move beyond it and navigate with greater ease. LightBody Upgrades… weird, bizarre, opposite and backwards is an understatement. Living in a dream, walking in the LUCID DREAM, yes stuff moves, bends and breathes. YOU DO NOT WALK ON NEW EARTH without some weird and crazy stuff. Gotta embrace it all and open that limited mind up! You can enjoy the ride, as the old density wreaks havoc and comes up and out. No one said Ascension was easy and fun… yet it is, AFTER we get over the rough stuff. It’s all gotta go loves…. drop the resistance, judgment and that which keeps you held there. No one cares but you…. and if they do, that is “theirs”. WE do new in love… anything less is enabling and supporting the old. Take your blinders off, remove your own veils, and see all for what it is. Only then do you have a CHOICE….

I love you beyond here…. and WE all have to DO this. WE are all magnificent inside and that has to be brought out by US! ♥

(And before I hit the post button, we have shifted again…. seems to be a day of everything!)… Swaying, sleepy, itchy, tingly and electromagnetic energy running through the body… Quantum LIGHT activations to JUMPING again! WE are getting supercharged again! Let’s DO this loves…. BRING IT ON! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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