Lunar Eclipse In Pisces: Releasing Inhibitions ~ September17, 2016


We are having a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th in the West and in the early morning of September 17th in the East. It will be visible throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The exact time for this Full Moon will be at 7:05pm Universal Time, but the Eclipse will start 2 hours before. (Click here for your time zone.)

Like last month’s Lunar Eclipse, this one is penumbral, which is when the Moon is just outside of the Earth’s shadow (umbra). This causes a subtle dimming. However, this particular one is stronger than last month’s, as it will be much closer to the umbra and will be be more noticeable visually.

This is the third of three eclipses occurring in the last month, with the Solar Eclipse in Virgo (two weeks prior) being the strongest. Eclipse season happens every six months and signifies a period when certain aspects of our lives experience changes to serve our evolution.

Themes and circumstances related to these changes sometimes begin to unfold in the month leading up and could still play out over the following three to six months. To add to the mix, we are also having Mercury Retrograde, which really reinforces the need to make adjustments.

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Conjunct Chiron, Opposite Sun in Virgo

pisces-embossed-space-smaller-2We’ve already had four out of five Solar Eclipses in the Virgo-Pisces axis in the last year and a half, but this will be the only Lunar Eclipse occurring in this polarity during the same period. While both types indicate changes, Solar Eclipses signify new beginnings, and Lunar Eclipses signify things ending.

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Pisces energy is the least ‘invested’ or interested in the physical and mundane world. The qualities of this sign are spiritual, imaginative, creative, and free flowing. As a ‘mutable water’ sign, it is emotional and compassionate, with the traits of being selfless and even self sacrificing. The shadow traits of Pisces are avoidance, escapism, deception, and delusion. Their can also be a potential for martyrdom as well.

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Virgo, on the other hand, is the opposite. It is very much invested in the physical world and is rational and analytical. This sign is concerned about details, productivity, efficiency, physical health, self-care, cleanliness as well as organizing your life, space, and resources. It wants to get things done and wants to do it right.

This eclipse is closely aligned with Chiron also in Pisces, which has a been a big player over the last year. Chiron represents our blocks, wounds, and emotional baggage, and in this case they will be related to some of the Pisces themes mentioned above. The Solar Eclipse that we had last March was also close to Chiron, so there is definitely a connection between what has started then and what is ending now in relation to all of this.

The last Solar Eclipse was in Virgo (a few weeks ago), and Mercury is also currently retrograde in that sign along with the North Node there. This is a major ‘evolutionary’ emphasis in this sign in which we need to work with whatever Virgoan traits will help us move forward and bring more harmony into our lives. For many people, this means releasing any negative Piscean traits that are getting in the way of that.

Eclipse Square Mars In Aspect With Uranus and Venus

Mars in Sagittarius is separating from a tough aspect with this Eclipse and Chiron, all in mutable signs. It was stronger in the week leading up to this, but is still lingering during this period. This could manifest as conflicts over perspectives, feeling scattered and not knowing where to put your energy, or may find that your efforts are blocked or challenged due to circumstances manifested as a result of your patterns and inhibitions.

Mars is in easy applying aspects with Uranus and Venus, which are opposing each other. This energy will be strongest in the days following the eclipse. There is great opportunity for breakthroughs and perhaps feelings of liberation and excitement. Uranus in an opposition to Venus may manifest as separating from something that brought you pleasure, and for some people it could be a relationship. However this plays out, it can potentially help us move beyond any of the challenges we have been having leading up to this.

To Consider During This Period

What blocks do you have that are in the way of you becoming a more functional, healthier, efficient, organized, realistic, and/or productive version of yourself? What do you need to shift or release from your life and/or what changes do you need to make in your lifestyle and routine? Is their any emotional baggage from the past that you are holding onto, that you feel you need to finally let go of?

Some people may need to incorporate more self-care approaches in their life, and this can be a time to consider options for that as well. Also, think about about some of the themes that have been in your life since last March. What was initiated (or changed) then that now needs to be adjusted further or let go of?

If you wish to do any sort of conscious intention or action to release or change something, it is best to do it anytime after the exact Full Moon which is at 7:05pm Universal Time on September 16th. (Click here for your time zone). The best time for conscious intention is within the first 24 hours following the exact time of the Full Moon, however, related actions can occur over the following week.

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