as we shift – #inclusion ~ September 17, 2016


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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One Response to as we shift – #inclusion ~ September 17, 2016

  1. Shannon says:

    Perhaps a better word than ‘Disclosure’ is ‘Awakening’. In order to understand where we are now, in this space-time dimension perspective we are currently part of, it is important to understand where we have been, and where we come from. Awakening comes where there is a shift, and part of that shift is a recognition that what was no longer exists in harmony with what is. But in order to move on it is important to understand this shift. And understanding comes when one is Awakened to all that occurred in the past, which explains how we are here now. It is then that the past can be released, and we can move on without carrying the baggage of all that was hidden. It is folly to judge us as humanity based entirely on our ‘majority’ outward state now. Because the majority of humanity knows only what we have been told and fed and ingrained in us for thousands of years. How can someone who has been brainwashed and controlled for millennia be expected to change without a catalyst? When this state is all that was known, with no apparent hope of change? The catalyst is Awakening, brought about by revelation and catharsis. Yes, most definitely anger, hatred and vengeance cannot survive in a higher vibrational society, and as part of the catharsis and healing from what was done to us in the past it is inevitable that some of this will surface. It is part of the healing process, to feel express and observe, and then release this. However, I fail to see how leaving humanity in its current condition and seemingly downward spiral (to the majority of the population, those who are not still completely oblivious, that is) for another 100 years while we fight, struggle and claw our way slowly back out, is the highest path for either humanity in general, nor for the Earth. Gaia has sustained enough terrible damage from us already. Much can go wrong in a further 100 years. Surely now is the time to heal and rejuvenate her, together along with humanity. The energies appear to be lining up perfectly, and society’s progress for sure is stalling. People are dissatisfied. With what, perhaps, they do not know. But they do know that they are unhappy, and that something is happening whether they wish to acknowledge it or not. Who can say how humanity will behave once we are freed and the suppressed technologies which exist now, have been gifted to us, and existed in the past, are released for all? When the limiting conditions placed on us by the system fall away and we truly realise the potential of what we can do once freed? We have been told that this is an unprecedented time in this galaxy. That we are the last ‘foothold’ of ‘darkness’. That humanity continues to surprise her observers and that what is occurring here is new. So perhaps it is time that we do something truly new, because from what I gather between the lines from my current human perspective, both from your conversation and what I have read of previous Ra material, is that the normal procedure is to harvest a minority of ‘ready’ souls to continue, and the rest are relocated including those who-nearly-but-not-quite-made-it. Yes we cannot ‘save’ and ‘rescue’ everybody, because that weakens and belittles them from the implication that they are not strong enough to do it themselves. But that is not what is being asked. Merely an Awakening and a chance to reset, completely free from the control measures that have manipulated us for so long. If unity is the key to ascension then let us all rise together. Ra’s points which he made to you (Sophia) in your recent conversations are valid. Humanity in its current surface state now, under continued control, ignorance and manipulation, will fall into chaos if Awakening is not handled properly. Yet it is equally true (we have also been told) that there are valiant movements around the planet, resistance movements at all levels ready to keep the peace. Is this not ‘handled properly’? Perhaps such a fast awakening has not been attempted before in this part of creation/the galaxy. But I also wonder if perhaps no other area was subjected to this level of control for so long? We have been told, at least, that no remaining area is in this state. Does this not then make us a special case? When you have the power to effect monumental change, do you act upon this or do you cower in fear and return to the well-travelled paths? So, it is true that depending on how humanity reacts to Awakening and the removal of control, there is a risk. There is also great risk in extending our (and the Earth’s) incarceration. Is it not worth the chance? All I know is that when I reach inside me, and connect to Gaia and to the rest of this humanity of which I am currently a part, and I ask if this is right, if ‘soft release’ is what is wished for, I hear a resounding cry of sorrow and despair. I feel then what humanity has been through, is still going through, and what the Earth has been through, all these many years. And when I turn inside again and ask the unconsciousness and superconsciousness of the souls of all who are incarnated here on Gaia right now, if they want to be Awakened, if they want to progress to something new now, and face, release, and leave the past behind, by far the majority cry is a resounding ‘Yes’! I agree, there is little benefit to being spoon-fed and stiflingly overseen by ‘Saviours’. That is replacing one form of control for another, albeit a much nicer form of control. No. But I also believe that dragging it out is unnecessary. We have been under tight control, and in the initial stages, the ensuing ‘vacuum’ will have to be supported in order to prevent chaos. But as the catharsis passes and we heal and move on together, and we implement the technologies that have been kept from us in order to clean up our mess, and begin a process of re-education and re-integration, then I believe at that point humanity will be perfectly capable of working things amongst ourselves. Surely our star family can provide enough help to catalyse mass Awakening to a point where we can truly see each other well enough to finally stand on our own feet again, without smothering us and controlling us in their turn. There must be a middle ground, for there exists no duality, simply a continuum and a flow. That is all I wanted to say. Thank you Sophia.


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