Another Mysterious SpaceX Misadventure Explained—Oh, and About Those Reindeer… [videos] ~ September, 2, 2016


My, aren’t things getting exciting here on Earth! This is a very interesting article from Starship Earth”The Big Picture. Take a look at this, decide what you think, and…


I finally had time to at least wonder about the SpaceX explosion of the Falcon 9 when Dante Santori delivered two short videos that provide a much more plausible explanation.

I was already suspicious since it’s not the first time. It’s the old “supplies for the International Space Station” trick. I found it amusing it was called the “Facebook” satellite. Awwwww… such a wonderful humanitarian initiative. Maybe Africa is better off without you. Buh-bye!

The cabal love their tests and drills don’t they? Like it’s so benign no one will pay attention. That’s when it needs our intense scrutiny.


As in the previous instance of a SpaceX misadventure, it seemed likely that the payload was “not approved” by our friends upstairs.

This one was billed as a “test” but Dante reports in this video that the rocket was about to deliver a satellite which was Part II of the chemtrail activation system we’ve heard about.

There have been many explanations and suppositions about chemtrails; that they hide the sun which we need, or because the sun’s radiation is now too strong; that the aerosols are full of contaminants that poison us and spread Morgellon’s Disease; that they obfuscate celestial bodies they don’t want us to see (that are in plain sight); that it will prepare the sky for projections/holograms like the planes used in 9/11; and that it will conduct the electromagnetic waves for mind control or the “kill switch” for the massive depopulation of Earth.

I think it’s abundantly clear that at least one faction of the cabal has no intention of surrendering, and has even ramped up their attempts to control and eliminate Humanity, or Humankind as Dante refers to us. We expected that, and they delivered. Fortunately, this is one payload that was not.

Someone’s got our backs—at least some of the time—for which we are very grateful. We want to thank them face to face. With love and gratitude…

One of several times a space craft intervened in a rocket launch—not only SpaceX. Check this out.

Oh, I almost forgot about the reindeer reference. Dante’s team seems to know in advance much of what is going to happen, and I thought it very interesting that the new “stag” he is using in his most recent videos is pictured with the top of the head and antlers sliding off—very quickly, a couple of times. I think that began last week? Coincidence?

A reader tells us the reindeer in Norway were killed by a test of two Chinese satellites. A weapons test? A message? A dot to connect? SpaceX was allegedly carrying a satellite. A deadly one, by the sound of it. And not one injury or fatality. That’s how the “angels” work, unlike the psychopaths who take out as many as possible with each thrust of their sword.

Are there consequences for killing all these innocent animals? Who butchered them?

Dante warns us that September 1 – 11 have been very “busy” days throughout history and to be on our toes. Thanks, Dante.

Video #2 is a closer look, in case you are skeptical. Scout ship? Drone? Theirs? Ours? I don’t know, but I’m glad they came to the party. Salut! ~ BP

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