Jesus is now off the cross…~ August, 28, 2016

ascension iii

My friends…a LOT is happening out there in our world today, and mostly behind the scenes! If you’d like more information about what I AM speaking of, please to to the Internet and look up “Mr. Cati”. This fellow is former military and is a keen observer. Maybe he knows what he is talking about? His YouTube channel is here: Just sayin…

Today, I received a message from one of my spiritual friends in Ireland, and have posted his message to me below. You may find this to be an interesting read. It is listed below.

Also,be sure and take a look at the latest Eireport message from today. You can find that here:Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light ~ August 28, 2016

My thoughts are that our “shift”, “transformation”, “The Event” is about to take place this week, and certainly if not this week, then situations leading up to a huge change for our Earth WILL take place this week! Please make certain to have some food/water stored up for your use in the near future.

This is NOT a message for dire warning, but this IS a “wakeup” call for those who are mindful of spiritual matters. Me? I AM SO looking forward to this positive change for our human race. so please read on, imagine your life full of JOY and …

Bring it on!


Jesus is now “off the cross”. The Christed energies are now “locked” into this “World” – the lower “controlling”/Barbaric and “The Old Order” given their final marching orders.  It is done. 


The Christed energies are now back on the Earth and will continue to grow whilst the old archaic and manipulating “Order” will either “Shine Love – turn to the Light” or dissipate and shrivel up – POOF – Gone…  The 3 day “programme” is ended. The “Fables and created Stories” have now been scattered to the winds – The “Effigy and Symbol” that dominated – Dissolved – Transmuted and rendered ….powerless…. The “Old” has been plugged out – whilst the “New” has now been plugged in at “Full Power“.


The souls – and all of those that are/were enslaved, those that “mistakeningly” were led by what they thought was “THE LIGHT”  and all of those that “perished” in the many barbaric “Genocides” and Ethnic Cleansings are now FREE  and returned to the Light/Source.


The energies/residues are now dissolved/dissipated and cleansed right back to Source through the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and most importantly –  the “Subtle Bodies of every “being/thing/ether – and of this –the Beautiful Planet we so lovingly created. We are now going “Home –home to our True Selves. The “New World” is now activated fully into the Physical. “The Tipping Point” has been reached.  

As It Always Was – Is – and Ever Shall Be – We/It – are perfect in (every way) Gods/Creator/s eyes – “Jesus always knew this – Our job now is to accept it – Bring it into our “Heart” and anchor it into the “Physical/Body/ Earth/Being”.


“For she is the perfect creature, natural in every feature
 And I am the geek with the alchemists’ stone” – Credit – Jimmy McCarthy – “Writer/Performer extradonaire”


And it is a holy thing, and it is a precious time
 And it is the only way

 Forget-me-nots among the snow, it’s always been and so it goes
To ponder his death and his life eternally –


  • One bright blue rose outlives all those
    Two thousand years and still it goes
    To ponder his death and his life eternally.
  • – Credit – Jimmy McCarthy – “Writer/Performer extradonaire”



We are Eternal – We just need to wake up to that”.

It has been a long road and I for “one” am honoured, privileged, humbled and most of all now “Exalted” – “as we are now – writing this into the “Physcial”

Scribe/Writer/Enactor/Part of/Creator: Cupernicus


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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  1. Cupernicus says:

    Yep – I just “Liked” My Self”….mmmm. big fingers – small keys..just to say “Thank you – to “Unbolt” – “Personally – I think your English is Brillant – and the use of the F word – an absolute must at times.


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