Summary of Energies and Where We Are At, August 27th 2016 ~ August 27, 2016


By Anastacia

Blue Beyond – Summary of Energies and where we are at/’Top Heavy’ influx of Information Overload/Confusion of Information – 27th August 2016
Souls are coming into their power as we are more connected to our Spirit…BUT are not yet fully integrating this into the human being…this leads to a ‘top-heavy’ input or influx of information overload (refer Bb post 9th August 2016).

I have been reading some articles by souls who are sharing mixed up information….others are sharing what is going on energetically, yet only on the spirit level and not the human soul level

Let me take you through a time line to simplify what has been going on in real-time of the human AND our Spiritual souls over the last 2 1/2 weeks:

BB post Re-Tuning/Re-Feeling in/Learning as we go – 10th August 2016 – Spoke of how we are in new energy to what we were used to and that we need to re-tune back in by feeling into the new for us, moment by moment.

That not all souls are ‘where we are at’….this has now widened more so even more recently, since that post…and that is okay…as we are all at different stages/phases of our ascension…it is about accepting of where others ‘are at’ now and readjusting to your new space.

BB post Sadness/Anger/Grief of the ‘old’ – 11th August 2016 – shared how with the Lions Gate energy there was sadness and anger that came up…and that this was to do with our old foundations and soul contracts, as they are shifting…and that it is a form of grief that has come up with this.

BB post Releasing the ‘old’ in our soul AND our Spirit-feeling like one is going crazy/insane – 12th August 2016 –  spoke of that now we have shifted into a new space and energy, old feelings are arising again, while we are in our newer spaces.

That this was from deep ancient core soul wounds that are coming up for healing…as we connect more to our Spirit…and that many souls are feeling reaching their ‘end point’ due to this, as we needed to be ‘pushed to our limits’ to push through to a space of feeling ‘I have really really had enough of this’ for us to do things differently.

BB post – Overlap of Change of Energies in the Human from the Spirit/One foot in the human, the other in the Spirit – 15th August 2016 – shared of an ‘overlap’ of energies of the new in the Spirit to the old in the human.

And how a larger volume of energy is needing to be like ‘squeezed’ through from spirit to the human being and there is a ‘pressure’ being felt…for the old to be pushed up and out.

To breathe and be open to this to allow the energy flow and integrate in the human being, while all else shared above is also going on.

To make sure one is staying grounded as it is quite easy to ‘float off’ or detach during this and this will not help you, in the short term yes, it helps us to cope, yet in the long run, one still needs to ‘come back down’ to integrate and feel into the human being…and if one doesn’t then one may be ‘brought back down’ in one way or another….that is up to you and your soul as to what you chose to keep you grounded or to ‘wake one up’ and bring one ‘back to reality’.

And that we DO HAVE A CHOICE.

BB post – Little/Sleep/Rest-Major Activity/Shifting/Adjustment/Changes in relation to Integrating/Blending Spirit to Soul – 16th August 2016 – Shared now there was little sleep and major major integrating was continuing and increasing…and I have not felt a major shift like this for humanity for a couple of years.

Again, this as well as all shared above…as the integration of our Spirit to our Soul…our intuition to our human soul connection DOES TAKE TIME….it cannot be done in one go so-to-speak as ‘Ascension Cannot be rushed, Fooled or Cheated.

It is not an instantaneous re-connection…it needs to be done gradually, to then upgrade and blend the human being enlightenment…anything quicker and we would not cope or survive…and I can say this as I have been doing this for around 2-3 years now as a Trailblazer in linking the two, this is how I know, by Real-time experience as I stand by all I share.

Then after all of the above going on we then come to TRAUMA OF THE SPIRIT BB post – 17th August 2016 – This is where or what a lot of souls are currently feeling, yet some have already felt this for their souls journey…it is in stages and phases according to each souls journey.

Some souls have made it through this, some only just and some have not made it…that is just how it is, as I have lost souls I knew during this (you know what I mean).

REMEMBER THIS – We each chose what we are each needing to experience for our souls journeys…we each chose to go through what we each are, and the soul/s who we have a contract with, to learn what we need to.

We are being pushed, as we can handle this, we just need to REMEMBER that we chose and we can…have faith and trust in the Divine and Yourself.

Then BB post Fear/Souls Defending Themselves-Our Reactions-Unconditional Love-Take No Shit-Empaths-Boundaries/Put the stick down – 19th August 2016 – How Souls are defending their fear.

To come from Unconditional love while also taking no shit from others and to look at what we are reacting to when someone reacts…how we are in different spaces now….how we need to set new boundaries again with these new energies…and to also ‘put the stick down’ as so many souls are still ‘beating themselves up’ or putting pressure on themselves.

And then we come to the Urgent Energy Update/Information of our Soul and Spirit in the New Earth Grid – 22nd August 2016…as not often do I write Urgent with a post.

Which shared that: there is a collapse of the old human template/grid, in merging with our Spirit in the new Higher Vibrational frequency of the New Earth Grid – the Unified Field and,

We are claiming or retrieving our spiritual ‘space’ from the collective of the old (more of this in the original post).

And to have faith and trust in how far we have come in the human.

And that the whole ‘game plan’ has now changed…as we are not only dealing with our Soul we are ALSO dealing with this re-connection and upgrade of our Spirit AS WELL.

We are going through DOUBLE and now need Double protection and to take a step back to do so as there are so many energies out now and souls sharing so much that it can confuse or overload us.

And again to ‘put the stick down’.

Then there are two reading’s that were done for humanity to help along the way with all that has been shared above…and how night has become day and day has become night BB post 25th August 2016 – as this has all happened in just over two weeks!

This is what has been going on, yet these are still a general outline for humanity and anything that is going on for one personally can be done on a one-on-one Divine Healing from what is in these posts or anything else that is going on for you in your life…I can only offer and let you know that this is here and available…further details can be obtained from the pinned post on the Blue Beyond.

The Blue Beyond shares what is going on for and with humanity as it happens as a Trailblazer and a WaySeer through Real-time experience in the Soul and Spirit as an Ascended Earth Master in service to Humanity and Gaia…through a soul that is linked to both.

Thank you for your continued love and support as you go through all that you/we are…as we are going through this together, yet separately.

We need to go with the flow of energies, one foot after the other…pull back and don’t go into what is going to happen in the future…sure, take in information as a guide, yet WAIT until that day or date arrives and feel what this is for you.

As so many souls are ‘jumping the gun’ now with their predictions…as remember, this is needing to then be ‘interpreted’ through a clear vessel that has linked their Soul to their Spirit in the Human BEings that we are, here and now…and not coming from just the Spirit alone…as that is not enough…not if one wants to be in touch with reality.

I hope that this has helped those souls who are also seeing and feeling so much information around as to what is going on.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty…Peace, Joy and Freedom

Anymore further than shared in this post or any Blue Beyond post, for souls that resonate and feel they are ready, have an opportunity to contact me for a one-on-one personal Divine healing. Which is in a space of unconditional love and personalised for where your soul is at of the Divine.

Through having been blessed with my Spiritual Soul over a year ago (with Jesus coming to me and our palms met with Rainbow Energy) as I have been linking my Soul and Spirit (in advance of the rest of humanity) for a while now, as I have had a ‘foot-in-each’ for 2-3 years now as well…to be able to bring through all I am here and in past Blue Beyond posts….by going through this firstly as a trailblazer in Real-Time….as this is new, very new that in the past our Spiritual Soul was ‘given’ to us, only after we ‘crossed over’.

Anastacia is a Multi Dimensional Ancient Earth Master – First Wave Trailblazer Way/Seer-Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit – through our Emotions of the Divine….sharing from experiencing energies (firstly) herself and feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Email if you feel you would like a one-on-one personal healing of the Divine (and what the exchange for this is).

Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety

All Rights Reserved – 2016 Anastacia Kompos



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