The Sacred Temple ~ Purifying and Cleansing The Physical Vessel ~ August 25, 2016

physical vessel

By Lisa Brown, 08/24/2016


As we move further into these higher frequency dimensions, your physical body is going to require more nurturing, more loving care… as integration of your multi-dimensional aspects further anchor in for you to walk as a Soul on Heavenly Earth here.

Your jobs/roles/missions all of these years are changing, transforming, evolving as you do. Your gifts, becoming more pronounced, you are returning to an INFINITE EXISTENCE where all is returned to you, by you, as you…

As you purify and cleanse your physical body vessel and it becomes a sacred temple again, as you fully love and respect yourself, your vibration raises, your consciousness expands and your entire physical body evolves as light again. Profound sacred love and respect stream through your veins, particles and every fiber of your being…..

Your MEMORIES return energetically, your physical body merges all of your aspects in your ever-evolving re-configuring and re-calibrating physical form.

Separation goes and the duality/polarity does too. It’s no longer within you, for you’ve moved into a higher realm of existence …

You can still see it out there, yet you understand what it is… a part of the illusion that all still believe until they too transcend all from within and unify back into the purity of love again.

You observe the exterior and you see where to tune, see where to contribute, see where there are distortions, see all of the individual realities that each have created and the programs still held by each within. As you see this, you gain the power/ability to assist, where one is open…..

Sometimes you just plant the seed of light and you walk away, to allow for processing how they need to, for you realize that sleep is often necessary to weave through one’s consciousness to activate their own knowing and understanding perfectly for them. Sometimes you open a portal, a gateway, a door and you hold it open while you go and do your own Light Contributions for HUmanity, for you need not sit and focus, worry or control…. for their soul/higher selves are there with them to light their way… when they are ready…. and if they desire for you to be a very special part of their process, they’ll know it, because they will feel your limitless love emanating from you as you respect them and their journey here.

YOUR physical body is going to be activating HUGE amounts of PURE SOURCE LIGHT, as are all others, yet not all are aware of this yet. Be patient, focus on your journey and be ready to share and assist when it is appropriate. Take care not to project or impose, for that is of the old.

These higher galactic/cosmic sequences and codes require the physical body to transform at at much higher pace than before. Alone time and sleep, time in nature, with those who raise your vibration and inspire… this is what you fill your space with. Honor that which is brought to you to experience/do and decide if it is productive and supporting your process in the highest frequency of light.

The anchoring of your SOUL IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY is a profoundly sacred process that is intricate and simple all at the same time. None of this need be complicated, unless you make it so.

Your physical body knows what to do and it will show you, guide you, speak to you… if you are open to listening and honoring all from within. If it needs, it will tell you, you will feel it and hear it through your own inner voice… listen…. for in the silence clarity comes through to guide you in the direction/path of your own soul’s journey here.

Merging aspects changes your DNA, opens neural pathways, activates light energy to run through your body at an exponential rate. The separation of time ceases to exist and all is available in the never-ending-present moment….

Jumping and shifting timelines… this is a normal part of your process as a Quantum Light BEing here. As you collapse the separation within you, as you clear the old programs in your waking and sleep state, you shift to a completely different timeline.. The more light you hold, the more timelines collapse naturally, the more you have to move through realities in flow AS/With the Universe again. When things speed up, you adjust accordingly. You have the capability to function outside the constraints of human linear time, for you are no longer linear when you function vibrationally again. As your vibration increases, you can step in and out of timelines, create parallels intentionally and collapse entire timelines in a nano-second. This is but one of your Mastery Skills by being a Light Keeper of NEW Earth now.

You signed on for this mission and you’ve waited for this for eons… and it is NOW here. Focus your precious energy, do not waste anything as you once did. Utilize every gift, every precious opportUNITY to anchor these magnificent dreams into your physical reality world…. What you do for one you do for all…. for your NEW COLLECTIVE is NEW EARTH….

When your heart is wide open and you are existing as your soul, NEW Earth is visible all around you…. just open your eyes and expect to see the magic… at first it is simple, yet this expands/grows too…. everything does… and it all comes from inside of you. 

Deep profound love and respect, from my soul to yours…

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Keeper of NEW Earth Key-Codes, Oracle, Scribe
Author, Transformational Speaker & Master Returned (as



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