Sophia – Pleiadians & Poser? ~ June 12, 2016


Ok…here we go again (in a most positive way) with another message from Sophia Love who has been SO instrumental in my life by teaching me love. You see…my love for me (not my EGO) takes central place in my life. Once I honor myself, only then am I able to honor others in my life and those who wish to enter my life.

So…please read this message from Sophia, the telepathic empath, who regularly communicates with off-world Beings. Receive their message of our sovreignty where each of us REIGN over ourselves…no one else need apply!



This conversation is with two beings/groups.  It took place on January 18, 2015.  Note the year, it is not a mistake.  This has been going on for quite some time. J
Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is.  We are many and we’d like to introduce ourselves.
I see lots of round faces, dark eyes, in something or looking out from something; like a cave or a window?
You are “seeing” us gathering together, anxious to reach you.
Not a cave, no.  Like a large window in a ship or some sort of enclosed contrivance.
“Ship” is a suitable description.  We come to you from off your home planet, off the earth, and are gathered in this now moment on a vehicle, not a planet.  We are humanoid beings not from earth so not actually human.  We look like you, if shorter.
Are you all male?  This is what I feel, the male gender.
Yes, for this exchange we are.
Where are you from?
We come from the Pleiades Star System.  Not from your specific star, but another.
What have you come to discuss?
I am dizzy with the energy of you.
We are similar, yet not exactly the same, to your Pleiadian sisters, in exuberance.  We are energetically excitable.  You might say that you are sensing our excitement.
We’d like to discuss our idea of gender and roles as chosen.
There is a synchronicity, this is our topic.
Go ahead then.
Our… (I was interrupted)
I’m sorry, hold on.  Okay, I’m back.
Yes, we see that you are.  We wonder if the time is right for this or if we and you are forcing the issue/idea?
It’s okay I think.  Let’s try again.
We would very much like that.
Our way of defining roles and rules of participation differ to such a great extent here than to those on earth, due to the “captured” nature of your creativity.  Yours, as a prison planet in a very real sense, operates from behind bars.
These bars contain and restrain you; limiting your movements and defining them as well.  There is a ceiling and a wall enclosing all of your actions.  There are very few doors.
As a result, the masses move through them all quite slowly and in hoards.
What is meant by these words is that you are cut off from every alternate opportunity – every opportunity that stands separate from those available through the doors taken by most everyone else.
Imagine no doors, no ceilings, no walls – imagine no room.  This is how we live.  We mentioned synchronicity because our lives are governed by this principle.  It is one that leads us forward and because we experience more of a limitless life, it leads us beyond places already travelled.
Can you envision such a world, such a life?  There are here no such things as expectations or rules or requirements, other than those self-determined.
If we love, we love – whomever and whenever.  If we are hungry we eat. If we are tired we rest.  If we need something we manifest it.  We play and work as inspired for each.
Life falls into patterns for each of us and these will draw us to each other, forming communities.  These communities are governed by things we like to do and are skilled or practiced at.  Things like food preparation or science or dance or decoration.
We are from the Pleiades and some of what we are and do will feel familiar to you.
Yes, yet you do not (feel familiar to me).  Your energy is putting me to sleep.
It is not ours, but another who wishes an audience that overwhelms.
Okay.  Let’s come back to this later then and let the other in.
Okay.  Until then.
Until then. (These beings left.)
Who is here?
It is I.
Who are you and what do you wish to discuss?  Your energy overwhelms me.
Get centered Sophia.  This is not too much for you.
Let’s do this.
I’ve come to instill an idea of complete sovereignty.
This idea is one held by the most powerful beings.  By those beings who know themselves.
There are promises of pure intent held as a part of every choice.  These come from only one center – theirs.  What is meant here is that each decision for movement is made for self.
What this triggers in the human is selfish. Yet this is a gross under estimation of the size of self.  Self is All.
In the arena of sovereignty there is One.  Any ideas of separation move you out of this world.  You cannot be truly sovereign while being tied to comparisons or to “us” and “them”.
Our world, that of sovereignty, is a singular motivation.  Service to self serves the whole.  Service to “other” serves the whole and that is why there are no divisions.
Once you appreciate the fact of oneness, fear is eliminated.  Fear perpetuates both reasons for and responses to it.
I came to you in this moment now because in you there is a sense of waxing and waning fear.  It erupts on occasion and you create its dismissal with certain words and actions.
This is effective, partly.  What is more effective is an absence of fear.  This is known as sovereignty.  It is a by-product of unity – of an activation of internal appreciation for oneness…
You are ready now for this realization. You have come now to a place of appreciation for your part in this creation of oneness.  Oneness does not need creation, it needs only realization.  With that, sovereignty emerges.
Your thumb would not be afraid of your pinky, or bow before your ring finger or step on your index finger or allow your middle finger to freeze.  No, for it is a fact that what effects any part of the hand effects the hand itself.  In a simple way, this illustrates unity.
No longer do you believe that your actions are isolated.  They are cumulative and felt beyond where you sit.  They are felt by us all.
The allowance of fear is what keeps you subservient and compliant.  The eruption of sovereignty could occur all at once for your race with individual moments of self-actualization. These have an exponential effect.
The path to fearless is accomplished individually and with authentic appreciation of who and what you are.
You are expressions of the force of creation; complete and whole and able to alter every outcome.  Perhaps alter is a misnomer, for as the force of creation, it is you that manifests every outcome.
Realize the power your emotions hold and their reach.  You are not an innocent bystander to a fearful situation – you are the director.
I am finished in this moment of now.
Thank you.
This conversation ended!
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