Sophia – A being from Saturn ~ May 7, 2016


This is another “soft disclosure” piece from Sophia Love, a telpathic empath. In this article, she converses with a BEing from Saturn in gaseous from )no surprise there!). She also includes snippets of conversation with the same beings from a previous message, as well as showing Bashar tell us about what will happen for us during 2016.

Please read on, investigate for yourself to learn more, and…


This conversation took place on April 20

th, 2016.

“Is there someone available now who can tell me who woke me up last night and why?”
There is.  We are here Sophia.
I hardly feel you.  Is this getting easier or are you someone I know?
Both.  This gets easier on both fronts – for you here on Earth and for us, who reach you from outside.  We’ve spoken before.
Who are you then?
We are from Saturn.
We “spoke” several months ago. What is it you want to “discuss” today?
We would like to engage in a dialogue about dialogue itself.  At least in this form, this necessity for words and in your case, written words.  This form of contact, of communication, takes some getting used to.  It is not one that we utilize.  It seems a bit barbaric.  As if used only as a replacement for other senses; senses which are for you, undeveloped and ignored.
For instance, with this contact with your energy now there is so much being communicated by you to us, all of which you are unaware for the most part.
Not only do we recognize your energetic signature, your “name” as it were, but also your state of being.
You too have this ability with other humans whom you are familiar with, yet it stops there.  What we see you do is ignore sensations that accompany communication.  We do not.
We understand that the sensations felt during contact have much to say in and of themselves.
As was said earlier, we don’t use words.  For us, what is felt and experienced is the communication.
We see the human use words to attempt to change or alter what was felt – with varying degrees of success.
It is these things that are loud now because of your election agenda (USA) which is current.
It is these words that are loud – as an attempt to alter what’s already been communicated by the mere presence of the potential world leaders.
What we find interesting about the human is his propensity to act like he believes words being said even when every particle inside is telling him otherwise.  We have no such ability.  We do not use words.
The human would serve himself well in these upcoming days to focus on listening to every component of what is being communicated.  With practice, he can then begin to use words as an aid in comprehension, instead of the entire sum of the message.
It is the real message that confuses man when his senses pick up alternate tones to the words being spoken.  We see your thought now – like answering “fine” when another is asking how you are – when really you feel ill.  We notice most humans do not want to share these things, yet you ask each other always.
With a keen sense of awareness as to all of the parts “speaking” – there is no need to ask with words.
In your upcoming altered world there will be the necessity to count on this sense we speak of – the one that tells you without words who the being is and what their current state is.
This is due to the massive change in structure and many cultures and races forced to share/occupy one land mass.
It may help you to focus on this sense now and practice utilizing it.  Words cannot change what is sensed in this way and with practice you’ll ask less and know more.  This is what we came to say.  We wish you success.  Goodbye.
Thank you.
This conversation ended.
I’d like to include here a description of these beings from the first conversation that took place in February 2016.  I will share the entire conversation soon.
Hello.  I am from Saturn.  I feel your surprise and what feels like dismay.  You would call me not human like but gas like.
I do not occupy form, physical form, as you do yet I occupy an arena of gaseous/liquid like material with which I play – from which I express.
Remember there are as many ways of life and sentience in creation as there are grains of sand on your planet…
And that’s all for now!   


(This edition is being edited on 5.4.16)  
Bamboo Death Star - May the 4th Be With You...
Bamboo Death Star – May the 4th Be With You…
And one more – a reader sent this Bashar video on, it’s message is one you may have heard, but it concerns this time we are entering…
2016 - Everything Will Change
2016 – Everything Will Change


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