Sophia – A Single Voice Re: our History ~ Feb. 22, 2016


Sophia Love brings us another smidgen of “soft” disclosure. In this episode, Sophia’s contactee’s share with her a slightly different view of Earth and it’s humans. One set of BEings reveals that while the evolution of humanity on Earth was indeed an experiment, few thought humans capable of ever being more than a type of unconscious “beast of burden” perhaps incapable of developing more than limited consciousness.

Although the conversation with other BEings, living inside of our hollow earth, was more limited, they were able to imply that the developing consciousness of humanity needs to be approached with openness and and…humor! I rather like that take on how we all engage our new-found knowledge from a BEing aspect.

Please read through these conversations, be proud of your developing state of awareness, and…



This conversation took place on November 4, 2015.
“Is there someone who would connect?”
There is.  We sense a question.
Not right now, well, maybe…but no – go ahead please.  Introduce yourself?

I am a conglomerate of energy that was focused on your signature.  I bring information regarding your historical records.  In many cases they are absent of facts.
Please, slow down this transmission.  I literally see words’ tumbling upon words, as the “correct” or closest one is chosen.
Yes, well, this method is new to us – to me – we are experiencing a rush of energy ourselves.  This energy is yours.  It is streaming and changing as it does so.  It is a very unique experience.  We are basking in it.
Is there more than one of you?

We are many yet speak as One.  Sort of like humanity.  I realize I engage in the singular right now with you.  Yet there is a global voice that singular “you” contributes to.
Yes, well, I am aware.
There feels a necessity to engage one to one so that a level of comfort is attained.  On your end.
Okay, as one then, how do you wish to be addressed?
I have no such wishes.
What do you wish to discuss?
I wish to discuss the history of manipulation on earth.  Realize that what is now seen as manipulation is somewhat, not entirely, but somewhat of a surprise to those doing the manipulation.
Humankind at its inception was not seen as equal.  It was seen as something for sure, but an asset or non-essential life form – useful, perhaps entertaining, yet never equal.
What happens now in a very real way is akin to your beasts of burden (horses, cattle, etc.) waking up, becoming sentient and communicating.
You (humanity) have been little more than a commodity.
The history then, to be appreciated fully, needs to be viewed in that context.
Okay. Are you from a species that participated in the construction/manipulation of humanity?

I am a species that is aware of all that has occurred here – my energy is a combination of energetic points.  Not a being as you have described, a sentience – tuning into yours.
For what purpose?
For the experience!
Life is only for the experience of more life.
When you focus all of your energy on “proving” or “disproving” things that may have occurred at another moment, remember or realize that
Your body regenerates.  Every part that makes you up is new and therefore not the same part that existed prior.
If you think about this it is then obvious that you cannot in truth ever say that something, like manipulation or control, was “done” to “you” in the past.
At another time you were something else.
There is so much focus on this planet on who did what, when, that the living of life is often accomplished as an afterthought.
The life that originated here many, many, many millions of years ago – did so with full awareness of what life form they were entering.
The life form right now is here with the intent of awakening.  I engage with you now to bring to your awareness this – FOCUS DETERMINES EFFECT.  Effect plays out as your life.  This life at this moment was begun with intent and awareness and somewhat of a plan. It is choice that has you here now.
We are aware of the goal guiding this moment for you and want to encourage a focus on now – on ability witnessed and seen that is new – on things hoped for that have never been, rather than things that have “happened” in the past. It will allow for massive, restorative and seemingly magical change. (Italics mine, Sophia)
I have to go.
Okay then.  Please connect again when you are able.
I will. 
The conversation ended.
Note: Although this is not the first time beings have mentioned “connecting again”, what happens is that when I set the intent and sit down to converse, there is a waiting list of beings and the next in line comes forward.  I imagine there will be a day when I can intend a second or third conversation with a specific being as necessary.  This transmission from November feels like a complete thought, and a good one!
The following conversation took place December 2, 2015.

“Is there someone who would like to connect?”

Yes, there is.  We are here.  We would like to engage in dialogue.

Go ahead then.
Our purpose in contact is so that we may re-assure you. All will be well.
Our over-riding information regarding the course of your home world – earth – is one of freedom and joy.  This brings us great satisfaction.  The earth beings are components of every one of us.  As this is so, we are connected to you in ways beyond your knowing.  Our origin is the same.
I represent, or am speaking for, a race of beings not currently on your planet, but in your planet.
There are others of us, many of us, and we vary in our signature and our appearance.  We realize there are many differing stories regarding our existence. Many are based on truth.
There will always be fabrication regarding what is considered the fantastic.  Know this.  The damage done to your inner guidance system is real.  You don’t know who or what to believe.  Of all the detrimental effects that “the experiment” had on the human, this mistrust of your psyche, of your intention, of your inner sense, is perhaps the longest lasting to each of you. As revelations and disclosures are announced and released, you are challenged to know who is speaking truth.
It is an easily remedied issue as the process of awakening intensifies.  The stifling of your intuitive sense recedes as your internal power grows.  You will feel the truth, or better said, you will feel what stories resonate as actual portrayals of this life you are participating in.
Having introduced that, it opens a doorway for a discussion of the fantastic – things that are also true yet have been deliberately withheld from you.  These things will require an open mind and a great deal of humor – you will want to allow for mistakes and not retain bitterness about the manipulation.
Everyone has not been “in on it” or perpetrating it.

I see you are distracted –

Yes.  I will have to complete this later.
I never finished this conversation.  

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