Sophia – Inner Earth Being has something to say ~ jan. 29, 2016


Wow! That’s all I can say about this article from Sophia, a telepathic empath, who regularly “receives” messages from other intelligent life in our Universe. Today, she reports on a converstation with an inner earth BEing.

Now, this message is very interesting because it seems inner earth BEings may not be all that supportive of we “topside” earth dwellers. From the reported converstation, it does seem they think surface humanity to umm…”unworthy” of developing relations with them.

Curious yet? I hope so! So…please read on, think to yourself how you woud convince others of your intergrity, and…


This conversation is from January 22, 2016

“Is there someone who wants to engage?”
Okay.  Please introduce yourself.  Hello.
Hello.  This is your way of beginning.  Beginning interaction.  Hello.  I am not of your race and do not know of your forms of social interaction.  You have methods deemed appropriate.
I am from your earth, not surface earth but inner earth.  I realize there are several sources supplying information about my presence and race.  I thought perhaps I could offer some insight.
Insight into what?
Into our reasons for methods of interaction.  They seem to be in collusion with many dark forces, forces against humanity.
Who are you?

I am a being from your inner earth.
What do you look like?
Like you, like humanity.
Are you male or female?  You feel male.
Yes, I am.  I have been to the surface.  Yet that is not something I wish to do again.  You reside in a frightening arena, one that I am not accustomed to.
I am not following you.
I reside in inner earth.  My origin precedes that of your race by many thousands of your “years”.  This means that my race has viewed this planet and the “goings on” taking place on it for a very very lengthy interval.
What I was witness to when on the surface was bloodshed and cruelty.  I believe it was during one of your world wars.
I see snow, cold, soldiers hunched down.  (What came into my thought at the moment I saw this was WWI – Sophia)
You are seeing what images I hold of your surface world.  It is not a place I’d ever choose to go again.
It is not always at war here.
Ahhh, but in our estimation you are always killing each other.  If not every place on the surface, some place on the surface.
What is it you’ve come to say?

That our dealings with those who control the surface population are not done in collusion, but from necessity.  We must deal with the ones in charge.
There is a code that states all beings have free will and that code is honored here.
That seems a rather convenient explanation to escape any responsibility for the brutality and corruption that decimates populations of humans.  How can you cooperate with beings, knowing their agenda without accepting responsibility for actions taken under their regime?
We have watched the human and what is seen is a brutal race and constant killing.
Under command and control of an elitist regime who kill by command if not their own hand.  A regime you are supporting if you are not opposing.
The same is seen when witnessing humanity.  An allowing of these global dictators indicates an answer of “yes” and this looks to us like agreement.  Humans kill each other on the street too.
Again, not most humans.  Those that do are mostly oppressed and do so as a desperate act.  Generations of humans have grown up knowing only this brutal regime.
We are not aware of any disinformation campaign.
Did you not wonder who we were?
Again, most of us thought we knew.  You are seen as a warlike and subservient race, easily manipulated.
Wow.  I am almost insulted.
You needn’t be.
In this way are you absolving yourself of all responsibility for maintaining or helping to maintain control of 8 billion beings in a deliberately corrupt manner?
I am not.  I will say this.  We are acutely aware now, on all levels of life here.  This will change how we approach the surface population.
In what way?
In every way.  We will be in contact and are in contact with others of your kind. 
It was always known that you would be released from the stronghold of slavery.  It was never clear what you would do upon that release.
It was felt that such a warlike species would only wreak havoc here, in inner earth, and therefore it was not certain that we’d contact you for interaction.
It is not clear now what will happen.  Forms of disclosure are under discussion and that impacts how we approach every contact.
It is for this reason I’ve emerged now – perhaps with increased awareness a more absolute form of knowledge will aid in our contact.  You need to hear more than one “side” of the story.
I am still not getting a real “positive” picture here.  It does not sound as if inner earth is interested in benefitting human kind.

You speak of inner earth as if we are one species – we are many, or several. I represent one only, and one of those who’ve been in collaboration with the surface controllers.
This is not an attempt to convince you of our “positive” intent, but to shed some light on our historical relationship.  It has been marred with misconceptions on both ends.
Certainly we have been partly responsible for the lack of good stewardship of the earth, and her people, which translates to a mis-handling of our responsibility.  We will have to answer for that.
We are not attempting to promote ourselves in a positive light but a neutral one.  We will be starting over.
As the Earth herself approaches her physical grand shift much upon the surface changes, while we of inner earth remain watching.  We want mankind to know of our presence and potential collaboration.  We share the planet.
What does collaboration look like?
This cannot be seen as much is in flux and changing right now.  It is clear that a relationship will be maintained yet it is not clear who on the surface will handle these negotiations.
Is there anything else?
At this time there is not.
Goodbye then.
The conversation ended.
It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.  
No one can do this but us.
We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.
With absolute love,
  Sophia Love


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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