Sophia – Another Star System, Time & Distance ~ Nov. 17, 2015


How totally interesting! This article by Sophia, a telepathic empath quickly shows us another way of thinking, another race of BEings, and another clue as to the importance of language.

Sophia communicates with those off our world who are here to “watch the show” as our current existance comes to an end with humanity learning more about Love and our ability to BE in Love! Part of my fascination with this article is with a brief linguistic study for the word “nowhere”…it is not as we have defined it!

Curious? Please read this article, ponder the points presented by our star cousins, and…


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Today you’ll be reading a sort of monologue re: how our “known” concepts of measurement are one of the limiting factors to our awakening.  All of this from an unnamed being from another star system.  It is a dense read, and took more than one time to fully digest all that it implied. The conversation took place this past summer.
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The conversation shared below took place in July of 2015. Words in parenthesis and italics are my own.  It is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made: “Highest and best for all concerned.  Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only. 
Just love. Pure love.” 

This conversation took place on July 9th, 2015.
So, is there someone who would like to talk?
There is.
What would you like to talk about?

About this concept you hold of time and distance.  It is unique to your “density” and in fact a pre-cursor to the development of technology.  There are needs, perceived needs, to get places that must precipitate invention – the saying is true “Necessity is the mother of invention.”
So, humans, with limited understanding of their own multi-dimensional truth – have worked tirelessly to create machines to move them places and speak to/communicate with each other.  This, a fascinating extension and expression of the physical brain and body.
You seem to have stopped…
Time is relative and a construct.  Your world runs on this concept of time – racing against it as if it were real.  This in fact does make it real – giving substance and volume to a thought.
The mechanism of creation is so very deeply engrained in your life that it remains unseen.
You are ruled each day by numbers, by a “hand” passing over them without ever stopping.  Rather than focus on the moments of your life you focus on the time it took to have them. (Empirical you)
As stated, this presumption, of time being limited and things being far away (distance) has propelled man to create incredible things.
Yet now, as the dawn breaks on your “enlightenment” and growing awareness, you feel its limitations.
Time and distance become restrictions, a limiting force that no longer suits you.
An experiment in expansion for the human would be to spend several days without clocks, without checking or noticing the time.  Instead, immerse yourself in life – your moment to moment living of it.
This will hopefully yield insight into expansion.
You’ve stopped.
The overwhelming acceptance of the necessity to quantify everything is one of the things you’ll be leaving behind as you expand in consciousness.  None of that is necessary.
It is a challenge to explain alternate thought to a mind trained systematically – yet I come to you now to attempt it.  The truth of life is not measurable, quantifiable or able to be held in any system at all.  This, in all of mankind’s brilliance, has been his restriction.  In most every case, mankind assumes the possibility of measurement.
How much?  How many?  How far? These and a multitude of other questions fill the mind of man.  Your moments are a constant flow of incessant chatter that seems to need to be answered and/or related to something before it can be satisfied and put down.
I wanted to introduce you to new concepts of awareness.  These have no “names” or identifying labels.  They are verbal explanations to remind you of truth.
The single characteristic of life that remains true always is growth.  Expansion is its function.  If you can accept that all life exists and expands and serves itself simultaneously, you will begin to get a picture of creation.
Time is only possible if you imagine one thing separate from another.  This is not truth.  In order to focus on one thing, humanity chose to experience time.  The limits of that concept have been reached for you now and entrance into an awareness of truth is upon you.
It becomes a challenge to discuss what is happening for mankind without using descriptions, words that quantify things, feelings and knowledge.  “More” and “better” are favorites, as well as “less” and “worse”.
None of these represent truth.  Life, creation, includes all descriptions given or imagined.
If you begin to think of things and leave the concepts of time and distance out of them, you are beginning to get a more accurate picture of truth.  Without time, there is only NOW.  Without distance, there is only HERE.  Together you see where you end up:
The trick embedded into language has been necessary in order to reinforce the illusion, to keep you believing in the dream, to keep you asleep.
Understanding that nowhere is actually the place of truth must be maintained above your learned ideas of fabrication, falsehoods, (and) imaginary places. Instinctively, you know truth.  Your systems of society have effectively erased its effect in your every day.
Man chose to remember while remaining in the physical. Part of that remembering is to embrace ideas foreign to what he’s accepted as undeniable.  Not an easy task.
For all of its advances, science has been and remains the most formidable obstacle to mass awakening.  You don’t insist on belief in specific gods or religions – yet none of you argue with scientific “facts” or “proof”.
Circumstances and occurrences that defy ‘time” and “distance” are only recognized if allowed.  I introduce the ideas here to help with that allowing.
Who is speaking?

I am a being from another star system.  We’ve been through a similar process, without the slavery/workforce.  We came to expand mechanistically and found it limiting.  We then explored warps in “time” and “space” and gradually came to knowing truth.  We are still learning ourselves.  Our star is beyond what your scientists have seen.
I am attracted to this, your energy.  It has been like a beacon and many are “lining up” to offer insight into what is now becoming available for your race.
Names are not identifiers where I am, yet each of us, as individual sparks of the creative force; understand to whom we “speak”.
I am pleased to have this opportunity to engage here and now.
I appreciate your doing so.  Goodbye then.
Yes.  Perhaps there will come a time when more can be shared.
The conversation ended.
Speaking of time and space… 
some interesting footage from Detroit, MI
Alien Portal ?
A Portal ?
It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.  
No one can do this but us.
We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.

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