Sophia – The Lyrans and Body Talk ~ Sept. 21, 2015


As a health care professional, this article from Sophia Love (one of my favorite authors, by the way) is of special interest for me because it’s all about our bodies and the changes we can expect to witness as we move into the Shift, the Event, or great Change.

We’ve all heard talk about our changing DNA, and have aslo read articles about how our bodies will react to holding higher vicrations. Well, this article is all about how Sophia has received telpathic communication from the Lyrans who instruct humanity on how and why our higher vibrations result in a new way of eating and a new way of living.

Yes! For me…that is is quite true. I now am (mostly) vegetarian, and I actually want to excercise. Nothing major, just a steady increase in moving my body with weight to increase my strength just a bit. I also want to sleep…a LOT more.

So yes, I can see where the advise of the Lyrans hits home with me…how about you? To amswer this questions, please read this artcile, take a look at how your dietary and movement patterns have changed, and…


Hi and thanks for subscribing!  Today’s letter comes a few days later than planned and I apologize.  I’ve had a week of unexpected body conversations, (along with doctor visits), so the timing for this one is, as always, perfect! All is on the mend… Look for a mass newsletter in another day, and another subscribers note before the weekend!
For those new to this newsletter, I am a telepathic empath and just about every day I tap in and there is someone on the line, ready with something to say!  (Think “Party Line”) 

Before connecting I declare “Highest and Best for all concerned.  Complete and absolute truth only.  Just love. Pure love.”  This is verbatim.  
July 19th, 2015
Is there someone who would like to talk?
Yes.  We are here.
Introduce yourself please?
We are a faction of the group known to you as Lyrans.
That is not a familiar name to me.
It is a name you will find specified by some others on your planet.

Okay.  What is it you are here to say?

Our interest is in the physical aspects of change associated with the increased expansion of spiritual awareness.  You are one, and as such, every aspect is impacted by growth, by increased “speed” or frequency; by shifting from relative unawareness into greater knowledge.
Your body is affected and changed by this.  It changes all the time, yes, but the ones we would speak to you of are those that result from the energy shift.
You move and respond differently than you did even a few months ago – to food, to weather patterns, to the energy of each other.  All of you are vibrating, emitting a frequency.  This is the reason for your response to, and effect on groups; to your “picking up” of our signal today, to your allergic reactions, to your sometimes exhaustion.
To explain, think about movement in general – faster as opposed to slower.  There are people on your planet who naturally walk and move faster than others.  In order to keep up with their own movement, their bodies are or tend to be thinner and stronger or more muscled.  It is what propels them to move quicker.
You are moving quicker.  Your bodies as a result are requiring different foods and patterns in order to support the movement.  It has not been part of your habit to strengthen up in order to facilitate physical activity – yet today, part of your self care needs to incorporate some increase if you are to comfortably sustain this frequency.
What we refer to are foods that support energy as opposed to drain it, and moderate strengthening activity on a regular basis.  This can be any sort of sustained movement, planned movement.  What becomes the most effective is the regularity and consistency of these things and not the amount of them.
It is not possible for you to return to a slower vibration, a more dense existence – you are only moving ahead and faster.  Any sort of change that supports your stamina will accelerate your ability in these shifting energies.
You are not separate from your physical self. Things will morph and change as you move through this time, all without any conscious effort from you.  What you can do, knowing this, is to listen to your body talk.  It is subtle, and illness or accident is often its last and loudest effort towards change.  It speaks all the time.
Before these new frequencies, it was easy to ignore its voice, separate it from the rest of your life.  Not so now.  It is primary to this life.
You are shifting IN THIS BODY and must bring it with you as your move.  Not as a hindrance, but a tool.
This human organism is a wonderful machine and one that can be used to help you.  It is capable of magic, or of what you would deem impossible or at the very least improbable things.  It is true that your thoughts and beliefs create your life, but your body can and will either support or deny what you are thinking and creating if not cared for properly and prepared.
Do not consider your bodies only when ill or exhausted.  Take them into your planning of everything – meals are food for them, activities are the way they express what attributes they are developing.  Bodies speak.
If you can develop a habit of asking, they will speak more often.  What you want is a dialog, a constant dialog.  There are ways to use kinesiology to ask things, also dowsing, pendulums.  These things can become only part of the way you communicate.  Be sensitive to all of its forms of communication.  You are learning of the necessity for regular movement, of water, of sunlight.  These things support you.
There is some truth in an idea you (personal) once held that it doesn’t matter what you eat, that its your belief about things that create health or ill-effect.  You however are not at that point in development – you are choosing to shift in this body you now occupy and it will need an upgrade just as your ideas and beliefs do (need an upgrade).
It is not that you can ignore it and get where you want to, dragging it along until by magic it all changes.  This is a gradual shift, AS WAS CHOSEN BY HUMANITY, and all of the changes are subtle and seamless so as to cause the least disruption to the continuance of life and current relationships.
You will notice that things, ideas, diets and programs show up that appeal to you or you keep noticing – the universe is working in concert with your desires and supports you at every turn.
Follow those hunches and programs – read the article that appeals to you for no specific reason.  You are learning how to live as ONE.  This begins with collaboration with every part of yourself – BODY – MIND – SPIRIT – EMOTIONS.  You will speak beautifully and in one voice once all parts learn to be in tune with each other.
What is happening for the human is a rapid shift.  This means that slight alterations create large effects in either direction – positively or “negatively”.  In other words, you’ll get sick faster and heal overnight.  All of these things seem confusing until you listen to every facet of your being – body included.
You will find yourself buying different foods and preparing them differently as well.  Trust the voice you hear from your body.  Trial and error will quickly tell you what works and what no longer serves.  Allow this new facet of oneness to become as important to your awakening as your spiritual and mental awareness.  The body is to be honored, not above all else, but along with other needs.  Listen to it, love it, and watch it develop into the supportive vessel you know it can be.
Your ideal version of you is certainly possible, yet not without a deep appreciation for your body’s voice and changing needs.  Once understood, you will walk, talk, BE in complete harmony.
This is oneness.  It may seem odd to speak of oneness on a personal level, yet all things personal are played out on a global scale.  We speak here of the place to start.
Are you complete?
Yes.  We believe this is a good beginning.  There may be other questions at a later time. We will talk then if that is so.
The conversation ended.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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