THE ORACLE REPORT ~ May 25, 2021

Hello Wise Owl —

There is so much chaos in the air that is coming in with this Full Moon. Let’s cut through the chaos and see what is really going on when the Moon goes dark.

As I mentioned yesterday, cryptocurrencies, war, and oil are highlighted for the world at large. There is no reason to go over these. We know what all of that is about. Why muddy the field?

We will go above it and the chaos. The Full Moon at 06 Sagittarius is in a square with Jupiter at 02 Pisces, giving us what we need for wisdom.

The Full Moon Sabian symbol is “a game of cricket.” This talks about stopping things from getting through the gaps or cracks. It requires teamwork and everyone being on their game.

Jupiter is located at “a squirrel hiding from hunters.” This speaks to feeling threatened; the natural instinct is to hide, but if we hide, we lose out on missed opportunities for the nourishment of our soul.

The nwo order is going to take advantage of the chaos with this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse and will try to make some headway to combat this cycle of “a white dove flying over troubled waters.” Spiritual forces are stopping them this month, and they are behind.


This sounds simple, but when you have Jupiter amplifying any types of threats and aggression (and with people being hyper-traumatized), we have a mission.

Can you hold the frequency that “truth and love prevails” while the remaining archons are besieging you to be afraid? You may not have felt threatened in all of this “pandemic,” but this Full Moon may stop you cold into considering the outcomes.

We want to prepare for that. If that happens, it is Jupiter trying to get us over to the higher octave of “the squirrel hiding from hunters.” That higher frequency is about giving people OUT THERE too much unwarranted power.

When we feel overpowered, we lose control of our minds. Small phantoms become big phantoms.

Speaking of phantoms., Venus and Mercury are in a square with Neptune. Neptune is located at “a materializing medium.” Our thought forms can contribute to the chaos or bring sanity to it.

Another answer to hold the frequency comes from Venus and Mercury. Venus is discharging “dancing couples crowd the barn in a harvest festival.” Simple pleasures. Mercury is discharging “a gardener trimming large palm trees.” Get to the basics. The answer is “we have the power to be fulfilled by simplicity.”

Simplicity does it. Striving for simplicity will bust up the chaos.

If we can keep things simple, we will not have time to become embroiled in mental dramas. We just do not need drama right now. We have A LOT OF mutable energies that can get carried away. We have to nip it in the bud before it builds into a big scary hunter.

If there is drama in your life, put it on hold, even just for Wednesday if not during the entire Full phase. The “game of cricket” says “game on.” We need to maintain a higher frequency.

If you want to be extra, try your hand at this: Mars is squaring the Eris Point, trine Neptune, and moving steadily toward opposition with Pluto. Mars is discharging “a prima donna singing.” The lesson of this symbol is to open your heart. When we release inhibitions, the audience is pleased and we are fulfilled. Counter the chaos with openness to go beyond the “hunters.”

We are powerful. We are in control of ourselves. No one else.

Ok, wise owl, are you ready for the mission? I know you are.

Much love —