May 25, 2021: The Truth Is the Truth Is the Truth—Until it Isn’t [videos] ~ May 25, 2021

Full moon on the way tonight and Earth/Terra is a busy place. We have to know how to read between the lines. There’s lots going on if you “know”, and those who know, know.

What do you call Militaries positioning across the world with Artillery & Soldiers & nuclear Striking positioning capabilities in the middle of a pandemic &falling markets, coups taking place in 7 countries & growing/world rising up against the System??

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The Earth Alliance wants us to think for ourselves and figure out what reality is. They are teaching us to research and employ critical thinking skills rather than rely on someone or something outside ourselves. They particularly want us to recognize the “fake news”.

Just because we see something in print, or someone states something as fact doesn’t mean it is so. For a very long time the lies in our world have been far more plentiful and available than the truth.

Not everyone innerstands the difference between fact and opinion—or else they do, but decide to drop their opinion like breadcrumbs regardless. A fact is something that can be verified by open-source research. Sadly, the Bible is not a source of fact only; it may contain some facts, but we have been led to believe that much of what was originally in those texts has either been deleted, massaged, or deliberately replaced with bad information.

Many of us have established what we consider facts based on our research, sources we consider fairly reliable, and our intuition, but there is a lot we “believe” which we consider interchangeable with “know”, when it may not be researchable for everyone because the information was carefully disseminated by specific sources for a purpose.

If our personal dot-connecting is faulty and we can’t do the math, our conclusions can be wrong.

One example of a good, time-tested source is the information released by the Q Team. They did a great job of sharing sensitive information without telling us too much. By asking questions they told us what we came to understand was fact, or eventually would be. They told us in advance, in many cases.

Was it easy to research all of the subject material? No. Google’s algorithms were designed to bury it. Over the years many whistleblowers and patriots have made a point of sharing important information they felt needed to be in the public sphere and if you’re lucky or a skilled researcher, you might find it.

What greenhorns find is that before they can unearth the facts whistleblowers and researchers have published, they come across pages of disinformation sites and sources that the deep state via Google, YouTube etc. ensure come up at the top of the search engine results. They paid big bucks to ensure their disinformation, lies, and coverups were easily available to those using specific search terms.

I could go on and on about specific topics and how they mislead the public but suffice it to say we all need to be very savvy when it comes to discerning information freely available. The source is key.

If someone you like and find credible is giving us information we tend to believe them but they could have had a bad source, misunderstood, or simply have an alternate opinion. Just take it into consideration and be prepared to learn there could be another version of the truth. If your gut or intuition tells you it’s right then go with it. Very little is written in stone or verifiable at this point, however.

Specific sources might also be used to put of purposeful disinformation to assist the Allies because this is an information war. I don’t believe we need to sweat the details in most cases. It will all get cleared up at some point. Right now, all we need to know is that an army of the Light is fighting for us, protecting us, and we understand we’re in good shape.

Dan Bongino was doing a show based on these very topics which I happened to tune into to as I was writing this. It’s like we had a mind meld. If you like Dan and respect him as a truth-teller, you may wish to listen. This was after he interviewed President Trump on his new radio show (not his podcast) yesterday. This is not that interview.

On this blog/website I share what I believe are usually or probably facts, and provide good sources so everyone can research on their own to establish their own set of facts. We each follow a unique path and mine is different from everyone else’s. If you haven’t been where I have been then your truth might be different than mine, and vice-versa.

Reality is intentionally difficult to find because the dark prefers we waste our time either living in the dark, misinformed and frustrated, or fighting amongst ourselves in division rather than working together, unified in purpose. It’s irregular warfare.

The cabal knew what they were doing when they took over all the media; print, broadcast, collegiate, movies and entertainment, Internet, religion, all of it. They trained us to believe their sources regardless of whether it was based in fact, spun slightly in a slant, or outright lies and propaganda—the 4 am talking points the deep state provides to networks everywhere to establish the narrative each day.

They trained people to go to their controlled websites to seek the truth. Snopes made it easy. Want to know if something is true? Most people would just pull up, toss in a search term and voilà—the gospel truth. They said they checked it out, and therefore it’s fact. It’s a lazy way of “checking the facts”.

They do the same training for medical information. They train people to go to to search for information on drugs and other health queries. The problem is, there are drug advertisements all over the website so who do we think is going to control that information?

The WebMD magazine features Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson on the cover. The global El-ites always glorify each other. If you haven’t heard, good sources tell us that Hanks and Wilson were executed for crimes against Humanity (what they did to children). We expect that to be validated in the coming months.

After the scamdemic the dark began adding information notations to YouTube and social media to control the narrative and drown out the many voices from those of us who “know” the plague was not really killing the millions of people they claimed. They established “fact checkers” so lazy, brainwashed people could find out “the truth” without having to look for it.

It worked. In fact, it was so successful, they countered the truth that doctors and others revealed about the “plandemic” and what we witnessed in our own lives with our own eyes and successfully brainwashed the masses to put them in abject fear.

The rest is history, as they say, and no one can deny that a global psyop took out reality for millions of people. They had no idea what the truth was. They took their government’s word for it because we’ve been trained to believe they act in our best interests.

Here’s a brief update about thousands of Canadian doctors who are sick of the scamdemic and can no longer remain silent.

Having watched that, I saw this one. I think you may practice your discernment now. We heard that Turdeau hadn’t been seen in 11 or 12 days, so this isn’t a surprise, but it is unconventional for the Republic of Kanata. You decide. Just under 13 minutes.

I have added the remarks below the video shared at the time this was posted, where they wrote:


More below the video.



Canada APPARENTLY has a newly appointed Head of State and commander in chief as of February, 2021.
Justin Trudeau is no longer the Prime Minister and has no authority to issue rules and regulations, quite similar to the fake U.S. President Biden.
I’m betting most Canadians are unaware of this, ….. I know I am unaware.
Your Lying Mainstream News is not about to report on this story, but Social Media will.

What’s Coming Cannot Be Stopped.


We’re running very slowly again today so not much in the way of illustrations. Sorry.

Um… about that audit. New Hampshire says, We have a problem, Houston. It seems the Dominion machines don’t relish ballots for Republican candidates. Folds interpreted as votes. You can’t make this up. And the machines can’t do the math, either. So… what good are they? They’re great for stealing an election.

New Hampshire Auditors Find Problem: Scan Counted 28 Percent of Test Ballots for GOP Candidates

Dave suggests in his X22 Report that voting machines are going to the dump and only paper ballots will be honoured in American elections. We heard from at least one good source that the new Quantum Voting System will allow us to securely vote remotely using own technology so we’ll have to wait to find out how this story ends and where we go from here.

It seems We, the People are not amused by the latest antics of Katie Hobbs here in Phoenix.

Appropriations Committee votes to strip Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of roles

I’ve been wanting to check up on the World Freedom Day activities and Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior shared this video from the Oz rally. 4 min.

Meanwhile, they continue to terrorize the citizens of Ontario, Canada. Is it working?

Canada is now a communist country. End of story.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) May 24, 2021

It’s been 15 months or more, Canada. Where’s the emergency? There is no emergency, so why do you act like there is?


— Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) May 24, 2021

Donald J. Trump

6:10pm May 25, 2021

Thank you to the Washington Examiner newspaper for covering the Forensic Audits for the 2020 Presidential Election, the most corrupt Election in the history of our Country. Read and study it carefully—it’s not Fake News!

I’ll leave you with this thought from the ZetaTalk website:

Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters.ZetaTalk The spinner is spinning and I’ll have to wait to push the “publish” button. Signing off for now, my friends. Talk soon.  ~ BP