July Energy Report ~ July 7, 2016

Your Divine Template


Over the past few months the incoming cosmic energies have become incredibly powerful. The March Equinox triggered an energetic reset, which created a cosmic storm of epic proportions. This storm has been cleansing, clearing and purging all that is no longer required from us collectively and individually. As a result a cycle of intense and honest self-reflection ensued which has forced you to move within and discover how you are living, or not living, your soul’s truth.


In this time you have been purified and emptied; your entire energy field has been filtered and refined as the entire history of your existence (this lifetime and previous lifetimes) is being cleared. The very foundations of your life have shifted. How and in what way you have built your life has been tested. You have been called to follow the paths of your inner world, to peel away the veils of suffering and darkness so that you may bring to light the dreams, prayers, hopes and visions you have denied, rejected and suppressed. You have journeyed into the Great Mystery and called forth the reunification of your soul and the full activation of your divine template.


The waves of powerful cosmic energy coursing through our galaxy and flooding our planet have significantly increased the frequency of the earth’s vibration. This increase has shifted and transformed the energetic structures in and around the earth, affecting all of life on the planet. Human consciousness, individually and collectively, is rapidly expanding. Your human personality is evolving now to align with your soul and your soul is evolving and reassembling to activate your divine template within your human form.


Until now it has been almost impossible to reassemble all aspects of your soul and fully activate your divine template. The energetic imprints of disconnection, fear, trauma, pain and suffering held in the energetic structures in and around the earth have been too great. The incoming cosmic energies have been working to cleanse and clear these energetic imprints. At the same time your physical body and energy field is being purged and transformed to create space for the reassembling and reformation of your soul. Once this process is complete your divine template will activate enabling you to fully manifest the light of your soul into this world.


It is your soul, in partnership with the Divine Creator, that decided how it would manifest experiences needed to heal, grow and evolve in human form. Your soul, on its journey to earth, birthed itself from the heart of creation, travelled through the galactic core and moved through the earth’s energetic atmosphere to arrive on the planet. As your soul moved through the energetic atmosphere it encountered the energetic imprints of life on earth. These imprints contained all the energy and memoires of separation, disconnection, imbalance, trauma, fear, suffering and pain. Moving through this toxic energy triggered the fragmenting of your soul energy and the disconnection of your divine template.


The divine template contained within your soul is a map of creation, which reveals the infinite, expanding field of all life and your soul’s highest potential. It possesses the energetic imprints of healing, reconnection, balance, unity, compassion and divine love. It contains your original essence, which has been woven together with your soul to reflect the divine within you. It is activated via your heart and directs you on how to birth the infinite, expanding field of creation within yourself and this world. Once it is activated its power and energy will ripple through all of creation merging together the Divine Creator’s light to form a field of oneness and unity. As this field expands and grows it will infuse all of creation and remind us of the original spark of love that exists within every living thing.


For centuries humanity has explored what it means to be in duality and separation. Beliefs, emotions and feelings have been suppressed and denied which has divided all of creation. Now it is time to step forward consciously focus your attention on the reunification of your soul and activation of your divine template. Energetic pathways will reopen within you to support this process. Many of the closed facets of your heart, brain and energy system will awaken to help you reform your soul and activate your divine template within your physical body.


However, before you can get to a place of unification and embody your divine template you will go through a profound period of purification. The cellular structure of your physical and energy bodies must be cleared of lifetimes of stored pain, trauma, suffering, disconnection and imbalance. These distorted energies where created over many, many lifetimes and will not just disappear over night. Your physical / human self is increasing in energy vibration to support your soul in its unification process. Physically there are signs and symptoms that this is occurring. For example unexplained aches and pains especially in the joints; heart palpitations; insomnia; exhaustion; deep despair; fear and anxiety. If you are experiencing sever symptoms or would like to accelerate the clearing of your energies it is suggested that you contact an energy healer who can help to release any stubborn blockages. Remember that inner work is required before your external environment changes.


Once this process of clearing and cleansing is complete you soul will take dominion over your human aspect. All choices, decisions and actions you take will then come from the loving guidance of your divine self. This is how you will heal the world.


July 2016


This month the incoming energies are bringing assurance that your soul’s quest is in fact divinely inspired and you are awakening into the light of a new day and a new era. Your inner journey is slowly coming to an end and yet you may still be finding it difficult to direct your life, or even understand the purpose or reason behind your life to this point. You may know and feel that change is necessary but lack the energy, desire or ability to attempt this.


With the support of the energies this month your internal focus will move to your external world. All the changes and movements you have experienced on the inside are suddenly going to start manifesting on the outside. Staying in the present is what will enable you to align with this process. Going with the flow and trusting your intuition is key. Clarity will come but patience and surrender are required.


The seeds of wisdom and guidance are germinating within you and will birth a new realization soon. Surrendering to the energy of the universe is the best way to manage the energies of this time. Avoid taking any action until you feel strongly called to do so. Things may still feel a little all over the place all you can do is rest your mind and follow the wisdom of your soul.


Rooting yourself in your heart enables you to access your soul’s wisdom and truth. The guidance your soul contains will enable you to build a solid foundation in this world of unavoidable change and uncertainty. It is time to gain strength from within and ready yourself for a new journey, a new life. As you continue to unify more of your soul and activate more of your divine template different situations and challenges will arise. The purpose of this is for your reassess your life direction, review your choices and shift your reality. All that is out of alignment with your soul is being brought to your attention to be changed and or transformed. For some this may mean a lifestyle change, for others relationships changes and for many a basic overhaul of their life.


Every layer, level and aspect of your existence has been drained and prepared to enable the birth of your soul’s light into the world. This is why you have chosen to incarnate during this time. As difficult, as painful and as downright awful as much of this journey has been nothing less than the full activation of your soul’s divine template will do. Peace and tranquillity will arise after this raging storm and out of your deepest, darkest fears a new life will be born.


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