Divinefeminine7777 ~ Sept. 30, 2021


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Wave of High Energy Frequency

Editor’s Note: Ah yes! The energies are indeed high affecting us ALL! I Am having trouble sleeping, while my partner’s legs itch. Does this faze us, or plaguing us with personal doubts about our ability to hold high frequencies?

Not at all! Indeed, receiving higher frequencies are clear signs of progress as we merge with the higher incoming waves of energy, and then emerge with the ability to continue vibrating at even higher levels of BEing!

So…relax, you’ve got this all covered by your Magnificent Self , radiate the Quantum LOVE which you ARE, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


As you might feel, we are receiving another wave of high frequency energy from the central sun. The energy of creation is constantly flowing within all of the creation but there are times when we are more receptive to it than other times. It looks like ascension or mass awakenings come in cycles because otherwise the planetary system could crash or collapse if everyone would awaken at once. A wave of high frequency energy is coming in again and it will bring mass awakenings with it.

This also means that a lot of people will experience tower moments right now or the dark night of the soul. Some are just at the beginning of their ascension process and realizing that there is more to life than what they can see with their eyes. Others are leveling up onto the next level of awareness. Ascension symptoms are present in all different ways.

Problems sleeping, pressure and/or tingling in your body beneath the skin. Itchy scratchy skin. Feeling you’re too hot at certain points but then you’re cold all of a sudden with goosebumps. Nightmares, problems sleeping, tiredness when you wake up and you cannot get rid of even if you take a nap during the day.

All the planets that are retrograde right now are helping us to clear what is hidden in the subconscious and is cause for our automatic behavior. Use this time well and go within to explore, observe, experience what you need to experience in order to progress.

It’s a time to go inside, into your own heart/soul/energy, and not spend a lot of time thinking about or worrying about things that are happening in the physical life on the outside. It’s a time to feel, experience and or deserve. It’s a time to open up to receive the high frequency energy coming from the central sun but also receive more love/messages/information/knowledge from your soul. 📸Lori Menn