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Plasma Wave

With this also another BIG wave of Walk-Ins & Soul braiding/ merging with our Higher Multidimensional Identities/ ‘future’ Self which subsequently activates the Codes and for the higher dimensional New Earth Realities. With it come more downloads, memories, clarity and our gifts, abilities and more of our power online. ALL IS INNER-CONNECTED!

This may feel like you’re in a pressure cooker. Stay in the NOW moment, keep coming back to Neutrality and Balance, in NO-TIME and keep focusing on your sacred breath & Krystal Heart 💙💎🌈I still see and feel an ‘imminent’ Collective Event and shift in Consciousness about to take place and all-ready unfolding! Keep letting it all fall away. All desires, all the worries, doubts, remaining fears and keep emptying yourself and let God Source full-fill you!

We are Remembering our True Self again and merging back into AtONEment as a Collective. For that we have to let go of the false Self. All unfolding through our own sacred Transformation, Unification and Divine Union Within.

As HUGE SHIFTS WITHIN THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS & TIMELINES/ REALITIES UNFOLD NOW THROUGH US! Can you feel this happening yet through your own inner Transformation and shift taking place? We support this as we keep LETting GO of the past, the past you, all lower realities, all that doesn’t serve us anymore, any limiting programs, attachments to the material 3D world and keep releasing any density, transcending any remaining judgements and triggers, to create space and allow for this sacred inner Union with Source and ALL THAT IS, to happen.

Keep focusing on resolving, dissolving, transcending, unifying and activating ALL NEW from within YOU! We truly have got that POWER!! It’s ‘TAKE OFF’ time! 🥳🙏💙💎🌈🌎🦋 Eternal Love, Ramona 💙