Are Humanitarians being Attacked? (Edited version), By Ron Giles ~ July 2, 2021

ne of the greatest fears of the Cabal’s dying Central Bank is the evolution of their slaves; specifically, those responding to the call of their hearts for Humanitarian Service.

If genuine Humanitarians weren’t a threat, at least on some level, to the “powers that be,” of the fading Deep State, why are there so many con-calls and pretend intel-providers trying to minimize the funds entrusted with Humanitarians to do their work? 

If the dying Cabal’s self-titled Gurus can manage to keep funds earmarked for the accounts of Humanitarians, for their far-reaching and long-term work, limited to numbers only in the millions, they actually believe they can somehow maintain power and remain in control when the new Quantum Financial System begins running at full throttle. 

You see, if Humanitarians ask for and receive Quintillions or Sextillions in dollars from the redemption of the African Zim, that would bring the death-knell to the Central Bank and their debt-slavery system. 

Have you noticed that not one, modern-day, financial industry “Guru” is urging the Golden Age Humanitarians to request stewardship of funds at a level derived only from receiving the very highest of rates for their Zim bonds? These same people are not encouraging any Humanitarian to confidently expect the highest of possible rates at their upcoming bond redemption appointments. These are funds that would provide them with the solid means to amply conduct the vast, awaiting work without running out of money before the job is thoroughly done. 

Gurus don’t seem to like Humanitarians much, in my opinion. I believe this because they are overtly working to minimize our assigned abilities for the people and stop us from achieving the goals necessary to ensure people everywhere are made whole, secure, and healed. They are not on the Alliance Team, quite clearly; and that is why they never get anything right. 

Do you think the Alliance is aware of this Guru-scheme? Do you know the Alliance will eventually arrest these people for harming humanity with this manipulative tactic? 

When one counters God’s plan, one will incur the wrath of God.

There are two channels of intel. One is the Truth and one is the alternate, fake truth. Oh, let’s just call the spade a spade. It’s a lie. Your all-important task is to determine which is which.

The next time you go to read a Guru post or listen to what I consider a “con call” (pun intended), it shouldn’t take long for you to see they are trying to limit the thinking and actions of Humanitarian spirits – and, therefore, limit the expectations of said chosen stewards regarding the funds they’re to receive. 

These opportunists are actively trying to sell you a worthless, $150 Trust they say is required by the Alliance for your redemption appointment. That is a bald-faced lie. A trust is not required. It is optional. 

Save your money.  If you want a Trust, the Alliance will have a fill-in-the-blank Trust document for your use. You just supply the name, the beneficiaries’ names, and the name or names of the Trustee(s). 

The key to identifying these Charlatans is to notice when they quote bankers instead of the Alliance. Those who work with the Alliance will tell you they are getting their intel from Alliance sources, and not a banker or some fictitious “Chief Scientist of the QFS.”

People who listen to the modern-day Gurus are known for their confusion, insecurity, and ambivalence. 

When something doesn’t seem right, back your “car” out of their proverbial parking lot and go somewhere else, anywhere else where you truly belong. Please, look for those people who are connected to and work with the Alliance. Then you can get real answers to your reasonable questions.

One of such questions might be: “Why are there so many confusing, inconsistent (false) statements about the eventual redemption appointment?” 

Another: “Why are there so many schemes to prevent us from showing up at the redemption appointment in person? Did they not get the Alliance memo that states that only those who show up at the redemption appointment in person, face-to-face, Zim bonds in hand will receive the needed funds?” 

Or, how about this question: “How can I sign the required Non-Disclosure Agreement, the NDA, if I don’t show up in person?” and…

“How can I present my project plans and negotiate the amount of funds I will need to get them accomplished if I am not there in person taking care of that? 

The Alliance has a plan and they will not deviate from it; so…

One more question: Why don’t the Gurus adhere to that Plan? 

Answer: They don’t want you to succeed. Just like now, the Cabal does not want you to have the money you really need access to … They cannot control all the people with money if you and a select number of other real Humanitarians like you get stewardship of it instead.


Thousands of fake humanitarians will try to circumvent this process, just so that they can get some more-than-significant funds. They want to do this without going through the vetting process that requires them to be real Humanitarians to receive Zim bond redemption funds. 

Maybe I should say it this way: 

If you are not a vetted Humanitarian, you will not receive the QFS’s distribution of funds earmarked for Humanitarians from the redemption of whatever Zim bonds you hold right now in your hands. They’re not for you – they’re for true and chosen Humanitarians. You know this but, more importantly, Quantum Consciousness knows this.

If you are willing to settle for 11-33 million for a 100T Zim bond, then you are not a real Humanitarian. In that case, please, quit pretending and admit you are only in this for personal money. Then, give your Zim to a real Humanitarian so they can take it to a Redemption Appointment, and you take some foreign currencies into an Exchange Appointment.

If you go around your neighborhood and find two or three houses that need a wheelchair ramp and want to make that your humanitarian project, then go for it. That needs to be done too.

But if you want to pull mankind out of debt slavery and poverty, which is our calling, then you need to quit settling for a thimble of water when you need to water the whole earth to make the earth flourish and grow. 

If you’re the wheat, quit hanging out with the chaff and let it blow away. 

Cull the herd of the Gurus and find the richness associated with the Truth. It’s out there waiting for you. 

God has not left the Humanitarians without Truth. If you know in your heart that you really are a world-class Humanitarian, you now need to find that inner-knowing and harmonize with it. Your heart, and gut, will tell you when finding your place of safety. Your heart or gut will tell you when the intel makes sense and resonates with your sacred heart, and when it doesn’t.


One of the delays in the RV we are encountering may be the fact that many of the Humanitarians are settling for mediocrity and are not responding to their calling. They’re afraid, timid, unsure, insecure, misled, confused. Too many may lack confidence and clarity.

The Alliance will not pull the RV trigger until there are enough Humanitarians who will politely request the higher rates to receive the funds needed to get the work done. If there are not enough true Humanitarians to do that, then massive amounts of funds will get into the controlling “hands” of the remaining lower-level Deep State banker-types salivating in anticipation of getting it themselves. 

Why and how?  Because the Alliance cannot hold these massive amounts of funds… Humanitarians are needed, even required for this. 

Why even start your jet engine when you don’t have enough fuel to get where you are going? How sad would that be?

How many potential Humanitarians are out there wallowing in the Guru muck, trying to make sense of the Guru garbage? Get out of the garbage business and step into your calling as a courageous, true Humanitarian. 

Let’s get this huge project going. It’s our time to shine our beacons and destroy the darkness. The glory of God awaits our action plan. 

Call forth the Angels from the Angelic realms to meet you at the redemption appointment and authorize you to get the funds you need. They will respond if we ask them. Believe it, then count on it to become the truth you will experience. They are on our side and only need us to ask, and it shall be given. 

Let’s meet our Angels, our mentors, our counselors at our redemption appointments. They will assist us in all we need to do. It is our Sovereign duty to ask and receive this stewardship responsibility. 

Become an Alliance, Sovereign Humanitarian. Join that sacred team. It is yours if you only step forward and fully into that role. It is yours only if you ask for exactly what you require… unless you are not a real Humanitarian. 

Blessings to All, and to All, be a Blessing

Ron Giles