LOVE “Midi endgame operational”!!

Yep, “as Bob Dillon would say, “the times, they are a changin’”! There have been a flurry of messages from COBRA (www.portal that indicate the end is VERY near for our control by the cabal and the beginning of a time of LOVE, peace and prosperity for ALL! My thoughts are this message, “Midi… Continue reading LOVE “Midi endgame operational”!!

Outer Space…how, when, why?

Outer space…what an intriguing thought for this 56-year old who grew up watching Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy visit their galaxy! When do we get to go? How will we go there? And the most important question is WHY do want to go there? Under the “old” rules of the game, the exploration of… Continue reading Outer Space…how, when, why?

Whose reality is YOUR reality?

I saw this today and was immediately reminded that our government is NOT ABOUT LOVE. No way in any way possible is LOVE used by ANY government for the benefit of its Peoples. This type of sign is growing more and more prevalent in alternative media, since MSM does not report the truth prompting more… Continue reading Whose reality is YOUR reality?

Got it yet?

These are spooky times with chaos occurring all around us even as we speak! Bank runs happening overseas, threat of (more) war in the Ukraine, Syria, China vrs. Japan, and the list goes on. Weather modification, genocide programs for 92% of us, Bush Nazi-NWO, mind control for the “sheeple” of the world. Jeez! But you… Continue reading Got it yet?

LOVE ALL Over the EARTH…it’s a comin’!

By now, if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that I AM way into LOVE, ET’s and spirituality…but how do all of these fit together in some sort of coherent way? LOVE is the basis for EVERYTHING! LOVE is all that is possible in this Universe and streams to us on a… Continue reading LOVE ALL Over the EARTH…it’s a comin’!

Love…from those afar and near

Love…it’s an interesting thought, thing, vibration, energy (please pick your choice) that many cannot describe, but…they can FEEL it!. How do you know someone’s in love? Usually physical “symptoms” show such as a smile, eyes full of tenderness and “vibes” let humans know when love is there…even in animals! There’s an awful ot of life… Continue reading Love…from those afar and near

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